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Information war in the Caucasus, or how black was made white
Material posted: Grinyaev SergeyPublication date: 28-08-2008

August 2008 will go down in modern history as the month the full-scale information war between Russia and the West. The reason for the early information of the conflict was a real conflict – the aggression of Georgia against South Ossetia. In recent years Russia has had a chance to experience a fairly wide Arsenal of information warfare forces – the situation in Chechnya is a sufficient example. However, today's events there is quite some difference.

Information war during peacekeeping operations peace enforcement armed forces of Georgia in the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict became a serious test for the Russian army.
  1. In August 2008 ...

August 2008 will go down in modern history as the month the full-scale information war between Russia and the West. The reason for the early information of the conflict was a real conflict – the aggression of Georgia against South Ossetia.

In recent years Russia has had a chance to experience a fairly wide Arsenal of information warfare forces – the situation in Chechnya is a sufficient example.

However, today's events there is quite some difference – if the issue of Chechnya and the West have criticized Russia, quite gently, and the forces of the separatists if there were specially trained instructors on how to conduct information-psychological warfare, Arsenal and resources available to them, were largely limited. However, even what has been available, has proved very effective, professionals in the field of information struggle had to work very hard, so after a few years to achieve overwhelming superiority in the information space.

However, information warfare in the course of establishing constitutional order in Chechnya has been Russian for professionals only information war-the second generation – it is inherent in this stage of development of military art in the field of information warfare used then correspond to means and methods.

The growth of activity in the information sphere, directed against the interests of Russia, spoke, in particular, one of the Deputy chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces Aleksandr Burutin; at the meeting of the National forum of information security "Infoforum" in January 2008.

The situation around the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict is quite different: Russia is, in fact, for the first time faced a full-scale informational aggression on the part of Western countries combined in military-political bloc of NATO under US leadership. The reason for such information aggression was real "hot" conflict of Georgia and South Ossetia.

The most important fact, without which it is simply impossible to properly evaluate what is happening, is that organized against Russian information operations are conducted in full accordance with the concept of the so-called information wars of the third generation based on operations on the basis of effects. The most striking and accessible definition infomaine third generation gave Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that Western professionals can cleverly turn black into white and white for black.

This is the essence of information operations of the third generation — who in the shortest time able to calculate the effects of higher orders, he captures the informational advantage. And here already absolutely not important, but was there a boy? There is only the real fact of fighting, and after that mass media "will understand" whom to punish and whom to spare.

  1. Russia in the ring

The following table presents information about the elections held in the world in the period 2007-2008.


Country Type of elections month, year
Serbia Parliamentary January 2007
Turkmenistan Presidential February 2007
Estonia Parliamentary March 2007
Finland Parliamentary March 2007
Nigeria presidential, parliamentary April 2007
France Presidential may 2007
Armenia Parliamentary may 2007
Ukraine Parliamentary September 2007
Turkey Parliamentary July 2007
Japan Parliamentary July 2007
Kazakhstan Parliamentary August 2007
Greece Parliamentary September 2007
Japan Prime Minister September 2007
Pakistan Presidential October 2007
Poland Parliamentary October 2007
Argentina Presidential October 2007
Croatia Parliamentary November 2007
Russia Parliamentary December 2007
Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary December 2007
South Korea Presidential December 2007
Uzbekistan Presidential December 2007
The world Bank the head of the Bank June 2007
The IMF the head of the IMF September 2007
Georgia Presidential January 2008
Cuba The state Council January 2008
Serbia Presidential January 2008
Pakistan Parliamentary February 2008
Armenia Presidential February 2008
Russia Presidential March 2008
Spain Parliamentary March 2008
Iran Parliamentary March, April 2008
Malaysia Parliamentary March 2008
Taiwan Presidential March 2008
China the country's leadership March 2008
Montenegro Presidential April 2008
Italy Parliamentary April 2008
Paraguay Presidential April 2008
Serbia Parliamentary may 2008
Georgia Parliamentary may 2008
Lebanon Presidential may 2008
Macedonia Parliamentary June 2008
Mongolia Parliamentary June 2008
Belarus Parliamentary September 2008
Angola Parliamentary September 2008
Azerbaijan Presidential October 2008
USA Presidential November 2008
Turkmenistan Parliamentary December 2008


The analysis of these data shows that in Russia and in its immediate environment over the previous two years significantly changed management.

