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Information and psychological operations: how it's done in Libya
Material posted: Publication date: 20-03-2011

Popular "uprising" in Libya and the rebels fighting the regime of Muammar Gaddafi increasingly resemble a badly staged drama. European man in the street is driven with the idea of a humanitarian disaster, and the media in Europe and England urge the U.S. would invade Libya. Washington, however, is in no hurry to do it, leaving the British alone with his theater clowns. So, what happens in reality in Libya? What a strange "civil war" is conducted in this country?

Why Qaddafi's army is in no hurry to disperse the motley crowds of people, which the European and British media give the rebels by posting them obviously staged photos? Why the rebels have managed to capture huge stockpiles of weapons? Who is the leader of these rebels? The national Council of 30 people?

Finally, where numerous traces of the alleged bombing of Libyan cities by Gaddafi's aircraft? Where tens and hundreds of wounded and allegedly killed? Where bombs destroyed residential neighborhoods? Where the traces allegedly sustained battles? The Internet contains a few vague clips of some of the firefights in the desert – is not clear, who and with whom. And finally, the most important question: for whom and for what Gaddafi and his "opponents" are hard to depict a civil war in Libya?

Before answering these questions, let's see fresh pictures with, so to speak, the battlefield.

This RAID on a convoy of insurgents in RAS Lanuf. I have the feeling that either the explosion staged or pilot deliberately dropped a bomb at a distance. Note the people on the road ahead and going to full height. When a bomb at this distance they would be with a high degree of probability already dead (as a photographer, by the way). And indeed it is difficult to imagine for people under air RAID and behaving like they are walking on the boardwalk.

And this defense of the "rebels" (like how to celebrate a victory) – people can easily roam around the open area on the road. Guess how many of them would be alive when the "correct" attack aircraft of their positions?

But the "rebel" depicts acrobatic methods of struggle "partisans" with the ubiquitous Libyan aircraft (the picture, of course, staged – actors try hard to see the plane in the sky, but look the other way from the direction of the barrel of a light machine gun main character):

Another photo – a column of rebels on the highway, somewhere distant smoke. The comment of the photographer : Gaddafi's air force bombed under Bengaldom where there is continuous fighting. This column as a result of this air strike, I hope, I can imagine it all:

Despite the ostensibly heavy fighting, very few photographs of wounded, almost no people were killed (Yes, Muslims bury them the same day, but for the sake of PR and crowds of journalists, clouds accompanying "rebels" may also be done at least a couple of dozen eloquent pictures?). The person dragged here, carefully depicting the victim Gaddafi (note the camera on the left is the Imperial dragons pen at the ready):

However, the wounded are, but they are a bit – here from this person because of their scarcity made this fototalentos. European photographers accompany him from the place of injury to the "front" to the hospital:

Where is he wounded, is not clear. The dead are also caught. Here in a coffin someone is lying. Comment on photos – this is a rebel, slain by soldiers of Gaddafi:

Another staged photo of defense against the rebels with aircraft Gaddafi:

Costume extras:

One of the heroes of picture stories to Western journalists (glimpsed on a good dozen pictures):

On the captured 'rebels' tanks stand idle on the waterfront in Benghazi, climb children:

Where shoots this person and why? Judging by the relaxed shapes around him, shoot him asked photojournalists:

And this is a picture with the best that the city has Bendavid. There are stubborn battles with Gaddafi supporters. One of the rebels from the stress even lay down on the asphalt. Please note – cars crowded along the highway, the misfits "rebels" roam to and fro, the assistant Director walks, turning back to the "front", in the background runs the extras, and people on the right in the green jackets won't be in a hurry:

Of course, the blog of the Interpreter does not want to say that in Libya no fighting is not conducted. The war can be simulated, but when the weapons handed out too much, and shoot it occasionally have. Here is the "rebels" are somewhere the fire from the rocket launcher (the Shaitan-car):

But the remains of a downed aircraft SU-24 air force of Libya in the vicinity of RAS Lanuf:

And are those "stubborn battle" – shooting from a heavy machine gun somewhere beyond the horizon, loafing around bored "rebels" (but the photo is beautiful):

Rebel with "a rocket launcher surface-to-air" is looking for a target in the sky. The photo was taken by a French journalist who was then wounded by a bullet in the leg (probably rough handling "rebels" with the props):

Some more of the propaganda of beauty (sort of Libyan Wacht am Rhein – Guard on the Rhine):

And then the rally of supporters of Gaddafi in Tripoli. Generally Western broadcast journalists from Libya photographs in a ratio of 20:1 in favor of the rebels, but even by the meager pictures from Tripoli, where the entrenched Libyan leader, dramatized the events visible to the naked eye:

If you add up the facts, they are. Muammar Gaddafi for some reason does not use a strong enough Libyan aircraft (more than 200 multi-role fighters, bombers, attack aircraft, etc.) for attack actually naked from the air to the crowds of disparate "rebel", riding in tight columns on the highway (by the way, two of the airbase in Tobruk and Benghazi fell into the hands of the rebels, but do not know how much there remained of the aircraft). Everyone remembers the story of how allegedly to Malta flew two aircraft the air force of Libya, who refused to bomb on the orders of al-Gaddafi rebels? A few days later it became clear that it were the French planes.

