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The manual collapse of the banks: the publication in the media has provoked panic
Material posted: Publication date: 18-08-2017
In recent days, in business Newspapers and news agencies published articles about the problems of large banks. What happens in the financial system?

On the market and before saying that big banks are a big problem. Names were called in private conversations. In a public plane got only news about appointments. In b & n was replaced by the President. The founder and main shareholder of "Discovery" Vadim Belyaev returned to operational management, and then the bomb exploded. In "Vedomosti" got a letter employee of "Alfa-capital" Sergey Gavrilov. He warned their affluent clients about the risks associated with four banks: PSB, "Opening", Binbank, IBC, and recommended to withdraw the assets.

In fact, the whole Russian financial world, it was announced that the leading and the largest after state — owned banks is the problem. Former Chairman of the Central Bank, Aleksandr Khandruev expressed their attitude to what is happening and to what is happening between banks:

Aleksandr Khandruev , a former Chairman of the Central Bank, Professor Russian Academy of national economy and public administration"I think it's hitting below the belt, it is a disgrace. I think if it was, say, in the US, the securities Commission would have just fined them, perhaps, would be deprived of its license and would excite even a criminal case. This insider information, which was available to a wide range and caused damage to the banks. We say: fair competition Yes, unfair no. Can't be, as Orwell says, all are equal, but some are more equal. If some are more equal than others, then this means that competition is by definition not bona-fide".

In July, the national rating Agency "ACRES" assigned "Opening" unexpectedly low rating. Though analysts only follow their foreign colleagues: shortly before the Bank downgraded S&P, and now, now, Moody's put the rating of "Open" to review and has not ruled out a reduction. This is due to the volatility of deposits. In other words, with the outflow of deposits, and is a process that is caused by panic.

CB on Thursday, August 17, soothed the market. In the review of the regulator are the words of the profit growth of the banking system, reduction of delay.

Representatives of the Russian rating agencies interviewed by Business FM, also said that the scale of the problems is overstated. However, the snowball is difficult to stop, as a plane crash, resulting in the comparison editor in chief banking portal Vladimir Shevchenko:

Vladimir Shevchenko, the chief editor of the banking portal"When you watch the investigation on National Geographic, every little mistake does not lead to disaster, but one mistake, plus two, plus three, four, and plane crashes. Problems? Was. In the end, the scandal, in the end, the client may be frightened to run to the banks to take the money, and the problem will be even greater. Roughly speaking, the Bank may be, would die in 2018, and due to the fact that there was a problem out there, you will die now."

After the publication of the letter of the employee of "alpha", there was another extraordinary event. Three leading news agencies, one after another announced that in July of "Discovery" brought more than 600 billion rubles. The news spread throughout the leading media of Russia. Journalists referred to the Central Bank, which published this information. It really is on the regulator's website, but there are no lines on these billions. There are huge columns of figures.

Moreover, the Central Bank has published new data about the banking system, but journalists are somehow interested in the Corporation "Opening". Already on the sidelines, and almost openly say: there is a deliberate attack on the Bank.See also:"Private" warning from "the alpha-the capital" — the smoke without fire?

To three agencies at the same time promptly analysis of the document, in which even an expert will understand immediately, and chose only negative data is an unprecedented event. Paper named in the publications of the banks fell. But the same thing happened with the bonds and the above-mentioned organizations — large, including with state participation. For what purpose is the attack is unknown, but the blow dealt to the banking system. According to the Central Bank, too.

Mikhail Safonov


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