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Zasursky Y. N. "The technique of misinformation and deception"

In the monograph on the big actual material discusses the techniques and methods of manipulating public opinion with the help of the bourgeois media and propaganda. The book critically assimilated bourgeois theorists developed the concept of stereotypes in public opinion, the technique of disinformation and falsification through illustrations, TV spots, using the sensation, innuendo and half-truths, and manipulating statistical information. The authors analyze methods of argumentation, the semantics of bourgeois propaganda, the sophistication of the deception of the masses through fascist technique of the "big lie" and modern means of ideological sabotage.

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Parshin S. A., Gorbachev Y. E., Kozhanov A. "cyber Warfare is a real threat to national security?"

In this paper we consider the complex issues associated with the emergence of a new sphere of confrontation between States --- warfare in cyberspace. Presents an analysis of the development of the conceptual bases of the development of the doctrine of waging cyber warfare, major organizational events in the U.S. military with the aim of ensuring national cyberspace protection and the formation of a complex of forces and means for carrying out offensive cyber operations, defensive and intelligence of nature. Describes the conceptual basis of information and cyber operations of China.

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Counterterrorism: an integrated approach (INTERPOLITEX-2008). Information weapons in terrorist actions and local conflicts. A collection of articles

The Russian authorities never understood the importance of information warfare, so do not just constantly lose, and just inferior to the battlefield all in a row. Suffice it to recall the latest example is the situation with the ship Arctic Sie. Russia has literally put the information beating, spreading version of mysterious cargo one more ridiculous than another, and the authorities did everything to the rumors multiplied. Meanwhile, Russia has enough specialists in the field of information struggle.

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Vinokurov, G. Gurtovoy "Psychotronic war"

In this first published in Russian book on psychotronic war is discussed, involving extensive actual and historical material, the military potential of psychic or psi phenomena.

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Tsygankov, V. D. "Psychotronics and the security of Russia"

The book is dedicated to relevant, insufficiently studied problem that has important scientific, practical and public value - the problem of creation and application of psychotronic weapons (PSO) and protection. The author attempted a systematic analysis of a large number of open published materials related to natural science and biomedical issues to the PSO and protection from it. The author indicates that psychotronic war is, primarily, a war of information. And she already covertly or openly conducted.

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