It would be naive to think that these processes went without gravity or other influence US with their almost uncontrolled ability to print and distribute worldwide their dollars. Therefore, since 2009, to begin a new stage of development of the world political and economic system, with a new cadre of "looking" in different countries, serving the global financial elite.

In the current year 2008, Washington began an open campaign to oust Russia from the Caucasus and Central Asian region. On the back of aggressive-offensive strategy of the US in the Caucasus, Russian policy seemed vague and weak. In the Kremlin believed that, long enough "playing" with the theme of recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, can effectively block the entry of Georgia into NATO.

However, on 9 July 2008, the representative of US state Department Matthew Bryza confirmed that Georgia meets all the criteria for accession to action Plan on NATO membership (map). So it became clear that the conflicts in Abkhazia and Ossetia will not affect the joining of Tbilisi to the North Atlantic Alliance. Georgia with unconditional support of the White house inevitably will be included in NATO.

In these conditions Russia, anyway, so it was necessary to move to a more coherent strategy in the Caucasus. It is therefore hoped that Russia this time will be limited to peacekeeping rhetoric at the UN was simply naive. In underestimating this factor, according to experts, is a fundamental miscalculation M. Saakashvili.

However, we can assume that it really is a miscalculation only Saakashvili, acting only on a certain level the hierarchy of effects in the strategic information operations, organized and conducted by the United States to achieve only their own interests. The U.S. making it clear to him that Russia was not answered, and actually encouraged Georgia to aggressive actions.

  1. Who was behind the preparation of information operations in the Caucasus?

In turn, the analysis and evaluation of the information content of the leading international and Russian media in recent weeks reveals a number of informational events and activities, and implemented Western specialists in information operations to prepare, during and after the active phase of the conflict. Important is that the very "hot" conflict was only a pretext, the seed of all future developments.

So, in recent months it was obvious that Georgia is actively preparing the international public opinion to the fact that Russia is a potential aggressor: discussion of the fall of the Russian missiles with the assistance of international experts, the scandal brought down the unmanned aircraft Georgia, arrest of Russian weapons, allegedly illegal in the conflict zone, the peacekeepers, etc.

In that period the Russian side had made one miscalculation – she focused on countering this particular fact: refuted belonging missiles of the Russian air force, etc., that is focused on counteracting the negative result from the effects of the first order, while the goal of the Georgian side shares, was designed to achieve effects of higher-order – formation in the world's media the image of an aggressive Russia, which has been very well used. Focusing on tactics, Russia lost the strategy — the result appeared much later, when it was thought that all have forgotten about the missile and the drone.

From the first hours of the conflict, in the office of the TV company "Trialeti" in Gori was opened a media center that catered to round-the-clock Georgian and foreign journalists.

A number of Georgian electronic media, in particular the "Georgia Online", the TV company "Rustavi-2", the Georgian news Agency InterpressNews, the Georgian radio "Imedi" were involved in active proliferation, including, and video from places of confrontation.

Quite correctly from the Georgian side was implemented an information campaign with the participation of pilots of Russian planes downed in Georgia now, and the plaque of the Georgian commandos on a convoy of Russian armored vehicles and attempt the capture of the commander of 58 army of the North Caucasian military district.

From theory it is known that one of the main actors in the operations based on effects, are high-ranking officials and even heads of States. The latest events were no exception. The behavior of M. Saakashvili, fully developed by theorists in the Pentagon's concept of information warfare. However, there is a certain specificity, which carries the development effects of even higher orders.

This feature is the fact that M. Saakashvili almost all his public speeches were recorded on the background of the EU flag. To a mass audience in advance prepared position that Europe supports Georgia. And I must say that partly this maneuver succeeded — Europe became entangled in a manipulative network, spread the Pentagon by professionals.

And this is no accident. USA at the present stage the state of the world and, in particular, the American economy is extremely concerned about the strengthening of the Euro against the dollar. Looking back, it was with the beginning of Euro was provoked by the Yugoslav conflict. As a result, "mortgage" financial crisis in 2007, the most affected European banks. Now, States are trying once again to solve their own problems at the expense of European allies.

It is clear that Europe is much more the US suffers from the deterioration of relations with Moscow. Not far off autumn and winter, and Europe needs Russian gas, which in the current political environment may become more expensive. In addition, States extremely not satisfied, established in recent years the dialogue between Moscow and Berlin, which has joined France and Italy.

