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"In favor of Macron was the use of "black technologies"

"No one person on Earth there is no doubt that in the second round Emmanuel macron will become the President of France", say the French and Russian scientists. They explain why marine Le Pen will not be able to collect in the second round more than forty percent of the vote and what policies, including toward Russia, going to be the new French leader.

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Russia says new rules of cyberwar

At midnight on 17 December 2016, almost all the Ukrainian capital Kiev, the lights went out. Failed transformer station, which feeds electricity to high voltage large areas. The head of the company-operator of the United energy system of the country Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk explained on his page in Facebook that the station was subjected to "external attack" that lasted about 30 minutes.

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Conceptual views on the activities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the information space

High rates of development of information systems for various applications, computer networks such as the Internet and electronic media has led to the turn of the Millennium to the formation of global information space. Along with land, sea, air and outer space, information space in the armies of most developed countries has been actively used for a wide range of military tasks.

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Maintaining of information war the US and its allies during operations in Afghanistan

According to several American military experts, a new look at the threats of the twenty-first century is that in the future the main threat will come from the regular armies of different countries, and from various terrorist, criminal and other organizations, including non-state parties which United in certain network structures. Such organizations do not have a clear hierarchical structure of authority, often do not have a unified leadership, coordinate their activities with the use of global communications.

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Features of organization and information warfare during the first and second Chechen campaigns

Came to power in the Republic of Chechnya D. Dudayev and his supporters have been expressing extreme views of militant Muslim nationalism and separatism, a parasite on the ideas of "national freedom, sovereignty and independence from Russia". Many militants-Dudayev forces resisted Federal troops with fanaticism doomed. Has been gripped by mass anti-Russian psychosis of the Chechen young people in a number of cases were recorded in a "suicide". The so-called "rebels" - many members of the Chechen teips, to the beginning of military operations were highly fragmented.

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