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Prokofiev V. F. "a Secret weapon of the information war: attack on subconsciousness"

The end of XX - beginning of XXI centuries are characterized by the emergence of information warfare - a new type of war in which victory is achieved not through the destruction of weapons and manpower, and due to the different influences on the living force, leading her in an incapacitated state. This phenomenon has several explanations.

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Rastorguev S. P. "the Information war. Problems and models. Existential mathematics"

In this tutorial, we are talking about mathematical models in the field of information systems whether it's computers or social organization. Today this direction is most relevant in the sphere of information wars with civilizational character. That is why a concept such as information security are investigated with a view to ensuring the security of information systems in conditions of information war.

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Rastorguev S. P. Formula "information war"

Human society only then has achieved significant success in the change of their habitat, when he managed to move to the industrial production of the necessary technical means. Today we are no longer talking about the modification of nature, and about the modifications of the person and, first of all, educated people in the community. Large-scale modification becomes possible when creating the so-called democratic system of government by the people, allowing the industrial application of various techniques of manipulation on the basis of automation.

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Rastorguev S. P. "Introduction to the formal theory of information war"

The aim of this work is to develop the reader's skills for creating mathematical models in the field of information warfare involving deliberate large-scale, put on the conveyor, the operation of the senses. Programming the behavior of such entities strictly connected with their world models, which are based on information self-learning system solves the problem to achieve an acceptable future. She tries to prevent undesired events and to satisfy causing its existence needs, such as by adjusting the surrounding world and itself, to the best of their ability.

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Rastorguev S. P. "the Philosophy of information war"

...the turtle didn't know and never finds out that the information war is the targeted training of your enemy to remove the harness off of himself... the book covers the main aspects of the problem of "information war": it shows the history, current status and perspectives... the book presents a number of important original results on the theory of information weapons.

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