From the beginning, was quite a definite pattern indicating that the intensification of negotiations at the highest level the leaders of leading European countries, whose main aim, perhaps, is to develop a distinctive European perspective on the new world order.

By some indirect signs of a leader in the discussion of the new format of the world was Germany. It was her position has determined the situation in Europe after the failure of leading European countries to support the US aggression against Iraq. The leading role of Germany in the process of developing the new configuration of world order can be seen also in the actions of the German politicians, in particular in the fight against the US-controlled global financial pyramid of hedge funds, has become in recent years one of the most important and effective tools for managing the world economy and triggering economic crises. The need of control over these financial institutions mentioned, in particular, at the meeting of the G8 in Germany in 2007 However, the subregions of the United States has not agreed on a number of measures proposed by Germany. The result of steel failure decisive action of the German secret services to establish control over the financial system of the Netherlands, which resulted in the were important financial information, including the companies, managers of hedge funds.

In General, the division of Europe by the will of D. Rumsfeld case on the "old" and "new" not in vain, and the mutual understanding in many respects, was only temporary. The accumulated contradictions between the two geopolitical schools of Atlanticists and Eurasians led to the early implementation of practical steps to create its own vision of the modern world.

Naturally, this turn of events was extremely disadvantageous for US. Were quite expected and the response, which was not long in coming and fully realized in Georgia.

Now Europe needs to exert maximum diplomatic and political effort that would save previous agreements with Russia. And we must pay tribute to Europe – and Merkel, and N. Sarkozy, being placed in an extremely disadvantageous conditions, yet trying to retain a modicum of previous agreements and enough moderately evaluate the events in the Caucasus. It seems that they understand – if the States will be able to quarrel with Russia, and this time, the wave of financial crisis, provoked by "the green serpent" the U.S. dollar will be set and their.

Continuing the evaluation of the role and format of the video materials with the participation of M. Saakashvili, which were distributed by the world media during the conflict, not to mention the material of the air force, demonstrated extremely nervous, bordering on paranoid, the Georgian President, biting his tie. Like this or similar material must be. Because otherwise Saakashvili his allies would have had to eliminate physically. Although this is possible, but to accuse him if necessary, in the incapacity of much "humane".

It should also be noted and massive support for Georgian efforts to conduct information warfare on the part of leading world mass media (especially news agencies like CNN, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.)

In particular, the American radio "Voice of America" with the beginning of the conflict doubled the amount of broadcasting in the conflict zone.

"Voice of America" doubles the amount of broadcasting in Georgia

Radio station "Voice of America" doubles the amount of broadcasting in Georgia. This is stated in received by Friday, ITAR-TASS reported the official statement of the government's international broadcasting Bureau of the USA, performing administrative and technical support to radio stations.

"Voice of America" doubles the amount of broadcasting in the Georgian language in the context of the conflict between Georgia and Russia in South Ossetia", — stated in the message. It is noted that "instead of 30-minute daily broadcasts now on the air will be released time program, including news, information, interviews, analysis and reaction to the crisis from the former Soviet republics".

"We want to be sure that the Georgian people fully informed about what is happening in his country", — said the Executive editor of "voice of America" Steve Redise. // "Газета.Ru"

Other active actors, of course, were the President and the Secretary of state – George Bush and Condoleezza rice.

Careful analysis and study of most of the presentations of these characters leads to the conclusion that the conflict in Georgia, what would the victims he failed, as, indeed, the fate of the M. Saakashvili's of little interest to them. The information under the cover of conflict settled quite far, even geographically, the questions, signed the agreement on missile defense with Poland and sharply criticized the Russian initiative on the rearmament of the Baltic fleet with nuclear weapons.

It would seem like those issues connected with Georgia? Only one – in the opinion of the manipulators it is necessary to maintain the developed image of Russia as a potential aggressor and it should be protected in any way.

It's typical that the signing of the ABM Treaty with Poland, the issue of protection from possible missile attacks from Iran was not even raised, so successful was the foreign policy context.

Also there is no doubt that the American government, using its information dominance, will attempt to deploy in its own interests and the development of the situation in the Caspian region. In particular, did not comment the fact of the presence, and especially the increase of the American contingent, the official objective of which is ostensibly the protection of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline.

