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Informational nature of modern "soft power": the Russian national information system
Material posted: -Publication date: 16-03-2017
The paper presents the analysis of soft power and hybrid warfare. We have studied the nature and content of the influence of soft power on the institutions of the state and society, studied the nature of controlled chaos. The author writes about the need to move information from defensive to offensive initiatives in this area. The article defines the main priorities of a national system of "soft power".

The phenomenon of "soft power"

In the current international environment the role of information factor increases significantly as the modern world is rapidly changing. To replace the fifth technological order in a hurry for the sixth is nano-, bio-, cogno-, info -, and other technologies. Global competition for the leading position in the world today takes on a previously unseen scale. All four directions are developing in close interaction. As the Director of the Kurchatov Institute Mikhail Kovalchuk, "nano - and biotechnology to build the body and info and cogno - animate it"[1]. We are talking about "intelligent robots" can "enslave mankind" and the government will be able to read and control human thoughts. New previously unseen opportunities of info - revolution in which developing rapidly the world wide web. Today Internet users are more than half of the inhabitants of the planet, most of them live in the Asia-Pacific region. In Russia, according to various reports, the number of "users" varies from 85 to 90 million.

Information warfare in the world and, in particular, around Russia today against the backdrop of the ongoing global polarization of forces in the world. On the one hand, the US struggles to retain its dominant position in the world, China is rapidly becoming the main competitor of America. In this global disengagement forces it is not a question of a multipolar world, and return again to a bipolar world. The EU and many other countries of the world have to develop in the Wake of political and economic development of the USA, some countries of Eurasia and Africa into the sphere of influence of Beijing, but continue to "look" on Washington and Brussels. On the independent role claimed by Russia, which, as a third force, may even benefit from global polarizations of the forces, clashes between the US and China. It can even act as an alternative center of attraction of the countries of the world, to a greater or lesser extent, returning to the position of the USSR in the international arena at the end of the last century.

The events that are rapidly unfolding before our eyes in many regions, which lead to a change of government and change the political configuration of regions and States are characterized by the fact that they combine as lethal and non-lethal means to achieve geopolitical, economic, demographic, and other purposes of modern international warfare. In the framework of the unified strategy of the United States, NATO and the EU intend to combine the efforts of their governments, armies and intelligence services under the auspices of the United States under "comprehensive interagency, intergovernmental and international strategy" and maximize the use of methods of "political, economic, military and psychological pressure. According to the views of foreign experts, Atlantic geostrategy believe that hybrid warfare is a combination of conventional, irregular, and asymmetric means, in combination with constant manipulation in political and ideological spheres.

Actually the phenomenon of "soft power" as the strategy of indirect and non-violent, but purposeful subversive activities actively implemented by the leading countries in the geopolitical struggle with its competitors and enemies. As in the old days of goal change in the right direction, the ideas and plans of the enemy, still remains a more effective way of dealing with it, rather than to defeat his troops on the battlefield[2]. Role of strategy of "soft power" is especially significant in the value-ideological clash of civilizations. Currently, the information factor has become a geopolitical phenomenon of the rank, which can dramatically change the very nature of earth's civilization. Targeted information as the main substantive components of "soft power". In practice, it is implemented through the complex of active measures and actions against hostile States geopolitical rivals in the struggle for control over material and human resources, mastering the markets of goods and services.

Currently, hybrid warfare in its essence integrates the totality of all means of warfare – from the most modern and technologically advanced ("cyber warfare" and information warfare), to use the primitive nature of terrorist methods and tactics in the conduct of armed struggle. They are linked, coordinated and implemented according to a uniform plan and objectives within the set of relevant information occasions, is widely and consistently publicized in the media and the world wide web. Hybrid warfare involves limited use of arsenals of hard and soft power.

