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Prokofiev V. F. "a Secret weapon of the information war: attack on subconsciousness"
Material posted: Publication date: 09-01-2011

The end of XX - beginning of XXI centuries are characterized by the emergence of information warfare - a new type of war in which victory is achieved not through the destruction of weapons and manpower, and due to the different influences on the living force, leading her in an incapacitated state. This phenomenon has several explanations.

I present to You, dear readers, the second enlarged and improved edition (based on the comments on the first edition) the book of doctor of technical Sciences V. F. Prokofiev's "Secret weapon of the information war: attack on subconsciousness". The first edition of this book aroused great interest among the specialists in various fields. The author wrote a paper on a current topic, in demand by our society. By the way, I know the author is a competent engineer with extensive experience in the formation and development of modern military technologies. The problem raised them, - this is not a call for the immediate creation of new weapons, but rather a reminder to Ya. Gashek - "People, be vigilant!"

In the XX-th century the mankind has made the greatest strides in science and technology. However, the last century will go down in the history of mankind and as the age of the most bloody wars and mass destruction of people. Then the best minds in the world worked on their own rather self-destruct than on further development of science. The fruits of their labors created various types of weapons of mass destruction (chemical, bacteriological, nuclear fusion, etc.), capable repeatedly to destroy all mankind. Recently to this list more and more added weapons information, carrying with it the threat of violent impact on the human psyche.

Unfortunately, the threat of violence on the psyche of the individual, so vividly described in numerous science fiction and detective novels, has become more and more reality. Still unshakable Bastion of human freedom - the ability to think freely - storm intensely modern information technology and the manipulators of human consciousness behind them. Of importance, this threat is not comparable even with the military danger. For each new call in the military sphere can be responsible adequate. So, at the time NATO moved to our borders their operational-tactical missile complexes "Lance" and "Pershing" - the Soviet Union responded by creating the analogues of "Oka" and "Oka-Y." Armada tanks appeared, the designers created a system of antitank defense type "baby" and "Storm", invented aviators tactics low-altitude air strikes - generation portable missile defense systems "Strela" and "Igla". And so is the case in almost all spheres of military confrontation.

As a designer, has created about three dozen types of domestic weapons, I can say that for every new threat in the field of armaments in our country, despite the crisis situation, can quickly respond to the creation of at least a formidable domestic weapons, whether it be the will of the Government. However, in the field of combating the threat of the psycho-physical, which tells the author of this book, I think that we have taken insufficient operational measures. Moreover, the psycho-physical threat is not deeply understood, not disclosed, is not delineated within the boundaries of the national security States and even explicitly identified in the recently adopted information security Doctrine of Russia.

This situation is due to several reasons. First, information confrontation as science is just beginning to assert itself. Here only is generated the conceptual framework, emerging trends, methods, techniques and means of struggle. Secondly, the human psyche, particularly the unconscious, until recently, was seen as something mystical, unreal, unavailable tool measurements. And finally, thirdly, the long struggle of science against spiritualism, magic, and charlatanism have obscured the true achievements in the field of Informatics, a new possibility of direct influence on the subconscious. Along with the positive sides of these achievements here clearly emerges the threat of mental and physical violence against persons, the opportunity for development of psychophysical weapons (PF-weapons).

To control the thoughts of people with this weapon to aim their desire to shape the world, imposing the "right" decision, to achieve the objectives without visible violence - that's the main driving force for the possible emergence of PF-weapons as the best means to carry people hating ideas of some politicians, strategists and criminals. For "local" purposes such people see danger on a global scale, turning entire Nations into an obedient biorobots, mindlessly performing the will of their masters.

Awareness of this danger must inevitably lead to the adoption of legislative acts on the protection of each individual from hidden and open violence against the Psychosphere, in the organization of activities on counteraction of destructive information-psychological influences (especially in the media), taking in the tight state control of research in this area, the development of tools for identification and neutralization of the targeted PF-effects. Our scientists cannot stand apart from the solution of urgent issues. They should take active part in their resolution. This binds them to the psychophysical emerging threat to Russia's security.

P. S. INVINCIBLE, a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Russian Academy of rocket and artillery Sciences, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor, hero of socialist labor, laureate of Lenin and three State prizes, laureate of prize of Council of Ministers of the USSR, Honored constructor of the Russian Federation






1.1. The urgency of the problem of improving information security

1.2. Information warfare, information weapons. Basic concepts and structure

1.3. Local war is a clear demonstration of the combat effectiveness of the media. Information weapons TVD

1.4. Methods of defeating information structure of the state. Software and mathematical weapons

1.5. Information and psychological struggle

1.5.1. The main sources of psychological influence on people and society

1.5.2. Features of formation of personality in the social environment of the state

1.5.3. Information-psychological struggle in pre-combat and combat conditions



The book is available here.

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