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Rastorguev S. P. "Practical aspects of the theory of nested spaces"
Material posted: Publication date: 20-12-2017

The material in this book – the chapters of unfinished books in the direction that Sergey Rastorguev did in the last years of his life. What can be the best memory for a scientist who devoted his life to science? Only edition of all his works, which have not been published, on which the author worked in the last weeks and days allotted to his earthly life...

Shrinking periods between global phase transitions in the history of the biosphere and antroposphere form a geometric progression. Today, this dependence turns into a vertical. New space generated in the course of this transition, absorbs the human. Space with the so-called artificial intelligence includes our natural, inside as a nested space, so it is a variety of Ashby increases dramatically. And it becomes able to control humanity, how do we manage Pets. Neither of us are planning a world war, no flimsy restrictions in production or consumption are not able to stop this process. As the monkey was unable to stop the process of human evolution, and we can not stop the formation of a new tomorrow more of a technical than a biological nature, but conceived by us.

It is shown that the diversity of our actions is negligible in comparison with the available variety of spectacles for determining the choice of action. This means that for informational beings, creating a fundamentally new environment, a classic in the form of "image–action" turns on the contrary: under allowed action creates an artificial image. This creates a separate virtual space, which we have fertilized themselves. Today humanity is on the homestretch of a flight to its target, actively creating a virtual environment, but not for himself. The study of this environment in the work started with the study of actions for which only we are predisposed.

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