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The secret war of the security services. Who came up with the "Russian hackers" hacked Hillary?
Material posted: Publication date: 06-02-2017
American officials, began a hunt for a hidden tax of billions of dollars, sparked in the United States civil conflict that could bury all plans of Donald trump.

May 2001. Yacht club Balboa Bay Club in Newport, USA.

— Will you do that for me, Brad?

Bradley Birkenfeld felt drove to her throat, the lump of nausea. Here it is, the moment of truth! The same moment that a large lump of Swiss Bank UBS did not skimp on expenses, forcing him to grovel and do anything to impress Mr. Aleinikoff. And finally, the Russian oligarch has agreed to transfer to Switzerland a few million — however, as he explained at dinner, millions were converted in a shipment of diamonds Packed in small — sized Havana cigar container, which Mr. Birkenfeld, as some Nigerian smuggler, had to move across two boundaries in his rectum. Damn it! If caught, then jailed for at least 25 years.

But he seems to have had.

— Of course, sir! — Bradley smiled, remembering how in the army he was taught to smile through the pain and fatigue. — You can count on me, sir!

— That done, my boy, ' he patted him on the shoulder, Aleinikoff. Who knows, maybe you'll like it, huh?

Bradley Birkenfeld

Sitting at the table guests laughed.

— Nonsense, I was just testing you! Don't worry, you'll get lucky stones in another cache in the toothpaste tube.

It was at this point, Bradley Birkenfeld, later nicknamed the "banker of Lucifer", and has vowed to destroy this old greedy tyrant.

But then he did not even suspect that this decision will launch a new phase of the war between us intelligence agencies, the war that continues today.

It is possible that in a few decades it will be much easier to assess the scale and logic of the processes taking place today. Today we have only a few episodes a few tiles that only give a very General idea about the splits and tectonic shifts within the American elite.

"Banker Lucifer" became a Snitch




The war between intelligence agencies began in the early 70-ies of the last century, when President Richard Nixon, relying on friends in the CIA, decided to disband the FBI, which after a 40-year rule of the Director J. Edgar Hoover became a symbol of corruption and "shadow government."

It seemed that Hoover had daddy with dirt on all: politicians, financiers, stars of show business... But in 1972, Hoover died and Nixon decided to get rid of persistent care the feds, offering to divide the FBI into several government agencies. Of course, it's not like heirs of Hoover, and soon Nixon was organized provocation, when in the hotel "Watergate" as if by chance police caught former CIA agents, caught for installation of listening devices in the headquarters of the US Democratic party. The CIA admitted that he had acted on the orders of the President, then in the case entered "heavy artillery" — The Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who began to publish secret documents of the investigation.

As it turned out years later, "independent journalists" wrote under the dictation of the Deputy Director of the FBI Mark felta, who led the investigation into the "Watergate". In the end, the feds succeeded: Nixon under threat of impeachment, resigned, and plans to reform the Bureau went in the trash.

Since then, covert struggle, the FBI and CIA did not abate for the day.

But the current phase of the war broke out on a much more serious reason: it all started in 2010 when President Obama signed FATCA — the law on taxation of foreign accounts, requires from banks of all countries to provide to the tax service the information about all customers that have either American citizenship, or at least some relation to the American economy.

In fact, it was the first step toward creating a global network of control over all financial flows in the world. The threads of this network converge at the headquarters of the CIA.

The reason for adoption of this law and become exposed and high-ranking Director of the Swiss Bank UBS, Bradley Birkenfeld, who for 6 years was a secret informant for the IRS. Over the years, the double life of Birkenfeld gave the tax authorities the information about 300 American moneybags with low social responsibility, and secreted into Swiss Bank accounts over 20 billion dollars.

The chief of "draft Dodgers" and was "the king of real estate" Igor Olenicoff — a descendant of Russian immigrants who escaped from Russia after the Civil war, who made his fortune in the construction of luxury hotels, yacht clubs and business centers. He easily avoided a prison sentence, having concluded in court the agreement on cooperation.

But in prison he was... Birkenfeld. Not receiving from the IRS guarantees of immunity, he was sentenced to 40 months in prison for concealing valuable information (however, it is possible that in this way his curators from the CIA just tried to "otmazatsya" his agent from suspicion in the government — say, undercover agents don't go to jail). The sentence "Snitch" has caused in Washington the real scandal: the part of officials of the Tax service, the United States feared that the example of Birkenfeld will discourage other traitors from cooperation. Therefore, after the liberation of the Birkenfeld paid a premium in the amount of 104 million dollars "Commission" for penalties collected.

CIA against “dummies”


Photo: © EAST NEWS


It is easy to imagine how the FATCA abolishing the very concept of banking secrecy was accepted in the business circles of the USA. Patriotism patriotism, but all Americans know that the money is best kept in a nameless Swiss Bank accounts where they can't reach the IRS.

The money taken out and major corporations — the pride of the American economy. For example, before the adoption of FATCA, Microsoft tripled their offshore savings and Apple increased almost ten times.

However, the new law has hit not only by corporations but also by most ordinary Americans, who for some reason decided to live abroad — for example, for Moscow expatriates, who, according to the logic of the U.S. tax authorities, have long had to serve a prison term.

And what about children of diplomats who are only US citizens because of their birth on American soil?

For example, the French architect Fabien Legre, according to the newspaper French Morning, who lived in the United States, only the first 18 months after birth, already received threatening notice from the IRS with the requirement to pay taxes on all income. "I tried to call the Embassy and explain that I have no taxpayer identification number or social security number of the United States, but I don't even want to talk and threatened to extradite. I am discouraged because I have nothing to this country!"

