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The Tallinn manual on international law applicable to the information wars

The product of three years of activity of the international group of twenty experts, carried out in the Tallinn Centre of excellence cooperative cyber defence NATO.

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Bedritsky, A. "Information warfare: concepts and their implementation in the U.S."

After the end of the cold war and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States had worked hard to establish itself as a global political and military leader.

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* L laynbardzher P. "Psychological warfare"

On the basis of summarizing the experience of two world wars and the Korean war the author presents U.S. views on the content, forms and methods of conducting "psychological warfare".

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Grigor'yants A. G. "Psychological warfare and modern culture"

The book critically analyzes the idea and concept of LeCoultre and anti-culture, ideas antihumanism, nationalism and racism in bourgeois culture, exposed the use of by the imperialist circles of anti-communism and anti-Sovietism as the main idaio-solsticescape weapons in a "psychological war".

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Zázvorka has been preserved G. "Psychological warfare NATO (the Organization, the ways and methods of conducting psychological warfare)"

The book is a monograph which are exposed purpose, the reactionary character and the essence of the so-called psychological warfare of countries participating in NATO against world camp of socialism and the third world war.

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