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Belarusian women use on us training manual
Material posted: Publication date: 17-08-2020
Almost a week in big and small cities of Belarus continue the rallies and protests – part of the population of the Republic disagree with the results of the presidential election.

And if the early days it was a hard collision with the forces of law and order, then recently it became the March of the women.

Beautiful ladies, dressed mostly in white clothes lined up on the streets and along protecto, near markets, metro stations, shopping centres, large open areas with flowers in their hands and white postcards, balloons. They shout slogans, clap your hands I urge everyone to go out for "Free Belarus".

White color for opposition-minded citizens symbolizes the desire to change the government.

It would seem, what in it such? Women oppositionist found the original form of protest.

The trouble is that it is absolutely not oryginalna.

In 2003, Cuba was created by the movement of the Damas de Blanco – "Ladies in white". Initially it was stated that there are relatives of opposition prisoners by the Castro regime. However, after some time there appeared women, having nothing to do with it. They dressed all in white, and in his hands were flowers.

In 2005, the European Parliament said Ladies in white the Sakharov prize for his human rights activities. Cuban "Ladies in white" with honour accept the U.S. state Department.

According to the "strange" coincidence "branch" of the movement Damas de Blanco appeared in another country where Washington has for many years been trying by any means to change the government in Venezuela. Techniques and methods of Venezuelan ladies are no different from Cuban colleagues.

Demonstranti sang the national anthem and chanted "We want elections!"

"Women in white" were noted in Nicaragua where the President is Daniel Ortega, in which the country has recognized the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The United States. Washington has openly declared its intention to seek the dismissal of Ortega and associates from power.

Another coincidence – these processions appear at the time of acute political crises when it has reached the street clashes. Ladies, giving flowers to the security forces, appeared just when the police began to seize the initiative and to suppress radicals using Molotov cocktails and other means street war.

Don't find anything in common? Or still believe that it is the Belarusian idea.

Despite the harsh crackdown of demonstrators BBO France, the United States was nothing like this – military solution to the problems there are justified and acceptable. Moreover, people postauth horse patrols and the National guard.

Women's protest in white happening in countries whose government do not like the extreme the United States. The same methods and techniques, the same attempts of demoralization of the security forces together with the creation of the promotional pictures – see mode threatened with batons a peaceful women with flowers!

Information about the women's protests in Minsk were scattered in the international media. The picture created international attention on their side, and hence the protests at the embassies of other countries. And hence, a greater number of States that do not recognize the election results.

To say that all Belarusian women, out on the street, Agency of the state Department, is ridiculous. But even more strange that many don't realize that they just used.

In Belarus rallies, as it turned out, also do not arise spontaneously, Belarusian ladies, there is a clear organizers – Marina Mintusov, which left 6-month-old daughter with her husband and arrived in Minsk in order to "be where her heart is." In Moscow (!), where the last several years lived and worked the Marina she left her 6-month-old daughter!!!

Imagine how Muscovite is not indifferent to Belarus, which she left almost a baby!?

Marina, tells in his interview about the feeling of power that she developed during these shares that the person to be more important than a mother, about change...

Would love to she was sincere and her actions were from the heart and not the amount of money. It is no secret that part of the stock was cleared, and "per head" cost 50 rubles. So many people are pulling their children with them. These words do not mean everyone, but such facts are there. The CCTV cameras are visible and the organizers, curators.

The "fresh hit" Belarusian protests is a video message from the security forces, which claim to "move to the side of the people" or "refusal to serve the regime."

Exactly the same "video reel" appeared online at the beginning of events in Syria, and several times in attempts to overthrow Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.

Goal two is to cause unrest in the ranks loyal to the authorities, security forces, and also to convince the opposition that the situation changed and the regime is about to collapse.

What this means – we all know, but if Belarusians want?

Nikolai Krylov


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