Experts believe that today technologies of "soft power" applied in the framework of complex hybrid share, coordinated in time and place, the purposes and tasks, forms and methods, content, objects, and channels of influence. Purposeful influence appears once in all the basic mechanisms and institutions of social control, designed to ensure the sovereignty, territorial integrity, national security of the country. In a broad sense they are conducted in all major spheres of life in a particular state and society or inter - state Union- organizational-conceptual, financial, economic, political-legal, socio-cultural, foreign policy, defence and security. However, information support of subversive operations, including the formation of appropriate advocacy background, complex manipulation of public consciousness, the deliberate provoking of necessary actions, etc., is one of the main "soft" ways and means to achieve the goals of Subversion. The current example of a hybrid war in the broad sense is the conduct of the US and its closest allies in NATO undeclared war against modern Russia.

In a narrow sense, a hybrid war is being waged in one of the spheres of international relations, the life of a particular state or Union of countries using the tools of information impact. For example, manipulation of the financial and stock markets from the United States and, in particular, the Federal reserve aims to preserve the dominance of the petrodollar in the world, to provoke financial and economic crisis in relation to other currency areas (Euro, yuan), as well as separate competing or unwanted countries. In the modern world "financial front" is the main "circulatory" system of the world economy, financial-economic regions and leading countries in the world. Success or failure here either predetermine a stable and sustainable development of States, or lead to disastrous crisis[3].

Subversive Arsenal of hybrid wars

In concrete terms, in the organizational and conceptual sphere of "soft power" is realized through the trust plans to curb the development of the state. In particular, by undermining the Russian scientific school, imposing sovereign States harmful programs and concepts of development, state and social construction, implementation of the policy of "divide and rule" is deleted from the structures of power of the adherents of national interests and the promotion there of agents of influence, encouragement of corruption, bribery and inducement to betrayal of national interests of the members of the higher establishment etc.

Largely due to the effective subversive activity in the organizational-conceptual realm to the West managed to push the Soviet Union to collapse, and then to take external control of the Russian government in the early 90-ies. As you know, Russia was imposed by the alien liberal values, adverse reforms and development programme, corruption model of development to the upper levels of government has been moving Pro-Western team of economists headed by Yegor Gaidar, at all levels has been implemented the policy of "divide and conquer".

In the field of information and culture can be a purposeful undermining of traditional values, the introduction into society of alien values and way of life, pluralism, the cult of consumption, double standards, self-imposed universal values and human rights. At the same time been focused on the impact on the system of education and upbringing, art, literature, and cinema, the activities of the relevant institutions and agencies and, above all, leading media and Internet resources, expanding the scope of the world wide web. Particular importance is attached to dealing with dissent, the retention of the national information space under external control within the alien zaideologizirovannogo "mainstream"[4], which is produced and promoted by leading Western think tanks, media, Internet portals, social networks. Modern possibilities of the Internet, which is largely under the control of the United States and multinational companies, allows to carry out total surveillance of the population of other countries. The national security Agency of the United States, in accordance with the requirements of the patriot act of 2001[5], collects the reports of the visitors of search engines, first of all, search from such companies as Google (Google), which manages more than a million servers, and processes over one milliardera search queries[6]. At the same time the Internet is today one of the most effective tools of mass social mobilization "users" on joint actions, including protests, and responding to real and artificial reasons.

In Russia the activities of the so-called "fifth column" is still supported ideologically by the fact that the information resources of the country largely remained under the influence of external siderosilicosis, despite the fact that, formally, the Russian government controls the leading Federal mass media and especially TV channels, search network "Yandex".

In the sphere of Finance and economy of speech, primarily about provoking the crisis, the destabilization of the socio-economic situation, to provoke the growth of dissent in society and anti-government protests. In the Arsenal of "soft power" in this field, the manipulation of the national currency, promoting the contraction of the money supply, an increase in the cost of credit, increase the tax burden on business, the destruction of the competitive sectors of the national economy and, above all, science-intensive production in industry and agriculture, undermining the national market of goods and services. In addition, steps are being taken to promote the interests of foreign business to the detriment of national entrepreneurship, the promotion of speculative business by the export of capital.

In the field of security, defence and law enforcement hostile "soft power" aimed at curbing military power, promoting a detrimental reforms and the opposition of power structures, their decline, the deterioration of the financial and logistical support, the destruction of military training and military training. Usually conducted targeted lobbying work on the collapse of the defense complex, the disruption of programs of modernization, discredit the security forces in the eyes of the population. Often, steps are taken to involve the military structures in armed conflicts and fighting on the side of one of the conflicting countries, and the establishment of an unconstitutional armed structures ("underground"), private military companies on the basis of security companies. In relation to power structures is always being a total intelligence activities.

