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"Worse than Snowden": U.S. intelligence agencies are in a panic because of new publications on WikiLeaks
Material posted: Publication date: 08-03-2017
WikiLeaks published CIA documents sowed panic in American intelligence agencies. They say that the scale of the recent leaks is not comparable with the revelations of Edward Snowden. Because, apparently, the data collected and passed to WikiLeaks for quite a while.

As reported by Reuters, a source in US intelligence, in the headquarters of the CIA and the NSA literally "tear and throw".

One of the staff led an interesting comparison: "It would be like to pass on our biggest cyber gun to anyone who has the Internet."

We will remind, WikiLeaks published the official CIA documents about the hacking of phones on iOS and Android, and even Smart TVs. As reported by the whistleblowers, intelligence officers use such vulnerabilities, which you don't suspect neither security experts nor the creators of the machines. In particular, there were reports in the Android operating system "managed to find no less than 24 vulnerabilities".

In the publication by WikiLeaks alleges that the CIA is able to intercept messages secure WhatsApp or Telegram and Signal before they were encrypted.

Just published nearly nine thousand documents relating to the CIA. For example, it became known that us intelligence has a database of Russian hackers, through which they can simulate their involvement in the cyber attacks.

— A group of UMBRAGE from the Division of remote technologies, the CIA collects and makes up a significant library of attacking technology "stolen" from malicious software produced in other countries, including the Russian Federation, — is spoken in the message of WikiLeaks.

Thanks to the work of the group the CIA is now able to put investigators on the wrong trail, just leaving someone else's "fingerprints".

Moreover, this significant body of published documents, only 1% of the total, has fallen into the possession of WikiLeaks. Site staff reported that the publication will be the largest leak of confidential papers of the Department.

By the way, after the publication of the papers, the organization was accused of having links with Russia. This statement was made by the chair of the Senate Committee on armed services John McCain. However, McCain himself admitted that this is only his guess.


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