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Nikita Mikhalkov: the struggle of the USA against Russia is conducted by means of network
Material posted: Publication date: 29-07-2014

Director, people's artist of Russia Nikita Mikhalkov, the author of the Manifesto of enlightened conservatism spoke about Ukraine. Conclusion it has like a liberal: don't need to go to the Russian army. But what Mikhalkov applies the arguments? He told about it in interview to "Vesti on Saturday".

- Nikita Sergeevich, I am in a "Trite" — creative-production Association, created by You, for the first time. On the walls are portraits of kings. I don't understand the sequence. On the one hand — reformer Peter the great, on the other, the liberal Alexander II. You also suddenly become a dangerous liberal. According to Your recent statements, don't need to fight, need to be calmer with Ukraine. Why?

- There is a clear and sad truth. Did you notice how everything happens unrealistically intractable? The conversation goes on, and history is not built on that to end this conflict, and it should continue. And why is it necessary to continue? Because this is a direct opportunity for the United States of America to save a dollar. A debt of 17 trillion is a powerful debt, and the European market, according to the view of Americans, should work only with Americans. And 500 billion which is the market between Europe and Russia — should be redirected there. Hats off to the Americans.

They really know how to twist the world to their advantage.

The Lord made it so that they are surrounded by water from all conflicts. And where want they take part. They have become a nuclear umbrella for Europe. And now they want Europe to be with them paid off. Now they need Europe's help.

- I had a conversation with one very honest and good guy, who asked, "What do we not cross the Ukrainian border?" I said, "Let's argue. You don't like what is happening in Kiev?" He says: "don't like". "That is, you need to go, army?" He says, "Yes." "And where should she walk? I asked. — To the Dnieper or to the border of Slovakia and Poland? And what will happen in the rear? Guerrilla war? We're going to war?" "No, perhaps," said he. Few people think about it.

War with Ukraine is a complete Wonderland. February 21, could all end. Yanukovych admitted his helplessness. I don't feel any good feelings about him clear. And I absolutely understand people standing on the Maidan. They want corruption, rudeness.

- They were against what to protest.

- Correctly. I am very interested in the question, which now came to power, Ukrainian politicians will put the "Right sector"? Can you imagine what Poroshenko will say: "All abandon your weapons"? You know, what will happen? We are all aware. The second issue that I think is very important for the Crimea, which always was Russian. Here we will automatically be aggressors. Here and we regret there will be nobody who will be with us?

- You mean in the case of crossing the border with Eastern Ukraine?

- Yes. What happens is horrifying. Brilliantly said Timur Tamerlane: "Courage is only the patient in dangerous situations."

- And how it can physically be done? To the East of Ukraine thrown a large force. Ukrainian army mobilized, created new parts. What to do? Withdraw to the territory of Russia those who are not going to live there, and forget about it?

- I think forgetting about it will not work. Imagine that defeated your country, people came and conducted a "sweep". Go a month, two months, one year, five years, and it's not going anywhere. It's a matter of time. At the first opportunity you will give on the head with a baseball bat to those who did. It is impossible to exist in the Slavic country without love, and people will never love those who have destroyed their lives. Note that there is a whole industry tied to Russia.

- Probably, and West Ukraine was doomed to sooner or later rise?

- And to flake. You are absolutely right.

- It was long ago laid?

- A priori it was with the Baltic. If violence is unavoidable, you need to relax and have fun. We will never be able Galicians to get you to love Russians. What becomes Europe in the face of Ukraine, which is now with open arms waiting for her? Ukraine signed the Association document and was free. What Europe gets? Hungry, destroyed, is absolutely incompatible with the European mentality of the country that will say, "just One second, you was destroyed, we fought for you..." Europe is slightly to let it be and begin something else, but it also does not matter. Has a value of only a single gigantic desire, from the point of view of the American logic just, to tear Russia away from Europe. To tear Europe from any dependence on energy and on everything else. Any! Shale gas, the space... To ensure that Russia stayed with their wealth, as the covetous knight. I'm an artist, not a politician. Let's say Vladimir Putin will call Obama and say, "Barack, what are you doing, let's talk, it's unfair, you kill us."

- There will be no such conversation.

- I'm speaking hypothetically. And the conversation like this: "Hey, Barack, let's see how this is beneficial to you, us, Europe? You in Europe don't care, but what about our relationship?" How can this conversation be done? Under one condition: if you have the right, truth and power.

- In some places with the force happened too much. Don't know spontaneous was Your reaction or not, but when the Ukrainian left to receive the prize on MMKF, he called to calm passions and to free Oleg Sentsov, detained in Crimea, who is accused of preparation of explosion, You reacted, leaving themselves on stage, and said that Putin a message left. Why did You decide to say it?

- He is the Director. I don't know whether he is guilty or not is a matter of investigation, but did not say anything wrong. This Guild solidarity. In this case, I support Ukraine for another reason. I believe that the first Secretary of the Union of cinematographers of Ukraine made a brave man's deed.

When I came to Moscow?

- Yes, in this situation, he came to Moscow, received the prize for the actress, said what they wanted. And it would be wrong not to support him.

- After the death of Russian VGTRK reporters journalistic workshop felt it necessary to say that the militia freed the detained Ukrainian journalists.

- Right, what else? Before the festival I had a conversation with the President, I was told that the Ukrainian colleagues did not come. He said, "You should Express solidarity with those who obeyed rough political violence and could not come." I absolutely agree with him, because in that sense it's really true. You're forced to do so for some reason that is not dependent on your art, of religion, but you're an artist. This dependence, which is very humiliating. So I think that we are absolutely correctly expressed solidarity with those who did not come, and in this sense it is completely in sync with the desire to speak out in defense of Sentsov.

Nikita Mikhalkov considers that the law on prohibition of profanity in works of art, which came into force on 1 July, needs to be adjusted.

- Russian Mat — the greatest monument of cultural and language monument. Nowhere in the world has such a sophisticated, luxurious, beautiful, funny, tough, brutal language, Russian math. Ivan Bunin, when he became an academician of the Academy of literature, was commissioned to form the anthology of Russian Mat. He collected material throughout the country. He sent his notes Krasnoyarsk, Tobolsk, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Tver... he came to the country of Tolstoy son Ilya. He told me that Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky, and classified these beauties. He said, "Ivan, you take the whole of Russia as his assistant, and I only Tulyakov. I Tula you cover, and you — all the rest". And wife Bunin was the referee. And large won. You can imagine that two such people were doing something abominable, disgusting, filthy language which today, against which I, too, rise? When pouring household Mat is disgusting. This means that people have no other words. But when a man runs into the attack when he was wounded, when he's scared, when he was shocked!

- When the "Normandie — Niemen" had come to fight in WWII, the soldiers at first did not understand commands during the battle. Then explained to them, and they began to fight better.

- Stanislav Govorukhin, a funny story once told: you built a regiment, the Colonel came and said: "Comrades soldiers, fall out," and left. "Look, what happened"? He said From the first day to swear, that's why I'm so". This hypocrisy in a sense. In one of the Chronicles of the XII century it was written that something did not work, because it was done with a heavy, brutish zeal. Will this law protect children from they are in the stairwell, at school or in the yard not heard mate? No. It will still be. So, we need to limit the bad taste. It seems to me that there are taste, tact, the talent, and there is bad taste and vestlandet.


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