The use of "soft power" does not mean the rejection of direct application of "hard power" - military action. The presence of a self-sufficient military capabilities, the ability to demonstrate their strength and power in the world, along with powerful economic potential of the state, as in the case of the US and its NATO allies, is itself an important condition for massive use of other hybrid technologies in various spheres of global confrontation. Along with the use of armed force and tools in the Arsenal of hybrid warfare is to promote implementation of plans of the armed underground and the opposition, incitement to sabotage, terrorist acts, committing provocations under the "false flag", incitement to sabotage, strikes that may trigger a forceful reaction from the authorities, etc.

In the political-legal sphere is, first and foremost, the full support of the political opposition, use of the theme of human rights protection in the political struggle, the promotion of opposition forces in the state and public institutions, creating a hostile network of non-governmental organizations. "Soft power" in the political-legal sphere is realized through adverse lobbying laws, the negative impact on electoral processes, the use of destructive political strategies, encouraging anti-social phenomena. Particular importance is attached to formation of a multiparty system, the face-off anti-social initiatives, to provoke religious and ethnic conflict, destruction of traditional braces society etc. In the Arsenal of disruptive tools are also political scandals, the discrediting of government institutions and the demonization of unpopular politicians.

Diplomacy is widely used international practice of sanctions, boycotts, prohibitions, the adoption of hostile resolutions, decisions, declarations, carrying out anti-national conferences and forums, to discredit the national diplomacy, the expulsion of diplomats. In the diplomatic sphere is actively conducted information and intelligence activities, including those aimed at attracting to the cooperation of influential and promising politicians, officials, businessmen, representatives of science and media. An effective tool of "soft power" is recognized as confidential meetings, negotiations, etc., in which you can successfully promote ideas, initiatives, suggestions, to persuade opponents to their advantage.

Planning and creation of relevant information events in various fields of external pressure on opponents and competitors makes information propaganda is the main tool of hostile action "soft power". Information warfare, in its humanitarian-Technotronic incarnation, given the role of the Internet and other latest advances in the it industry is essential as an integral component, and external advocacy background of the modern hybrid warfare. In concrete terms, the meaningful combination of forms and methods, technological methods and means of conviction, encouragement, involvement, incitement, coercion influential politicians, officials, businessmen, representatives of science, culture and media, state and public institutions of foreign countries to specific actions against the national interests, in favor of outlandish plans.

In the production and promotion of the global "mainstream" the main role of such international organizations as the National Intelligence Council (national intelligence Council), the Carnegie endowment for international peace (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), Centre for strategic and international studies (Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) private intelligence and analysis company "STRATFOR" in the United States, The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in UK, global Newspapers Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, "USA Today", "International Herald Tribune", New York Times, Washington Post, Corporation BBC, CNN, Deutsche Welle (German wave), the Agency AP (Associated Press), AFP (Agence France-Presse), Blumberg, search engines google, rambler, yahoo and others. Online promotion of the global zaideologizirovannogo content is global computer network. With its ability difficult to compete with individual national search networks and, in particular, the Russian multinational company "Yandex", which, ranking fourth in the world in the number of processed search queries, plays an important role in Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Information "generals" (leaders of the leading media and Internet resources) in its editorial policy and selected journalists, experts and other newsmakers strictly adhere to a single ideological line of coverage, supply and promotion information. Aggressive offensive action imposed by international and national public opinion in accordance with political-diplomatic, financial-economic, cultural, sports, educational and other information there, organized and managed from a single external center.

