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The memory of the outstanding Russian scientist Sergei Pavlovich Rastorguev
Material posted: Grinyaev SergeyPublication date: 14-07-2017

Suddenly, absolutely unexpectedly died outstanding Russian scientist, one of founders of Russian scientific schools of information warfare, the author of many works on the theory and practice of information warfare, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Rastorguev Sergey Pavlovich.

His first book, published in the early 90-ies of XX century, have become classics of the theory and practice of information security and information security.

Books Rastorguev, you could trace the evolution of his own views on the information space and its future, from the classics of computer hacking, to philosophical works, permeated with a deep perception of subtle features of the emerging information environment – the future of humanity.

The book "the Art of defense and undressing programs" (co-authored with Demetrius N. N.), was released in 1991 and became one of the first available to the General reader of books on "the theory and practice of" hacking programs. More than one generation of "hackers" start your journey with books S. P. Rastorguev. Then it really was new and strange, and today, decades later, about hackers and computer hacking does not mean just lazy.

But the book "Infection as a way of protecting life. Viruses: biological, social, psychological, computer. SR-networks" has already become one of the many works of Sergei Pavlovich, in which he promoted the idea of the similarity between biological and computer of life: similarity of the processes of birth, evolution and death in complex systems.

And, of course, speaking about the works of Sergei Pavlovich Rastorguev, not to mention a series of works directly related to the theory of information warfare. This book, "Information war", "the Philosophy of information war" etc. Now this is a classic new direction in modern science, – information warfare.

In these studies, Rastorgueva removed and a basic principle of information warfare: "a Proven correlation of non-existent events become law in determining the behavior of existing actors." This principle is now widely used in many information wars that swept the world in the last decade.

Was done by Sergey Pavlovich and such advanced areas as avtorizacija (attempt to shift the foundations of biological life and consciousness into the computer system), tried to make sense from the point of view of mathematics the concept of fate and many other issues.

Such books as "Life and Death in the context of information and knowledge", "the nesting spaces (the theory of egregors)", "Memories of the soul", yet to grasp and comprehend the most professionals who are trying to follow the same path, which has passed Sergey Rastorguev.

The bright memory of Russian people, scientist, officer, Sergei Pavlovich Rastorguev – founder and ideologist of the Russian theory of information war.

Sergei Grinyaev

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