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Rastorguev SP, Litvinenko MV "Information operations in the Internet"
Material posted: Publication date: 01-03-2014
In this paper we proposed and justified approach to building systems to identify information threats. Given the basic definitions and a study of special operations, information operations inherent in the Internet. It is shown that the production of virtually all components of information operations have been supplied on an industrial basis, from viruses aimed at automated facilities for military and industrial use, to generators messages as text, voice messages on a given characteristic voice or videos from a given initial "picture". The book describes a mechanism to partially automate the planning information operations through the use of standard schemes of their conduct, it is shown how the game can be organized training on modeling of information operations. The book is intended for military experts, professionals working in the field of information and psychological impact. It will also be interesting to a wide circle of readers interested in the development of cybernetic systems and network technologies.

The book is available in our center. To order, please contact us via the feedback form.

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