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Snowden needs Russia to create cyberarmies
Material posted: Publication date: 15-02-2014

In the live program "Point of view" video channel "of Truth.Ru" has been a famous writer, historian of Russian security services, major-General in the resignation of Valery Malevanny. In an interview Valery comes to topics such as the Snowden case, the collapse of the Soviet Union, with the participation of foreign NGOs, prevention of terrorist attacks and program intelligence on UFOs.

The collapse of the Soviet Union is a special operation of the CIA, according to which the Senate was given the recommendation to "allow" the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, said Valery Malevanny. The plan was simple. And his main goal was economic devastation of the USSR. In Afghanistan, the Soviet Union was spending $ 5 million a day on military spending.

In 1986, Saudi Arabia at the request of the US has lowered the price of oil. In the end, Mikhail Gorbachev, came to power and began the perestroika was in an empty currency trough. "If in 1980 the gold reserves of the USSR amounted to 3.5 thousand tons by 1985 it had fallen to 200 tons. The Republic asked Gorbachev money, but they could not feed, and then they began to separate, and then already worked as Western agents — NGOs," — said the expert. After the events in Lithuania, the process became unmanageable, and soon "even in the Kremlin began to sit foreign agents who have steered our economy".

Soon the NATO intelligence services have and whether, together with the Soviet Union collapsed and the country's secret service: and chief among them — the state security Committee (KGB), continued Malevannaya. "Gorbachev tried to recreate the service of the political forces "Berkut", but it didn't help". The collapse of the Soviet special services, in turn, led to losses in the economy and in the financial sector, the strength of the country began to dwindle. Was "voucher privatization" imposed on Russia by Western intelligence.

"Chubais worked eight intelligence agents that it (privatization — approx. Ed.) did that result in 70 percent of people's wealth fell into the wrong hands," — said the expert. Then NATO has disarmed Russia, has been taken all the uranium that Russia has been accumulating for decades. Was affected by the strategic deterrence forces, many defense plants were closed. "Our ships, planes, subs were on alert because of the lack of diesel fuel". Facilitate the implementation of this complex task is the responsibility of the special services that help the state to contain not only the terrorist threat but also a threat to economic and financial collapse.

You have to understand that "intelligence services are the basis of political power of any state. And only thanks to Putin, over the last 10 years, the security services of Russia began to recover," the expert said. For example, the fight against offshore companies is their merit. According to Daub, today the FSB is a force capable of solving the same task, decide what Western intelligence agencies. For example, in 2012, the FSB prevented 369 terrorist act were arrested 147 foreign intelligence, including 42 professional intelligence officer working under cover of diplomatic immunity.

There are, of course, major mistakes, said Daub. As an example of a betrayal leads Daub in 2010, the Colonel of the foreign intelligence Poteeva, who went West and there passed the entire illegal network in the U.S. — 10 people led by General Mikhail Vlasenkov.

The terrorist attacks in Volgograd — it is also the fault of counterintelligence, says Daub. "We need to cover with a cap the existing underground. It wiretapping, surveillance. At some point, a terrorist (we are talking about the first terrorist attack that occurred on 21 October — Ed.) just lost. May have been a substitution on the double," said Daub.

Answering the question about his attitude toward Edward Snowden, the expert said that this is a traitor to his country and provocateur. "Snowden Russia needs for the establishment of strategic cyberarmies, Russia is behind in this matter for twenty years. In the U.S. cyberforces are included in the NSA is wiretapping everything and everyone". The United States conducted in 2012, the joint military exercises with China, and it made our leadership think. As a result, in January 2013 signed a decree on the formation of such forces in Russia. "I'm just thinking, that's why we Snowden," said the historian.

In his opinion, Snowden began working for the Chinese secret service, because Chinese cyberforces are considered to be second in strength after the American. "No wonder he two months was sitting in Hong Kong. But after he passed them all he could, he flew to Russia. Our intelligence agencies while he was sitting in the airport, didn't know what to do with it, but then decided that he needed," concluded the Daub on the topic of Snowden.

The expert also told "the Truth.Ru" that all intelligence agencies around the world have departments dealing with UFOs, they have the FSB and the FBI — which includes three research Institute and the Base 51. Daub said contact is established through the specially trained psychics for the purpose of obtaining nanotechnology. "In the USSR there was a military unit 10003 in the GRU is under the control of General Savina, where he worked as military psychics. It produced military coooperation, and there is evidence that they had contact with UFOs, recalls in his memoirs, Savin". That alien civilization exists, is proved by the fact of the refusal of the Americans from their lunar program. "They were warned there, that seat's taken," said the historian.

Speaking about the work of the FSB against terrorism, the expert stressed that wiretapping is necessary and it is carried out by order of a court. But, in his opinion, it is necessary to do total the wiretap, as the Americans. "The same cyberforces are created for information security of the state. America created its own system and can listen to Australia, Angela Merkel, why Russia can't do? The Russian security services also must address its national security, including anti-terrorist security. We're on the crest of a threat. The wire really prevents terrorist attacks, as well as monitoring of social networks. Americans and Chinese have long understood, it's time to understand it and Russia", — said in a live broadcast of "Point of view" writer, historian of special services, major-General in the resignation of Valery Malevanny.

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