Moreover, to the definition of goal setting and the content of global subversive content are not always related the appropriate state and the information structure of the leading countries of the world. The strategic plan ordering on the conceptual vision of the world, which, as a rule, formed the parameters of ideologically "mainstream", comes from the world of decision-making centers, what are the Bilderberg group, Trilateral Commission, etc. So, in particular, national intelligence Council prepared a "Report on the draft 2020"[7], many provisions of which, as practice shows, will be used as targets for global content and selection of objects of information influence in various regions of the world. In particular, in the report concerning Russia's worsening social problems, the growth of organized crime, increasingly authoritarian tendencies, slow democratic reforms, strengthening of the demographic crisis, etc. Such conclusions and estimates become the benchmark in the production of content selection information propaganda.

In specific regions and countries of the world Pro-Western media and Internet resources, social networks and a blog sphere, in fact knowledge-based effect of the agents is actively involved in deploying "mainstream" in the national information space. They, having relevant information resources (media and Internet resources), with the support of the global Internet networks, as newsmakers actively involved in the creation of resonant news events, including scandals, shaping the advocacy agenda, the manipulation of public opinion, putting pressure on the authorities. In concrete terms, agents of influence incite controversy and sow discord, dezinformare, provokes and incites the society of anti-constitutional actions, reproduce different kinds of lies and fabrications of Western propaganda. Today, for example, in Russia the core of anti-Russian propaganda are rabid Russophobia, a total war against the foundations of the Russian state and society, the demonization of the Russian President and discredit his supporters, provoking crises and conflicts, the promotion of anti-government protests.

The tools of "soft power" that can effectively influence all the main mechanisms of government and society, is the so-called communicative intelligence activities. The fact that in the course of communication with representatives of a hostile party can not only to gather interesting information, but also to provide appropriate information and even propaganda influence. According to the expert, A. P. Devyatov, "in the art of management is an essential field of activity, about which, as about the chastity of women to be accepted. This activity is called exploration[8].

Western intelligence, in particular, the Central intelligence Agency (Central Intelligence Agency, CIA) and the state intelligence Agency in England (Intelligence Service) have the ability to collect and analyze a variety of knowledge, information, conduct scientific research, and on this basis to issue long-term forecasts. Meanwhile, in other countries like China, Iran, Israel, which survived the great schools of the integrated analysis and synthesis of views, world views, razvedeniya are collected and collated in accordance with national Outlook. In the Russian domestic practice the concept of "intelligence" and initially was related to the knowledge of the integral worldview (the daylight "times," from the word manage - ed.).

According to foreign and domestic practice on the basis of cosmological and metaphysical representations[9] can be much more productive to analyze the intelligence data, events, phenomena, tendencies and processes, to synthesize and summarize evaluations and opinions, to make correct conclusions and predictions, successfully to resist, in geopolitical confrontation. The information in the narrow sense of "information intelligence" implies an autopsy on the information characteristics of the character and content of hostile operations, and individual actions, goal setting programs and publications in mass-media and Internet, features of composite structures, system of theses and arguments, technologies, techniques and methods of promotion information.

Nature of controlled chaos

In recent years one of the most effective varieties of hybrid war against unwanted States and politicians recognized the so-called "color revolutions" - for initiating and distribution of controlled chaos. As a rule, mass protests are organized in the Metropolitan cities. The aim of the intervention in the internal Affairs of sovereign States is the elimination of unwanted rulers, reformatting authorities, creation of preconditions for undermining the Foundation of national security, taking control of the natural and human resources of the country.

The "color" revolutions of our day, which is part of the modern "hybrid wars" in the broad sense, cannot be considered a new phenomenon in history. Outside interference in the internal Affairs of independent States has taken place since the most ancient times. Russia has experienced the internal subversive forces controlled from abroad. To cite an example of the October revolution of 1917 in Russia, the centenary of which is celebrated this year. The well-known events of 1991, when the collapse of the Soviet Union, is also not without outside interference. The latest unconstitutional attempt to reformat the power in Russia was taken in 2012, primarily during the presidential election, the forces of the so-called "belolentochnye" movement led by leaders of the liberal democratic opposition, actively supported by the West and their agents of influence in the Russian corridors of power, media, business, etc., the Danger of the revolutionary events in Russia exists today. Predicted a new round of confrontation, which may lead to provoking mass protests from the outside is likely to be timed to the presidential election, 2018

In the world only in recent years the scene of organized protests began in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine, some countries in the Middle East and other countries. As a result of such controlled political experiments, as a rule, the legitimate government was no longer in business, came to power puppet regimes, sharply worsened the socio-economic situation of the population, in some countries, there were armed conflicts, and even occurred the disintegration of the territories of sovereign States.