Further, everything that happened in the last days, quite clearly showed that the writers are set on full demolition of the remnants of the international security system. This may explain what happened, for example, at meetings of the UN security Council.

The conclusion here can be only one – the conductors of this coven is not highly interested in preserving this mechanism of international security as a right of veto by Russia. Therefore, action is being taken on the final discrediting of the UN and its subsequent submission of the proposal to reform the international security system, "to meet the new conditions" and devoid of such "relic of the Cold war" as a veto, which is still somehow holding back the hot head of the American hawks.

Against the UN, against the concept of the organization on peacekeeping operations, the fact that the Western media didn't even remember that in the conflict zone were peacekeepers, who had a legitimate UN mandate! Ignoring of this fact in the media contributes to further discredit the UN and its ability to act as a guarantor of stability, anywhere on Earth.

Very well but was shown a new "peacemaker" — NATO! Not to anyone, not to the UN appealed for help to M. Saakashvili, and NATO! And we must pay tribute, many of its members, to the greatest extent depending on the will of the US, very smoothly made aggressive criticism against Russia. But, again, made weak, do not have their own opinions and their own positions. The same countries who cherish their independent position in international politics have preferred a more sober expression.

  1. If the friend has appeared suddenly...

And how to behave in the period of the greatest escalation of the conflict the Russian media? Analysis and evaluation of publications in the Russian media (especially electronic) have shown that since the beginning of the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict in the Russian information field quite clearly been a group of media, the activity of which was directed against the official position of the government.

This group includes, as a minimum, the following electronic media: "the" (, "" (, "Newspaper" (, ",

Overall, since August 9, in the news, these agencies began to dominate the Western Pro-Georgian orientation. All this very strongly reminded of the situation in the Russian information space, formed in the period of the first Chechen war, when the majority of Russian mass media gave the information, obviously discrediting the actions of the Russian army in the Caucasus.

Particularly after the rebuttal of the defense Ministry about the bombardment of Georgian villages. "The" with reference to own correspondent gave the information.

When in Georgia airstrike killed 20 civilians

Correspondent "Газеты.Ru" in Georgia reported that as a result of air strikes by Russian aircraft on residential areas of the village of Gori, killing 20 people, there are wounded.

It is also reported that the strikes targeted the plant for the processing of wool, a military base and twice on a tank battalion in the Gori region.

From August 10 to these media were added and the radio station "Echo of Moscow"

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia: the Russian air force strikes were subjected to Batumi, Poti and Zugdidi

The Russian air force last night bombed in several cities of Georgia. About it radio station "Echo of Moscow" has informed the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia Shota Utiashvili. According to him, the blows to the suburbs of Tbilisi, Batumi, Poti and Zugdidi. The number of victims and scales of destructions while are specified.

Since August 11 in the news began to receive comments from foreign media naturessence focus on the issue of the conflict in South Ossetia.

On the same day Rossvyazkomnadzor was forced to interject a number of mass media to the inadmissibility of an exit for frameworks of laws of the Russian Federation in the coverage of events in South Ossetia.


After the Moscow announcement about the termination of the active phase of the operation (August 13) those agencies continued negative coverage of events that of course did not add optimism to the already difficult position of the Russian leadership.

"Echo of Moscow": in the Gori region fighting continues

Near the town of Gori are fighting, the correspondent of radio station "Echo of Moscow". According to him, the Georgian military is "perplexed concerning the armistice, because they work and tanks, and artillery, all the space around exposed to sniper".

As the correspondent told that according to eyewitnesses it became known that that night during the fighting in Gori was killed a television journalist from the Netherlands. "I saw some civilians killed," added the correspondent.

It is sad, but lately is building up anti-Russian sentiment in these media. In the overall negative context of the intertwined character number associating Russian soldiers with looters and war criminals.

On the website there were the materials of "Trophy art Russian generals and Russian army captain organized markets" with such details as:

"...Russian soldiers staged a market in Abkhazia, which sells clothing and electronics stolen during the military offensive in Western regions of Georgia...".

The last article (presumably due to its full of marginality) rather quickly was removed from the site.

In addition to this came the reports, about the alleged forcible collection of material aid for South Ossetia. In particular "" August 25 appeared the following material "the Russians voluntarily-compulsorily forced to transfer money to victims in South Ossetia".

