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Russia was not ready for informational war, and therefore loses its
Material posted: Publication date: 02-09-2014

Massive information war waged by the USA, caught Russia by surprise. Russia was not ready for such a powerful propaganda coming from the West, and therefore started making excuses after each accusations from ex-partners. This opinion was expressed by experts at a press conference in Moscow, the correspondent of Накануне.RU.

"Each stage of the information war waged by the US, worked out. And while America, including with the help of the fifth column we have, achieves the goals that it has set itself", - said General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin.

However, despite the victory of the USA, many European countries that support sanctions against Russia does not abandon cooperation with Russia on key projects, the expert notes.

"Not so bad, moreover, the more intense will be conducted by the United States information war, the more allies will appear in Russia, including among Latin American countries," he said.

"And to fight against this information attack, no need to do anything, this attack makes sense when there is a goal, in this regard, the principle of emptiness, used in the martial arts, is ideal for informational confrontation", - said Mukhin.

So far the impression that Russia is trying to make excuses after every baseless accusations from the West, the General Director of the Center for strategic estimates and projections Sergey Grinyaev.

"You have to walk away from that show abstracted model of what is happening. But we, unfortunately, begin to justify ourselves, thus we acknowledge that he lost. This is a key issue today is very serious," said griniaev.

One of the reasons for this "loss" of Russia lies in the fact that we were just not ready for informational war, said the Director of the Center for public policy research Vladimir Evseev.

"For the first time, Russia is facing an information war in August 2008, we have not been able to prove then, we were completely unprepared. Same thing now, only the scale of this war much more," Yevseyev said at a press conference.

"Russia, unfortunately, not enough have realized the situation that was then, and now, when re-started the information war, Russia was not ready," - said the expert.

However, information wars are waged not only against Russia, for decades the U.S. used the same tactics against Iran and China.

"Iran faced with this war for a very long time, in 1979, and the Republic was trying to find the antidote for the Iranians it has become a religion. <...> Look at China, how strongly are against it information war, but he also holds the defense. Maybe we look at other States, to learn from them?" - says Evseev.

Thus, according to experts, to blindly adopt the practices of other countries is not worth it.

"I, of course, not everyone supports, in China, for example, there is strict regulation of the Internet, probably, it is wrong. But if we intelligently look at those elements that use other States, we will be able to develop their own tactics," - said Yevseyev.
So, one of the methods of protection from the attacks of the West may be the creation of a joint BRICS news Agency, suggested political scientist Sergey Mikheev.

"The facts do not matter anymore, the Americans are doing now is what they are good at, they do Hollywood," said Mikheev.

"The era has changed, nothing can change that now don't work with experts and with ordinary people, working with mass consciousness. And it reacts to emotions, the brightness of the feed and the mass distribution," he said.

Thus, according to Mikheev, the foreground is not the point of view of the expert, as a simple layman, which is, moreover, easy to manipulate.

"We return to the middle Ages, when the information is spread through rumors in the marketplace," said Mikheev.

To deal with such a reception possible only through the mass of lies, but Russia is not ready, notes the analyst.

"We have no way to win this fight, it's an unequal battle. This was not possible and the USSR, which was much more powerful than Russia. That is 100% win in this situation will not, therefore, need to work together with its allies, the BRICS countries, and create their own news Agency, to create their own information space", - said Mikheev.

"For us, the facts must mean everything", he concluded.


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