According to O. F. Cowicide, a member of the Committee of Federation Council on defense and security, promoting controlled chaos in a particular region of the world is one of the varieties of hybrid wars. As practice shows, hybrid technology, aimed at destabilization of the situation, seize power and establish control over the country by provoking a "color revolution" to achieve their goals only under certain conditions.

  • First, if it drops significantly the standard of living of the population, greatly increases the gap between rich and poor, violated civil rights and freedoms, violated the written and unwritten laws of justice, honor and dignity in society.
  • Secondly, when the direct or indirect support from the outside, provoked and organized mass anti-government protests, and other subversive acts, including acts of terrorism.
  • Third, if information-cultural space of the country is under external control, and a considerable part of the leading media and Internet resources, social networks, influenced by a hostile "mainstream", adhere to the anti-state ideological and political lines that follow in the Wake of alien zaideologizirovannosti of information policy of foreign countries, international organizations.
  • Fourthly, in case of contact with officials in a relationship, when they actually are part of the global elite, there is an obvious or hidden split among the members of the higher establishment, the presence in large quantity in the government at all levels, in major business, public and scientific institutions, the media, the so-called agents of influence, ready at the right time to openly take the side of the opposition.
  • Fifthly, if ignored national interests, the government embarked on anti-national foreign and domestic policy, design and development of the country is carried out according to international regulations.
  • Sixthly, when the country is led by a weak, unauthoritative, corrupt and dependent head of the state and society, not representing the majority of the population in ethno-religious terms.
  • Seventh, in the absence of immunity in the society to the revolutionary upheaval, the unwillingness of the population to actively participate in public events aimed at ensuring public safety and national security, defending sovereignty and territorial integrity.
  • In the eighth, when the international arena is unfavorable situation (armed conflict, sanctions, boycott, etc.) for the state and society, which provokes a split in society, the growth of anti-government sentiment.

In 2013-14, all these basic prerequisites and conditions have to be fully developed, particularly in neighboring Ukraine. The country and the people have become the object of operation by imposition of controlled chaos, fell into the trap of a "color revolution" in the course of known events on the Maidan, is embroiled in a fratricidal civil war. The state actually lost its national sovereignty and has passed under external management in Western States and international forces, has markedly worsened socio-economic situation of the Ukrainians, there was a loss of territories and the sale of land, increased crime in the cities. Today, Ukraine is a real threat not only for neighbouring States and, in particular, the Russian Federation[10], but also for Eurasian security as a whole.

From defense to strategic initiatives

In a period of threat of development of human civilization, the era of global challenges and threats Russia was in the midst of a world of contradictions, became the object of constant interference in the internal Affairs from the outside, against the country unleashed "undeclared" information war. Meanwhile, the readiness to ensure the country's security in the information sphere is a prerequisite for effective defense of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. For successful activity in this sphere is extremely important to the country possessed of information sovereignty, a holistic ideology, a system of ideals and values, consistent with national interests. According to Senator O. F. Cowicide, Russia needs its own efficient national system of "soft power"[11].

Meanwhile, in modern Russia there is no consolidation of the elites and power[12], an effective state information policy, concept of vision and application in practice of its own "soft power" is not defined. Still information resources and, above all, a leading media and Internet resources of the country operate within a hostile "mainstream", many editors and leading journalists are under strong ideological influence from outside. The government has no effective center for the coordination of information security and civilian institutions, not organized properly prepare informational (ideological) frames. Russia, to a greater or lesser extent, able to resist hostile hybrid attacks, more likely to act on "defense" than to conduct offensive operations.

In these conditions it is extremely difficult to correctly build an effective system of information support of realization of internal and foreign policy of the country, to create effective mechanisms to prevent and neutralize information threats, rapid response to threatened information challenges and attacks from the outside. Meanwhile, in modern conditions it is necessary not only to leave the state for defense information, but also to move to strategic information planning, and offensive action in all fronts of information. This approach will bring far greater outreach will allow us to intercept strategic initiative in the global struggle to recover from when you have to constantly justify himself in the eyes of the international community, to impose its information agenda geopolitical opponents and competitors.

