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Russia and the West: against whom there is an information war and how to fight it?
Material posted: Publication date: 02-09-2014

The events in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine have forced the international community to re-think about such concepts as the "cold war" and "confrontation" of East and West.

However, in the current circumstances, the warring parties do not take up arms. New means of struggle for them to become media and information technology.

How to survive Russia in the information war? Kind of strategy to choose? What methods to use to reply to the enemy?

About this and not only told, today, September 2, in the press center MIA "Russia today" during the round table "Russia in the information war: the methods of confrontation" policy experts: the Director General of the Center for strategic estimates and projections Sergey Grinyaev, General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin, Director of the Center for public policy research, head of Department of the CIS Institute Vladimir Yevseyev and political scientist Sergey Mikheev.

According to the General Director of the Center for strategic estimates and projections Sergey Grinyaev, all events currently in the media space have certain prerequisites: "an Information war against Russia is conducted the leadership of our foreign policy. The discrepancy with the US and the EU on key issues of world politics, the situations in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine are the cause of what is happening now in the Western media".

The Director of the Center for public policy research, head of Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Evseev noted that the real information war is not a first for Russia: "the First time we encountered this phenomenon in August 2008. Then we couldn't prove that we wasn't attacked, and defended and rescued civilians. At that time, Russia went through it calmly. But this information war we were not ready. Only now are we trying to win. However, even then it was necessary to extract knowledge from these events."

In this case, political analyst Sergei Mikheyev believes that not Russia is the main target in the untied States and the EU information confrontation: "In these circumstances, the information moved to the layman. The common man, as a rule, not interested in the facts. He is attracted to emotions and mass distribution. Thus Americans do what they do well - they construct the picture. Up to a certain point to influence the mass consciousness, they used the movies. Now mass culture came to politics. It is noteworthy that the work in this format is impossible without lies. Thus, the ruling circles of the USA and EU is the information processing of its own citizens to motivate them to approve the actions of the authorities".

According to Sergey Mikheev, the same situation and for the same reason, there is now in Ukraine: "who all these years has been directed the Ukrainian propaganda? Russia? Not at all. The main object were Ukrainian citizens. The hysteria that exists currently in the media space of Ukraine, a negative attitude towards Russia which the current government trying to develop in the minds of its citizens, allow them to explain their failures".

According to the analyst, the main weapon in the information war to Russia could become established facts: "the Actual events break picture created USA. With the victories of the militia of the American and Western media can do nothing".

"Somehow, despite all the efforts of the U.S. and its Western allies, is it still "seeps" into the information space. Gradually becomes visible lies and fraud. For example, there may be a Ukrainian Minister of defence, who declared their intention to hold a military parade in Sevastopol. How can a serious person in these terms to say such a reckless thing? Of course, no. Thus, we have another one-day informational "doll", which is the product of American propaganda," continued the previous expert, the General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin.

The view was echoed by Sergei Grinyaev: "We need to be persistent in light of certain events. For any fact to bring the case to the end. Only in this case we can speak about a turning point in the information war".

At the same time, the experts noted that Russia is not the only state faced with an information war by Western media.

"The impact on public consciousness through the media occurred in Iran, and Communist China. However, these countries have found ways of dealing with these phenomena. Still, in these countries, there is stability and there is no "color" revolutions. Thus, the Russian leadership should pay attention to the counter that are used by those States in information warfare against the U.S. and the West," said Alexei Mukhin.

Another effective means of fighting in the information war to Russia is to unite with others in covering the situation in the international arena.

"The US and the EU monopolized the media. However, creating an information Alliance with other countries, creating an international cooperative information Agency with Latin America, China, etc. we'll along with the American media to convey information to the population of these countries. Thus, only teaming up with someone will Russia be able to succeed in a new confrontation with the West", - concluded the discussion Sergey Mikheev.

Victoria Curan


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