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The information war against China to a new level
Material posted: Publication date: 04-07-2017
Russia has got used to bloggers and billionaire with a criminal past struggling with the authorities under the pretext of fighting corruption. For China such a novelty, but the Chinese version of the blogger, the billionaire and the revolutionary darling of the West in one is quickly gaining popularity among young people. Many see this as "the hand", but it is not so simple.

On the eve of the G20 summit, which is expected very difficult negotiations not only with Russia but also with China, the United States detonated another information bomb. Social networks are widely dispersed insider information about corruption in the highest spheres of the Chinese authorities. Nephew of the second person in the Communist party of China – Wang Qishan – allegedly illegally seized part of the "Hainan airlines", and the son of his predecessor he Guoqiang, has gained control of a large company, Founder Securities, using the dummy office.

"Yes, talking about him right now everywhere. The food at any party, talk"

No evidence was not presented. However, they did not require. Information with the help of his video blog leaked Guo Wengui – the most mysterious of the Chinese oligarchs.

Its impressive as (at his peak it amounted to $ 2.6 billion) Guo Wengui earned in the field developerstva – built the most intricate and prestigious real estate luxury. To the greatest extent, it is famous for "Pangu Plaza" office building in Beijing near the Olympic stadium "bird's nest". To win permission for its construction, Guo in 2006 was blackmailing a senior official videotape of the sexual pleasures.

In the homeland the businessman required a number of crime. Among the crimes imputed to him the blame, bribery, debts, and unpaid wages. The scale of the criminality impression: the investigators believe that only the higher ranks of the Ministry of state security Guo Wengui paid more than 60 million yuan (more than half a billion rubles). For this, the scouts helped the oligarch Stoke competition.

2015 Guo lives in the United States. In April 2017, Beijing sent a formal request to Interpol for his arrest. It tycoon said that we are talking about political persecution, promising to fight corruption at home. And his promise kept: during the last months, he writes regularly for the treatment of the revelations of high-ranking corrupt Chinese officials.

The convenience of his position that he is not an investigator or journalist and video blogger. No one requires him to provide evidence. The only thing that Guo is trying to justify his accusations, a vague hint of the old connection in the Ministry of state security. Nonetheless, almost each record of the oligarch falls in ribbons the world's largest media.

This tactic pushes the authorities of China to a standstill. On the one hand, to meet Guo at the highest level means to do it is. If the Agency "Xinhua" will react to his accusations, the next day Western Newspapers come out with suggestive headlines such as "Mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist party tries in vain to refute the rumors about corruption in the ranks of the Chinese elite."

On the other hand, the silence of the authorities of the PRC by many interpreted as an admission of guilt.

So cinematic youthful businessman who knows how to wear expensive suits and addictive workout for a few days has become an Internet star. Despite the blocking of Western social media in China, some Chinese users managed to circumvent the barriers and to familiarize with the work of Guo. Now his statements are happy to quote and discuss in groups the Chinese social network Weibo.

I see about 300 thousand followers on Twitter, about 100 thousand subscribers on YouTube – and this is not bots. The social network really made tycoon a very popular character among Chinese urban intelligentsia. But it is especially popular among students.

"Yes, talking about him right now everywhere, – says in an interview with The New York Times a Professor at Peking University Hye Weifang. – For food, at any party, talk."

Guo Wengui acclaim as a role model for advanced Chinese youth. He's a snappy dresser, monitors the health, swinging, do not forget about meditation. He has a collection of luxury yachts, ultra-expensive machines, 68-million penthouse in Manhattan overlooking Central Park and, of course, plenty of selfies against the background of all this splendor. One of the last made in an armored car, which should protect the institution from the attacks of the Chinese security forces (it is unclear, however, how will they be able to attack him in Manhattan).

The witty billionaire and democratic, is able to "generate memes" and fun to Troll boring Beijing officials. It surrounds him with an aura of a superhero. Constructing a reputation businessman successfully sold it to Chinese youth. I get almost Batman (aka glamorous billionaire Bruce Wayne), at night, ripping off the mask of the corrupt and departing from the chase for the dream car. Actually, the Chinese fans of Guo Wanhua often draw it in the form of Superman and Batman. A quote from his revelations have become part of the slang. For example, the phrase "All only begins!" looks suspiciously like an advertising slogan, "Pepsi", fans of the billionaire seriously consider the slogan beginning in China of the resistance.

Working in conjunction with the Anglo-Saxon press (particularly love him on "Voice of America" and the Agency "associated Press"), see no risk. Nobody is going to check it out, no one asks about the sources. It seems that the American establishment is going to regularly use the fugitive billionaire on the eve of important meetings with officials of the PRC. And now another piece of video from Guo hardly coincided with the preparation of the G20 summit in the German Hamburg.

However, the question of who and how uses of the fugitive oligarch, is not simple. The latest revelations were directed against Wang Qishan and his clan, who, according to Guo, cellar under most of the Chinese economy.

Interestingly, Wang Qishan, among other things, the main responsible to the CCP for anti-corruption. Anti-corruption program of President XI Jinping "has flies and tigers". "Flies" is a relatively small bribes – are fighting the security forces on the ground. And Wang Qishan hunts "tigers" – the most senior functionaries of the CPC, which can use their position to participate in the billions of dollars in kickbacks and saw cuts.

Too active fighting Wang Qishan might not appeal to many bosses of the CCP. It would be advantageous to discredit a person strictly looking for business schemes, which involve their relatives and associates. Exacerbating the situation, and the closeness of the autumn Congress of the CPC. According to rumors, XI Jinping is going to ignore the rule that party leaders, reaching 68 years of age, must resign, and put Wang Qishan to head the Central Committee of CPC for discipline.

Shaft dirt on Wang Qishan will ricochet and to the Secretary General of the CCP – we all know that XI and Wang are old friends. And some factions in the leadership of the Communist party weakening the Secretary General also would have played into the hand.

All this gives Chinese analysts a reason to assume that Guo Wengui works as a double agent. On the one hand, it serves the interests of its American patrons, because only they can guarantee that their property will be maintained and lovely apartment in Manhattan, and yachts, and supercars. On the other hand, Guo is on the senior leaders of the CCP, to some extent conflicting with XI Jinping.

In favor of this version says that a month ago, when Guo began to issue its "exposure" on an industrial scale, the Chinese authorities unexpectedly allowed his wife and daughter to visit a billionaire in new York. Given that he issued a request to Interpol, this event is unprecedented. It looks like the Guo is very influential patrons even in Beijing.

The oligarch claims that he supports XI Jinping and launched anticorruption campaign only in order to help the Secretary General in his struggle with corrupt officials. Journalist The New York Times, he clearly hinted that performs secret instructions of the Chairman of the PRC. If this is true, Guo manages to work even double and triple agent.

At the same time, it is clear that the only aim of his revolutionary "struggle" – to preserve and enhance a luxurious lifestyle with penthouses, yachts, and membership in the most prestigious clubs of London and Washington. Guo Wengui – the perfect embodiment of the modern "tycoon" and a man who allow to maintain the appearance of luxury living, while he regularly executes political orders really influential people. Its information wars and image notions, he successfully diverts attention from those who prefer not to appear in the list of "Forbes". But at the same time hypnotizing impressionable Chinese youth Chinese image of Bruce Wayne, bravely battling corruption. And what else is needed for the happiness of the man who already has it?

Victoria Nikiforova


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