In the development of specific stratagem and ideologies of a national system of "soft power", the development and the promotion of long-term meanings and attitudes should be guided civilizational and national interests, based on the domestic rich philosophical heritage. At the same time it is necessary to comprehensively consider the nature and content of modern information warfare, the information and communication realities, using a historical experience of doing work on the decomposition of troops and civilians of the enemy in combat and special conditions. While content goal setting determines the whole range of meaningful parameters for the use of "soft power". Even in comparison with modern information technology, technical aspects belongs to a more important role in achieving the goals of manipulating public consciousness. Production of effective content and its adaptation to the realities of the specific situation depends on the correct evaluation and selection of info objects, psychological propaganda effect.

Given the fact that the sustainability and survival of the state in the era of challenge, threats, and shocks in many respects provides starinovskaya the role of Russian-Slavic majority in the country, it is advisable to, in the course of information warfare around Russia, more popular time-tested historical, cultural and demographic sense, national-oriented views, contexts and points of view on the events, phenomena and processes, proven in practice to fight for survival and self-preservation of the unique Russian civilization. Open and direct "Russkaya Pravda" national "soft power" can successfully compete with the aggressive hostile propaganda. She is able to refute and completely reject the false postulates and dogmas, to go on the offensive and radically change the overall picture of the world in an international context, to restart the modern information relations. Bright resonance publications, in electronic (TV, radio, Internet, etc.) or printed (Newspapers, magazines) dimension, in a different genre making (article, review, interview, etc.) are already in themselves can have a considerable propaganda effect.

Planning hybrid events, including counter-propaganda, and offensive information operations (companies) and individual stocks must be managed according to a uniform plan, in close cooperation with interested state and public institutions in combination with other forms and methods of so-called hybrid war. In the planning of special importance is the coordination of information operations and companies for the time and place, the purposes and tasks, forms, methods and form, objects, and channels of influence.

During the conduct of operation requires close interaction with the interested government agencies and public institutions, representatives of the media and Internet resources, which are in part related to participate in a hybrid stock a comprehensive application of "soft power" in a geopolitical confrontation with hostile forces. At the same time it is important to constantly and purposefully keep the information intelligence, to recognize and open hostile informational purposes and meanings that are imposed on state and society.

A national system of "soft power"

The establishment of the national Institute of soft power (NIMS), including hybrid instruments promoting and defending Russia's national interests in the international arena, involves the consolidation and development of the complex of forces and means of political, diplomatic, financial-economic, information and cultural, power and other nature. In connection with the further worsening of the international situation, the growing crisis of global order[13], strengthening of confrontation in the application of hybrid technology, it is expedient the construction of such a national system to implement on the basis of power structures, the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Public and chambers of Commerce and industry of Russia and other selected non-governmental organizations, leading media and Internet resources Pro-state orientation. At the same time, given the fact that a significant part of the current, particularly, the journalistic community at the Federal level is still in thrall to alien stereotypes and ideologies, it is necessary to substantially increase the requirements of the growing national information frame. Today, special importance is given to the selection and training of information personnel, armed with a holistic worldview, able professionally, decisively, and consistently act on the side of the national interests of their people and the state.

According to experts, training of "soft power" to be undertaken in the relevant military and civil institution where you have created the appropriate base of teaching foreign languages. Currently, in the era of globalization, knowledge of foreign realities and a knowledge of languages is considered one of the main requirements for modern information professionals. Relevant Federal military or civilian University could train specialists in the field of Analytics, journalism, foreign area studies, foreign communications, public relations and media, PR and advertising, cyber technology, sociology, political technology, consulting, psychology, music indoctrination, counter-propaganda, special propaganda and other personnel in the field of information warfare. Training can be conducted on the basis of the budget for law enforcement agencies and other ministries and departments, and commercial — in the interests of the enterprises of the military-industrial and energy complex (Rosoboronexport, Rosatom, rostec, Gazprom, Rosneft etc.) and also for the needs of non-governmental international organizations of Russian influence abroad.

