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Rastorguev S. P. 'Mathematical models in information confrontation. Existential mathematics'
Material posted: Publication date: 24-04-2014

Was published the book of the known Russian scientist in the field of information security and theories of information warfare - Sergey p. Rastorguev. In the work we are talking about mathematical models in the field of information systems, whether computers, or social organizations, or people.

The most important this branch is now in the sphere of information wars with civilizational character. That is why a concept such as information security, is investigated from a position of security information system in the information war.

People, community organizations, States, tribes, and intelligent technical systems in this paper incorporates the concept of "teachable". Therefore, the applicability of the results to different categories of named objects is only possible in the part in which they can be considered names-but as information systems, capable of learning.

The work contains primarily original research that passed the practical approbation in the form of course, read repeatedly over the last ten years of computational mathematics and Cybernetics Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov and in ICSI the FSB Academy of the Russian Federation.

This book can be useful to students, graduate students and special Stam, studying the problems of information warfare and the mathematical-optical modeling of processes of information interaction of subjects of social life.

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