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The information war against Russia: power in truth
Material posted: Publication date: 06-09-2014

Every day the EU invents new ways to punish Russia for its consistent and principled position on the crisis in Ukraine and war between Kiev and Novorossia. Since the beginning of the week, the European Commission has proposed limiting Russian banks and companies access to financing on the European capital market and to suspend Russia's membership in several international sports organizations (UEFA and FIFA). The reason for this was the ostensible Russian support for "separatists" in the South-East of Ukraine and, consequently, their success in the confrontation with the Ukrainian military.

Russian experts remind that sanctions against Russia did not begin with the crisis in Ukraine, but much earlier that the events in the brotherly state is not the cause but one of the many reasons to move in the direction of the main purposes of the United States: to reduce the growing influence of Russia in the world and to strengthen its control over energy and mineral resources in Europe. And yet slowly but surely they are moving towards that goal.

Crimes without punishment

Shooting on the Maidan on 20 February, "the deployment of troops to Ukraine", participated in the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing-777 — all of the real and imaginary episodes in which Ukrainian and Western politicians and media rush to blame "the hand of Moscow" remained without investigation and identify those responsible, quietly vanishing from the information field.

"Once it became clear that the tragedy of Boeing-777 are the authorities in Kiev and their Western sponsors, but it was actually proved by the data of objective control of the Russian Ministry of defense, Ukraine and several other countries signed an agreement not to disclose the results of investigation of accident Boeing-777 before reaching a mutual consent, — said during a roundtable in Moscow the General Director of the Center for strategic estimates and projections Sergey Grinyaev. — The tragedy of Boeing-777 has exhausted itself and has not given the desired results in the information war with Russia. Needed a new provocation and it happened." To "change the subject", almost brought to unprofitable partners of Ukraine junctions, appeared the first report of mysterious African fever – the deadly Ebola virus. As soon as the militia of Donbass won a series of military successes, has happened no less mysterious history with 10 Russian paratroopers who were captured by Ukrainian military.

The mysterious incident has given an occasion to the President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko to declare to the world about "a full-scale invasion of Russian troops". It's doubtful the incident had worked in the information field so masterfully that many together forgot about the mass transitions of Ukrainian soldiers on Russian territory, and even loyal to Russia part of the Ukrainian society "the Russian attack" was considered a fait accompli. The ensuing rebuttal from officials of Ukraine, of course, the same effect is not produced.

To justify the defeat of Ukrainian troops and again to show the "hand of Moscow", the war Minister of Ukraine geletey in his report to the Verkhovna Rada said that Russia is threatening Ukraine with tactical nuclear weapons. Needless to add that all these absurdities are posted immediately influential European media? "To speak about independent Western journalism, I would have abstained, — concluded Grinyaev, the sources from which there can be found what is actually happening in Ukraine, nothing is left."

"The people" don't need facts

The tragic paradox of the success of the information war against Russia is that evidence of accusations against Russia, but it is not needed: everything is decided by the emotional reactions of the public. When understanding is just a new stuffing and the average person simply forgets to ask, "what ended the story" by switching to a new sensation.

"Technology is changing the format of this war, — says political scientist Sergey Mikheyev, — the facts of anybody is no longer interested in". This is facilitated by the wide accessibility of mass information technologies, so that the production information product shifted from professionals to the Everyman bulk, it is done in social networks. "This radically changed information environment", said the expert.

What drives this enormous "factory of news"? Vanity. By manipulating this common Vice, American Directors of controlled chaos took us back to the middle ages, when information did not spread through Newspapers and TV and gossip and rumors from the marketplace. The same U.S. state Department does not hide that its findings on an international scale uses the materials from social networks.

The audience is most actively spreading disinformation on social media and thanks to it they reach the goal, do not bother evidence. The main value of this narrow-minded journalism — impressive picture and the emotional charge of the message, and a reason to stick to their line, especially liberal-Russophobic, as a result of the perestroika and post-Soviet reappraisal of values in our country has raised a whole new generation of dissidents, genuinely hate their Homeland. "Just need a change of HR policy in many media, — says Mikheev, — since the 90-ies of the commanding heights in the media in many places hold the people who internally are sincere supporters of the Maidan, Obamov, the European Union".

But not all carriers of a duty to act from a deep ideological motives. The bulk of participants seemingly innocuous ordinary journalistic brethren, the salary which depends on the number of texts and the speed of their training. Working in this regime, the journalist often only manages to grub up a roast of some "toilet tank", to compose the text and run it in the Network. No way to check on the accuracy or even logical analysis of the "facts"...

So, on 10 September 2013, prominent human rights organization Human Rights Watch published a report in which it was alleged that the troops of Bashar al-Assad used in Syria's banned chemical weapons. In an extensive document mentioned in passing that the conclusions of the organization makes based on the survey a few people via Skype. But the Russian public learned about this "discovery" is not one source, but from a brief publication in the "Gazette", prepared based on this report, which were not reflected in such nuances, breaking all the accusatory base.

"In our media often lacks the usual professionalism, — says the Director of the Center for public policy research, head of Department of the CIS Institute, Vladimir Yevseyev, — we have a pretty solid informresurs actively using information from the Western media, it does no checking, which does not stand up to scrutiny". Strapa sensation, journalists often do not understand what they are writing about, but it's easy to digest as unsophisticated audience. "The Western media reported the use of 1,000 Russian soldiers on the side of the militia. Question: how many of the militia? Let's say 25 thousand. Then 1000 is a lot or a little? This a thousand is able to reverse the situation in Eastern Ukraine, to be able to say that the militia defeated because Russia helped? But it is only 4% of the total number of the militia! What kind of invasion can we talk?" — perplexed Evseev.

"I understand that all too quickly want to give some information on the air and on news feeds, but you have to realize, what kind of source you're dealing with", — commented Sergey Grinyaev the facts of broadcasting the influential Russian media reported the so-called "Information resistance" Dmitry Tymchuk.

The first results of the information war

To win the information war, the main weapon of the enemy is the lie, coupled with the high-tech global information resources, it is impossible, says Mikheev. USA hold a monopoly on the creation of the image of the world, leaving its citizens the choice of information source. Russia has not had and will not have such funds. The only solution would be to combine efforts in the format of BRICS, the political analyst believes.

"The main mistake of our information policy – making excuses in response to any absurdity, levelled against Russia", — said Sergey Grinyaev. Judge urged to rely on the facts and not to comment on the adequacy of one or another speaker on the other side.

Not to play by the rules of the enemy, not to respond to provocations, to act on the principle of emptiness, used in martial arts, invited the Director-General of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin. Successfully solving the task to oust Russia from the European economy, the U.S. at the same time cannot weaken it: the sanctions have started a process of diversification of our economy, the emergence of new partners and allies in Latin America, Asia, Africa, in the East, he concluded.

Ekaterina Chalova


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