Additionally, you must bear in mind that today there is a demand for specialists in two different types: from a niche technical network security and data protection and strategic communications as well as media, communications, PR, advertising and more specialized areas up to psycholinguistics and semantics. Therefore, we need a targeted search and selection of candidates for training, have the technical, managerial, and creative abilities. These frames are designed to ensure effective communication of specialists of different profiles. The solution to this problem will require significant changes in the preparation of new information frames. It is extremely important that the training was based on a strong analytical framework, based not only on the analysis of events, phenomena and processes, and the synthesis of diverse information relevant to the different spheres of knowledge and industries. In the framework of the University and must be organised the research activities on the following main issues: the place and role of information factor in global processes; current issues of information warfare in the world; analysis and forecast for development of the international situation; the prospects of development of information technologies; theory and practice of "soft power"; linguisitically component of information and propaganda; information context of hybrid wars; problems of intercultural communication; network features of information weapons, etc.

The increase of efficiency of preparation of data frames will help form a modern system of information and communication in law enforcement agencies and other authorities. The activities of the national system of informational advance of the state should be organized and coordinated from a single center on the basis of purposeful planning of special political measures, information operations, and individual actions. The public information work can be connected not only the appropriate structures of the ministries and departments and public institutions, in particular: Public and Trading-industrial chamber of Russia, informational and other state-owned companies, non-governmental organizations.

A special place in the national system of "soft power" is given to the forces and means of information community. Among the Russian information resources who deliberately broadcasts, including overseas audiences, notably International information Agency "Russia today" TV channel "Russia today", radio station "Sputnik" news Agency "TASS" in the English language, the English version Internet resources of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Public sites and chambers of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation etc. the English language leaves a lot of scientific printed and electronic media, there are non-governmental media.

The various organs of the state, having its own specific information and other opportunities to participate in the events of "soft power", are involved and participate in coordinated operations, in part related to the General plan of operation. Interaction and coordination is carried out in the following main areas: monitoring of information space and information exchange; information and communication information and intelligence practice; analytical work; media planning; development of public relations and the media; actions in the field of PR and advertising; promotion of information in the Internet; initiating sociological research, publishing, dissemination of the auditory viruses, etc. given the fact that international cooperation is in many ways a Executive of information and communication activities, it also relates to the field of communication. However, the main instrument of coordination of efforts of a task content, which is produced and distributed from a single center.

An integral part of the national system of "soft power" should be considered relevant information and other possible force structures of the Russian Federation. According to experts, for the training of security forces in the information sphere it is expedient to use the possibilities of the Military University MO RF. Given the urgency of the continuity of the ideological traditions since VIEKA (Military Institute of foreign languages of the red army), which was developed primarily as an ideological institution of higher learning in the Soviet period, the current Military University could get the name of the Military Institute of information and foreign languages (VIIIA). In an era of global challenges and threats, the reorganization of the University in the new format, to a certain extent, I will repeat the experience of revival of VIIA as an ideological University in the period of the cold war, will significantly strengthen the credibility and enhance the role of MO among other security and civilian government departments, would allow the state to encourage the training of information personnel in the country.

Given the fact that there is a growing trend towards increasingly active and effective synthetic hybrid operations, combining the technology of military cyber operations with the goal setting information warfare", it is necessary that planning and solving task to intercept strategic initiative, attain superiority over the enemy in the field of information strictly linked to the awareness of a technical nature. In the new information security Doctrine of the Russian Federation, presents a vision for humanitarian and technical threats and challenges to Russia, but not it is conducted on the relevance, nature and content of coordinated work in this direction.

Overall, given the fact that currently, the information sphere of life of state and society largely is under strong external influence, the creation of an alternative information system on the basis of power and other related government agencies can play a key role in information war around Russia and, in General, in the world. In addition, the solution to this challenge will help to build an effective chain of command of the state and society, ensure national security and territorial integrity of Russia in the age of global challenges and threats.

S. M. Nebrenchin


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