Muammar Gaddafi uses almost no for counter-insurgency infantry connection with the tanks. Indication of the involvement of tanks in the fighting in Libya is extremely small – basically, it refers to the city of Zawiya (Western photographers have discovered one damaged tank and shot it from all sides):

When you view videos and photos from Libya clearly shows that the so-called rebels have no command. It's people randomly somewhere moving in vehicles, shooting and posing on camera. Any videos of anything like a real fight for almost 3 weeks of "civil war" in Libya and has not appeared. Despite the fact that Libya is awash with British, French, Italian and American journalists and camera crews.

Now, this photo, for example, is called "the Rebels under fire of the governmental aviation":














While some people pretend to be hit by airstrike in cars in the background people sit quietly. And the photographer, located just a few meters from the fugitives, pursued combat aircraft, heavily photographing "the moment":

Even more complicated is the situation in print media. European and British editions in unison call on NATO and the U.S. would invade Libya to "prevent humanitarian catastrophe". Meanwhile, in Libya are not only warships of Italy, France, UK, Spain, the Netherlands and Canada, but also the troops of these States. Some of these units like the British special forces, were found deeply in the East.

Italian frigate "San Marino" in the port of Benghazi:

French helicopter carrier "Mistral" also appeared off the coast of Benghazi:
















Russian colonial press follows the lead of the General sentiment. The main emphasis is on the fact that layman have any idea that the decision by Libya to end up taking only the US and only Washington is behind all responsibility.

Look the title and first paragraph of the news on the RBC website:

The UN and the US want to ban military flights over Libya

It seems, everything is clear. And here is the text:

Britain and France draft a resolution in the UN Security Council on the establishment of a zone closed for flights of military aircraft over Libya, reports bi-Bi-si. This initiative was supported by Secretary General of the Arab League Amir Moussa.

That is, the initiators are just Paris and London! And why in the title a word about it? The initiative of England and France is clear – the ban on flights of Libyan military aircraft – is the first step towards the invasion of the country.

The U.S. is not really in a hurry to get to Libya. Barack Obama has expressed extremely vague about this:

"The U.S. and its NATO allies "consider all options, including military" in relation to Libya, said on Monday President Barack Obama came out to journalists after the meeting at the White house with the Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard".

In diplomatic language this means "we are with you, but you better without us."

Meanwhile, the British media has launched the outright disinformation, calculated on quite so stupid consumers:

"The Obama administration asked Saudi Arabia to begin arms shipments to rebels against the rule of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, writes The Independent. Riyadh was given to understand that the Libyan rebels need primarily in anti-tank artillery and mortars. Secondly, you need weapons to defeat aircraft and helicopters of the air force loyal to Gaddafi. The publication notes that Saudi Arabia has not responded to the US proposal. Transportation of weapons in Benghazi will take about 48 hours. Through Riyadh, Washington is trying to hide any visible their participation in the events in Libya".

Here the most beautiful last sentence. Why would the rebels, who seized two air bases, a huge number of infantry and artillery weapons, air defense systems and several dozen tanks, anti-tank artillery and mortars? Which now in bulk in Benghazi, judging according to the media?

But how the rebels have managed to capture these bases? Where are their guards? We cite the opinion of a witness is a Russian specialist in Libya who built the railroad there and caught a "revolution":

"The day before departure, go to Ben Javad. "Al-Jazeera", he is in the hands of the rebels. According to our data – returned by the police. Our data proved more accurate. Police are not warriors – not athletic-looking men, one gun for three. Judging by their look, they do not fear...

The day of departure. A convoy of 75 cars, about 1000 people. Leave the camp, go to the port. On the way, a military patrol of 4 people, two of machine. Ask: Where? – in port, to work? Dumb – we warned the military in the evening and morning. But a unified command there is no – the head of one patrol forgot to tell another. Explain – we're evacuating. Minute break – please drive. Another 15 minutes and we are in port.

Call your friend Assad in Zawiya, on the outskirts of Tripoli. In the morning, "al Jazeera" reported that the city captured by the rebels. Asad: "Night riots broke out in the city centre, the leadership of the police ran away, now there is no power. But we still others see, your camp was unarmed 10 days and no you are not attacked. And "al-Jazeera" don't look – they mounted in recent video footage of the riots three years ago. Gaddafi, of course, we all tired, but with each other, the Libyans will not fight. Civil war? In Libya it was impossible.

Reports of "al-Jazeera" – it always reports of fights. There city coming under the control of the opposition, or fall under the onslaught of Gaddafi's mercenaries, is the General battle for the airport in Tripoli. Call our in Tripoli – Yes, night shot, grenades exploded. But the city no one stormed. Day around Tripoli demonstration in support of Gaddafi".

In General, everything is clear. No war in Libya no. Gaddafi does not suppress "insurgents", and they, in turn, are mostly engaged in photography. The meaning of this show, however, is still there.

Britain and the European Union countries intend to drag the US into the Libyan prepared for them a trap under the pretext of preventing humanitarian catastrophe. As soon as the first U.S. marine sets foot on the ground in Libya, that country will immediately begin a guerrilla guerilla, in which the former "rebels" and the Gaddafi supporters will unite against the external enemy, and organizational and financial assistance to them will be – as in Iraq against the Americans to provide the British.

Simply put, the U.S. will get my neck into a second Afghanistan or Iraq. Therefore, we believe Washington will pull the time, pushing their European "allies" to the beginning of the aggression against Libya, for troops and ships are already in Libya (in Benghazi). If the Europeans and the Brits will not do the first step, after a while the absurdity and artificiality of the "civil war" in Libya, it will become absolutely clear to all – it is impossible consecutive year to send messages about non-existent battles of some of the Races Lastm.

So we can see who in this diplomatic struggle to win.



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