Russians voluntarily-compulsorily forced to transfer money to victims in South Ossetia

According to media reports and posts on the Internet-diaries, gathering donations for the affected people of South Ossetia in some of the regions acquires the features of administrative prinudilovki. It comes to people who refuse to transfer funds to the account assistance "to the victims of the Georgian attack", threatening the forfeiture of bonuses or one-day earnings, reports "New region". However, many fear that the already collected humanitarian aid will be embezzled and will not reach South Ossetia.

In the most troubled days quite been clear Parallels between the events in Ossetia and in Prague in 1968. And it's clearly not simple coincidence of dates.

Began to appear more frequently and materials, translated from Georgian, for example, "Posts are growing like mushrooms" and "Five-day war that changed the face of Europe. Russia returns to the world in a time when the contradictions between the countries was resolved with the help of weapons".

However, most of the media tried to place their own anti-Russian materials, as a rule, anti-Russian materials were given in the translation of some Western agencies.

In General, the situation in the Caucasus have clearly shown that, despite years of building the power vertical in the country, in case of aggravation of the situation on the Russian information field leaves a lot of possibilities for the implementation of information operations and actions aimed against the interests of Russia.

  1. What is said of the Russian Armed Forces? Mistakes and miscalculations.

As for the attempts of the answer to aggression from Western countries, the analysis of events revealed a number of shortcomings and mistakes in the organization of this opposition.

Watching the escalation of the conflict in the region, none of the Russian ministries and departments, in whose jurisdiction were these issues not taken steps to advance training. The present crest of the West – excessive use of force in response – could be pre-neutralized if the mandate of the peacekeepers was written (or discussed separately) agreed with the international community the algorithm response.

The Russian peacekeeping contingent for its existence and remained without a permanent press centre with a group of accredited journalists. All the reviews and comments in the media were given to random people, without prior preparation and analysis of the impact of a comment. Absolutely not had such a spectacular element of Western experts as "battlecam" when the cameras (video phones) are placed directly in the combat formations of troops and take you live.

The media center was quickly deployed in the General staff. Official commentary of the events that all witnessed in the speeches of the Deputy chief of the General staff General A. Nagovitsyn, was perceived as a momentary improvisation. And "Interfax" is not the best place for comments like that. In the General staff there are more "presentable" place for the press.

From the first days of creation of TV channel "Star" hovering in the air, the idea to create a specialized analytical software application, dedicated, mainly the military intelligence professional and prompt and adequate commenting everything that is happening in the field of security in the country and the world. But life has shown that such transfer is not in demand, they do not bring the income you get from advertising. The result in this sort of thing manifests itself, usually only in crisis situations, when there is no backstop. Here and A. Nagovitsyn answerable for his subordinates.

During the conflict coverage in international and Russian media was not coordinated, although there was some initiative by the Russian foreign Ministry. For example, information about the downed Russian planes were supplied in the media, as follows.

On the news a report on the first downed Russian plane appeared August 8, 11:19 with reference to the Georgian TV channel "Rustavi-2".

Georgia: Russian planes bombed Gori

Four aircraft, flown by Russia, dropped bombs on the town of Gori at about 11.00 am on 8 August, according to the Georgian TV company "Rustavi-2". According to TV channel, one of the aircraft already shot down by the Georgian troops. // "News-Georgia"

An hour later, at 12:21, a denial came from the Russian foreign Ministry on the bluff on the part of Georgia regarding the downed Russian planes.

The Russian foreign Ministry has called "nonsense" reports of a downed Russian plane

The Russian foreign Ministry has called "nonsense" and a "provocation" Georgian media reports about shot down Russian military aircraft. "This is nonsense, another quite heinous provocation of the Georgian authorities", – said the representative of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry, commenting on the message of the TV company "Rustavi-2" that allegedly Georgian troops brought down a Russian plane bombed the town of Gori.

// RIA "Novosti"

After another hour — at 13:43 — there was a formal review of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation

The defense Ministry denied the information about the downed Russian planes

The Russian defense Ministry denied the information about downed in South Ossetia on the Russian planes. As have informed in management a press-services and information of the Ministry, "neither of which downed Russian planes cannot be and speeches. This is another informational provocation". // ITAR-TASS

However, on August 9 at 12:41 A. Nagovitsyn has officially confirmed the loss of Russian aircraft.

