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Cyberpirate: information security of Ukraine will be engaged in the United States, Chile, Canada and Turkey
Material posted: Publication date: 10-05-2017
Several countries adopted a decision on cooperation with Ukraine in the field of information security. Foreign IT-specialists will help Kyiv authorities to counter cyber threats. In particular, with similar initiatives made by the US, Canada, Chile and Turkey. According to the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, Kiev concerned about the problem of information protection "due to the fact that for the last three years the Russian Federation has carried out more than seven thousand cyber-attacks on Ukraine." However, experts note that these countries can pursue other goals. What you will find out at RT.

Vulnerability of information systems of the government of Ukraine is concerned about the worldwide. In particular, the United States, Canada, Chile, and Turkey announced their willingness to cooperate with Kiev in the field of cybersecurity.

We'll help where we can

So, in the United States Congress introduced a bill according to which Americans will help the government authorities of Ukraine to protect its information systems against hacking.

The project is about ensuring the cyber security of Ukraine submitted to the Congress member of the house Committee on foreign Affairs of the democratic party Brendan Boyle and Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick.

According to the document, American professionals need to protect the devices of bodies of the state service of Ukraine, setting them on a modern system of cybersecurity.

"To provide Ukraine with such support as may be required to increase the level of security of computer systems of public authorities, particularly responsible for the critical infrastructure of the country", — stated in the bill.

Get rid of the addiction

In addition, States offer "to provide support to Ukraine in the process of reducing dependence on Russian technology."

"To assist Ukraine in developing their capacities in the field of cybersecurity, expand its participation in the exchange of information concerning such issues, as well as in international efforts to counter cyber threats", such action to be taken in the States, if the draft document is approved.

According to experts on cyber security, so the United States wants to resolve the Ukrainian market of Russian producers of antivirus software and databases for business purposes, replacing them with American products like Microsoft, or Semantic.

"A vivid example "1C", Russian program, which was banned in Ukraine, believing that she allegedly spied for the FSB. So, for example, and the products "Kaspersky Lab", and the popular Dr. Web are used extensively in the former Soviet space, including in Ukraine, which has now decided to do some "import substitution", — says the expert on cybersecurity Alexey Lukatsky.

Note, the author of the initiative Brendan Boyle previously promoted in Congress the draft law on the support of Ukrainian democracy and stability, and the second author of the document, Congressman Fitzpatrick, for years lobbying for the interests of Kiev to Washington.

So, a Republican in 2014, promoted in Congress act "On freedom support of Ukraine". This bill provided for the granting Ukraine $68 million, also condemned Russia for the reunification with Crimea. The Fitzpatrick then thanked for support in the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, and on the organization's website, the politician was listed as a member of a group of U.S.-Ukrainian friendship.

From Chile to Canada

Information security of Ukraine worried even the countries of Latin America. Thus, in the framework of the defense agreements, Kiev is planning to cooperate with Chile in the area of cybersecurity, according to the state concern "Ukroboronprom".

In particular, Chile will work with Ukraine in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, aviation and cyber security.

In addition, in April the Ministry of defense of Ukraine and Canada agreed to cooperate in the field of cybersecurity. About it reports a press-service of the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak.

According to the politician, this cooperation with Canada is needed in light of the repeated attacks of Russia on the information system of Ukraine. However, evidence of the intervention of Russian hackers, the policy did not provide.

"The Ministry of defense of Ukraine will cooperate with Canada on many issues, including related to cyber defence. This is very important due to the fact that for the last three years the Russian Federation has carried out more than seven thousand cyber-attacks on Ukraine. I believe this area of cooperation is also extremely important for joint discussions and counter threats", — said the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak.

NATO on guard

At the same time, NATO will create a Ukraine United center on cybersecurity. The implementation of the project will be undertaken by the state concern "Ukroboronprom", which unites the most part of enterprises of the military-industrial complex of the country. As reported by the Corporation, Kiev "focuses on cybersecurity, and making every effort to attract international experience in this field in Ukraine."

In particular, Ukrainian experts will unite with experts of the Alliance to create new systems of information protection and development of IT-technologies.

"In Ukraine, there are high-level professionals, and is now a key objective is to bring them together to create a heavy duty center for cybersecurity. Work needs to start on terms of cooperation and we are open to constructive proposals", — said Deputy General Director "Ukrinmash" Dmitry Butorin.

Cybermodule from Istanbul

To advise Ukrainian hackers and experts of the Turkish state Corporation HAVELSAN, which is developing intelligence information systems and IT governance.

"10 years ago in Turkey we have created the most modern center of cybersecurity. In the framework of Ukrainian-Turkish cooperation, we are ready to provide advice on the creation of more high-quality project in the field of information security," said Director of cyber security of the Turkish company HAVELSAN.

The company has previously signed with the Kyiv agreement on joint designing and production of radar stations.

Slavic Troika's IT leaders

In addition, the project will involve the "white hackers" from Kiev Polytechnic Institute named after Igor Sikorsky, who took first place in the world following the results of competitions of Capture the Flag, beating the 12 thousand "white" hacker groups from around the world. White hat hacking is called professionals who are looking for vulnerabilities in computer systems, and then report their findings to the creators of these systems, in order to eliminate malfunction.

Recall, the third in the world in the "white" cybergenie owned by Russian hacking team LC↯BC. Second place in the ranking took another Slavic team — hacker group from Poland.

The winners were determined by the results of more than 100 IT-tournaments, in which participants solved the tasks and found vulnerability. At the end of 2016 international organization CTFtime rating was based on the amount of points earned by the teams in each contest.

According to political scientist Alexander Asafov, the NATO countries with such cooperation tend to take control of the growing field of IT-technologies in Ukraine and to find professionals in this business.

"The IT sector in Ukraine is widely and successfully developed, this is one of the most popular ways youth employment. The Americans, offering help, trying to put under hardware control sector of IT technologies of Ukraine and recruit good professionals in this area, of which Ukraine abound. In fact, the States merely seek to control other people's communication — information system of another state," — said the expert.

Who is afraid of intelligence

Recall that one of the reasons the West is concerned about information security of Ukraine, called the increase "the threat posed by Russian hackers". The notorious "criminals from Russia" discussed all over the world for more than a month: Russian it people groundlessly accused of hacking into the IT systems of different countries.

That Russia attacked the Ukrainian government, convinced and researchers from the Center for American progress, which is headed by neera Tanden — confidant of Hillary Clinton.

As RT wrote earlier, experts from the United States produced a report, which States that programmers from Russia attacked the sites of the Ukrainian and Estonian governments, the servers of the White house and the US state Department. The researchers note that now US taxpayers have to spend billions "out of pocket" to protect the government from "Russian hackers". At the same time no tangible evidence of his allegations, the Americans did not provide.

In addition, according to U.S. experts, Russian hackers allegedly stole $900 million from U.S. banks, was spying on iPhone users and even broke into the website of the former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili.

Earlier, us intelligence released a report which stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered to organize a campaign of influence, the aim of which is interference in presidential elections in the United States. In it, according to the report, was attended by Russian hackers, as well as the RT.

Note that no evidence of the Kremlin's involvement in the cyber attacks on US intelligence not provided.

At the hearings in the U.S. Senate January 10, American intelligence officers have even said that Russia is engaged in cyberwoman 1990-ies and the plans to intervene in the upcoming elections in Germany and France, and the main goal of Kremlin is to "sow doubt" in American society.

Diana Hovsepian


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