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The inconvenient facts of the crash Boeing in the Donbass, on 17 July
Material posted: Publication date: 10-09-2014

Since 7 August, as the investigating authorities of the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine classified the process of investigation, forbidding each other to publish anything without permission from other 3 parties, the information in the world media about the plane crash on July 17 came to nothing. Or discussion have been replaced by those proper to punish someone who has already appointed guilty Western politicians and the media.

Care about the citizens, accustomed to think with your head and critically analyzing incoming information from the media, also not used to trust implicitly narrow experts and other doubtful authorities, they don't want to calm down and continue to find new and new facts of the absurdities of the version of the tragedy that voiced the world's media.

We IGPR “CALL”, decided to gather key publicly available facts, which demolish the version imposed on us by the global media: the so-called common version, namely, that on July 17:

  • a huge Boeing 777-200ER in the sky of Donbass was shot down by a missile air defense “Buk”, or laid with a bomb or rocket and cannon fire a military aircraft;
  • the crew and passengers of flight MH-17 were killed, falling in the steppes of Donbass.

In addition to conventional, there are other versions of the events, but these versions are ignored by major international media, probably because of the chronic stupidity of journalists, as well as in favor of arranged the downfall of criminals. We will not consider here the different versions that everyone will be able to find them yourself. The purpose of this publication is the compilation of a list of facts that prove the inability of the generally accepted version of the crash on July 17 in Donbas. The facts gathered are briefly presented, with minimal explanation, so that they do not get caught up, but to be able to get the complete picture of relevant facts.

Major inconsistencies:

  1. No large pieces of fuselage and wings, is commensurable in length with 1/3-1/4 the size of the aircraft (dimensions 64 61 meter is the height of two 9 storey buildings).
  2. All the fragments of the wreckage close to rectangular shape, allowing you to load them into a transport plane.
  3. On the remains of fragments of the fuselage and wings show traces of cuts of the shears.
  4. The total weight of the wreckage, judging by the photos and video, no more than 20 tonnes, the weight of the empty “Boeing 777-200ER” is 143 tons.

Conclusion: in the Donbas NOT fallen Boeing 777-200ER.

Inconsistencies of the first plan:

  1. The wreck was found lying along a lot of passports that look like new.
  2. On the corpses and on the outside there are no traces of blood, the corpses, too bloodless and with traces of decay.
  3. The almost complete absence of boarding passes, baggage receipts, gadgets and personal items.
  4. On Board, which fly 12 hours on route 10 thousand miles, no meal service.
  5. Luggage is much less than it should be (1...2 suitcases for each of the 283 passengers).
  6. Except for 2-3 families, relatives 298 of the dead are nowhere to be seen, no evidence of transfer of identified bodies to the relatives, the bodies need only for official ceremonies.
  7. There is no clear evidence that the flight took off from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, never arrived.

Conclusion: these facts speak rather about the production of the crash of a civilian aircraft.

These facts make impossible the version about the Downing of the Boeing in the air by fighter or missile defense, but about such inconsistencies major media are silent. The media and the townsfolk expect them to digest will offer a version of the official fee.

Inconsistencies of the second plan:

  1. Found fragments of a covering with holes, the edge of which is directed both outward and inward.
  2. The cylinder was found without fingers in the eyes, he, as well as the recorders that look like from the warehouse.
  3. The tail of the aircraft during accidents, as a rule, is retained, we see only the keel and with traces of incisions.
  4. Only on July 17, was a rejection of the usual route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur more than 100 km to the North, and here and after the passage of the Donetsk side, the input signal of flight MH17 deviated 14 km to the North, to be gone from the zone of direct visibility of crews and passengers of other nearby aircraft.
  5. The international Commission was obstructed to keep it to the crash site immediately, where she was able to get only two weeks later.
  6. The crash happened on the day and with cloudy weather (lower cloud ceiling 1000 metres).
  7. Hasty and unfounded statements by officials, and, as a result, the application of sanctions to the Russian Federation.
  8. Fragments are scattered not the spot, and along a narrow curved line for 11 km.

Conclusion: if you start your investigation, it can be many other facts to find inconsistencies, but the media prefer to keep silent and wait.

Babbitt, too, is waiting, hoping that he would offer truthful the results of the investigation from a reputable source, for example, from the Commission of inquiry. Such behavior would be justified if the Commission would be independent or at once dependent on it, from the layman.

Concealment or lack of information, which in similar cases are presented to the public:

  1. Schiphol airport did not provide the recording camera collection and the passengers of flight MH-17.
  2. Did not present evidence justifying the Board 9M-MRD fragments by their serial numbers.
  3. Not hear conversations on the payment of insurance airline and relatives.
  4. Unduly delayed the procedure to decrypt the data flight recorders.
  5. Classified records of negotiations Dnepropetrovsk dispatchers with the aircraft 9M-MRD.
  6. Investigation group 4 countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Ukraine and Australia) on 7 August agreed to classify the course of the investigation, Malaysia categorically against it.
  7. The pilots had not filed a distress signal, while the last downed by Ukraine in 2001, a Tu-154 in the entire duration of the falling signal in the ether and 45 seconds we could hear the shouts of the crew.

Conclusion: the range of countries and organizations capable of fraud of this magnitude, sufficiently narrow to catch the criminal, it is necessary to have political influence and will, and to understand that the collapse of the rigged, enough to have their own, independent from the opinion of others judgment.

Other evidence obtained from eyewitnesses at the crash site:

  1. Photos found on your mobile phones and tablets contain data only for 2013.
  2. All the bodies belong to the race of Asians (according to the legend Asians only 43+11+3=57 of 298).
  3. “20 corpses were dressed; the rest are all naked”: from the morgue.
  4. Those corpses that were found in clothes, dressed like from the tropics.

Inconsistencies, linking history with other controversial topics:

  1. The crash happens after 4 months with the same Boeing 777-ER200, the same airline belonging to the same Malaysia - a small country with an obscure language that makes it easy to use its strong criminals.
  2. At the mention of the dead was affected by the subject of AIDS, which has already started to forget.

The motive of the criminals who committed the above-mentioned inconsistencies:

  1. The desire of global competitors of Russia to accuse her, to impose sanctions against it (15.07 nine European countries refused to impose sanctions against Russia, 16.07 USA strengthened sanctions, 17.07 announce the Downing of a civilian airliner in Donetsk).
  2. The desire of competitors of Russian civilization stronger to pit and to embroil the people of the brotherly peoples.

Conclusion: don't let the pit people in hatred and war, oglasi existing absurdities of the crash!



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