The Ministry of defence has admitted losing two planes in Georgia

The Russian defense Ministry acknowledged the loss of two aircraft during peacekeeping peacemakers and civilians of South Ossetia, said today the Deputy chief of the General staff Colonel General Anatoly Nogovitsyn. "Data on casualties are constantly changing. One can admit that we lost two aircraft," he said. The General said that the decision on the use of force from the Russian side was taken number 8 at around 11:00 GMT, when the Georgian troops took the towns of "North" and "South" of the Russian peacekeepers. "At this time, we made the decision," he said. // ITAR-TASS

International practice on such matters – to leave a message of the enemy, without comment, at least until the situation with the crews of downed aircraft.

Also inaccurate information from the Ministry of defence was the issue of involvement of conscripts in the conflict in South Ossetia and.

So, on August 12 at 11:21 media posted the following comment to the defense Ministry.

Defense Ministry: South Ossetia war only contractors

The defense Ministry denied reports of some mass media that in South Ossetia, together with the contract soldiers are fighting soldiers.

"Conscripts do not participate in the fighting in South Ossetia. Combat tasks are performed only contract servicemen", — said Tuesday the official representative of the Russian defense Ministry. / / Interfax

But already on 20 August, the General staff admitted in the presence of conscripts in the units, performing tasks in South Ossetia.

The General staff acknowledged the participation of conscripts in the Ossetian war

The General staff of Armed forces of Russia acknowledged that the composition of the troops who participated in military operation in South Ossetia, were conscripts, reports "Interfax".

As stated by the representative of the main organization and mobilization Directorate of the General staff, General Ivan Borodinchik, in the fighting involved "a small number of recruits". He stressed that the law on military duty and military service allows you to attract conscripts in combat operations.

According to media reports, several conscripts died in the war. The Deputy chief of the General staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn at a press conference on August 19, refused to answer a direct question about the deaths of conscripts in the conflict zone.

All, according to the latest official data, during the five-day war killed 74 Russian soldiers, 171 wounded, 19 missing. Data on how many recruits among them, differ greatly.

Previously, the command have repeatedly denied that the draftees took part in the fighting. Vladimir Putin was President, Sergei Ivanov was defense Minister and other officials, since 2003, promised that conscripts will not serve in hot spots.

Some summing up the above, I would like to make a few comments.

Unfortunately, the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict has shown that in many respects Russia was not ready for such a large and sophisticated cyber attacks from the West. Largely right NWO columnist Vladimir Scherbakov, speaking about the deplorable condition of spectrophone in the Russian army, really there are no experts, and those that were, long gone "to the citizen" and apply their skills and knowledge in political PR in the elections or in marketing and corporate business projects. However, the mere presence of political courage from the Russian leadership, which allowed us to take an important decision about the start of the operation forced the Georgian side to peace, allows you to think about the imminent revival of Russia.

By and large us and got in the hot conflict only to then tear in the large-scale information war. Retreat Russia have nowhere to go. Really only behind Moscow, or Muscovy – all that will remain of the Russian state in case of its defeat in the information war, as it is quite clear that, behind the West now, we'll sign up for the dismemberment of the Russian state in the near future. We have, as in 1941, to learn to fight during the war. And let's hope what happened then, happens now.

  1. As an epilogue

As for the fate of the main accused of the recent events the President of Georgia M. Saakashvili, Russia Saakashvili's departure will not change anything fundamentally, because its owner – the US, the main strategic goal – maintaining the status of the dollar as world currency – remains unchanged and they will continue to implement it.

By the way, if Saakashvili still leave, not because his orders have killed thousands of people. For its owners, who bombed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and their predecessors – Vietnam, the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, casualties do not matter. And not because he was unable to resolve the Ossetian issue, but because of their clumsy actions, he "spoiled" the real rulers of the world, those who are used to stay in the shadows behind the presidents of the United States and the EU. This world "behind the scenes" will never forgive. Question only in time – up to U.S. presidential elections or a little later? And the recognition of insanity is the best outcome.

Terminate the same material I would still be on an optimistic note. Perhaps after the Georgian-South Ossetia conflict the Russian leadership really understands the attitude of other countries, primarily the USA, will decide for themselves with allies and opponents, which in itself will be a landmark event. There will be more to take care of its currency reserves and trying to apply them to improve the situation in their own country and their own armed forces. But the Russian defense Ministry will not only engage in regular introduction of a new form of clothing, but also directly attend to the state of combat readiness of the Russian army and not only in classical material terms, but also in terms of information.

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