Rand Paul
Almost immediately the Republican party of the United States formed the initiative group for the abolition of the law. The leader was Republican Senator Rand Paul was one of the founders of the conservative tea party Movement and a candidate for the post of President of the United States, who withdrew his candidacy in favor of Donald trump.

Another opposition leader — an influential Congressman bill Posey, who on the eve of elections stated that only assurances from trump to repeal FATCA will be a prerequisite for support of his candidacy by Republicans.

In response to the address of the Republicans, he was accused of supporting international criminals.

So, in the summer of 2015, during the discussion of another bill aimed to limit the activities of offshore companies in the United States, German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung was planted "Panamanian archive" over 80 gigabytes of recordings of black accounting firm Mossack Fonseca, was registered in Panama.

The company, founded in 1977 by German lawyers Jurgen Mossaka and Ramon Fonseca, specialized in the withdrawal of money in offshore trust funds, and her clients were more than 200 thousand individuals from presidents of major corporations and "banana republics" (among other in the dossier were, and Petro Poroshenko) to international criminals and arms dealers.

Bradley Birkenfeld'm sure this scandal is the work of its curators from the CIA.

"I gave them into the hands of all the offshore keys of the Kingdom, he wrote in his book Lucifer's Bankir. — I put agents in Panama offshore".

The CIA pointed out and the choice of Newspapers for the information of the stuffing — in fact, it is the German newspaper controlled by the American publishing business.

* * *

However, in the American mass media the name of the Panama Foundation Mossack Fonseca lit a little earlier: back in 2013, when the famous journalist Ken Silverstein, investigating schemes to evade taxes in offshore zones, arrived in the American town of Sunny Isles Beach near Miami. A real Paradise for millionaires, called the "Florida Riviera," the luxury buildings, luxury villas, world's best hotels and shops. According to the IRS, each square metre of the properties in this area were paid from the accounts of offshore funds with the mediation of Mossack Fonseca.

The largest developer of this Paradise proved himself... Donald trump, who built on the waterfront, three tower trump tower and several hotels, Trump International Beach Resort.

Photo: © Ackerman

By the way, one of the districts of this town wore the official name of the Little Moscow; it was here, according to the journalist, acquired real estate, Russian businessmen and pop stars such as Alla Pugacheva and Igor Nikolaev. Especially for Little Moscow trump has built a few Russian restaurants.

Also Tim Silverstein was not lazy and went to Panama and tried to penetrate the headquarters of the firm Mossack Fonseca. However, found the office — a few rooms in conventional business centre Panama in no way resembled the headquarters of major corporations, bringing the country's budget is a tenth of the taxes.

It soon became clear that all financial transactions in the United States are conducted through the company's affiliate firm, MF Corporate Services, located in the heart of Las Vegas.

— I have been asked many times how is it possible that foreign dictators and leaders of the drug cartels could freely dispose of the money in our country — wondered Silverstein. — Why no one interferes the activities of such offshore? And each time I gave an exhaustive answer: the FBI. The FBI agents told me, through such funds, monitor and recruit the "bad guys", causing them to behave in America "in the bounds of decency" and violate our laws...

Perhaps Tim Silverstein didn't know the Russian word for "roof", but the essence of the phenomenon he described is true.

That is the prerogative of the FBI fronting dishonest businessmen and encroached into the CIA.

Your man at the UN


Photo: © Nations Photo


Of course, the CIA properly cleaned "Panama records" before passing it to the journalists, but just to provide they could not. And, reducing the list of American clients Mossack Fonseca, they left there on the name of a Chinese billionaire nga Paws Seng.

Perhaps if the CIA looked in the Internet, they would notice that in 1998, Ng had already been involved in "Chinagate" scandal of illegal funding of the election Fund of bill Clinton and the National Committee of the US Democratic party. The case, however, when then-President bill Clinton was hushed up, and Mr. NSU was not charged with any crime.

John Ash
One way or another, but when it "Panama records" were journalists, millionaire Ng was arrested by the FBI on charges of smuggling in the US $ 4.5 million in cash. It turned out that the money was intended to bribe the Chairman of the session of the UN General Assembly and former permanent representative of Antigua and Barbuda John Ashe, who could influence the allocation of contracts for construction of various administrative buildings of the UN in new York and Washington.

October 6, 2015 the FBI has arrested and the John Ashe, who promised full cooperation with the investigation in exchange for immunity. In particular, the angered ash promised to reveal all the details of the financing of the Fund Hillary Clinton — say, in the Foundation the former Secretary of state and were all donations from construction firms wishing to obtain contracts from the UN.

However, three days before the trial, which was held on 26 June 2016, John Ashe died: during workout at home as if he'd dropped himself on the throat of the barbell weighing 60 kilograms, causing fracture of the skull base. Witnesses of incident were not. The police, it was an accident.

Penalty at the White house


Photo: © EAST NEWS


Publication "Panama records" still hit on the Clintons, although a very different side. The manipulation of funding relations with Chinese businessmen, the official death of the UN — all this made a dismal impression on some of Seth Richa, employees of the National Committee of the US Democratic party, who held the position of Director in the growth of the electoral base.

He recalled how Democrat Jane Klib, Seth was a Democrat-an idealist and never hid the fact that his favorite and role model is a rival of Clinton, Bernie Sanders. At the same time, the tip of the staff openly declared war on Sanders, and making every effort to the politician lost the party primaries.

Then rich decided on a desperate act: as stated Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, the rich Seth, had free access to the server of the headquarters of the Democrats, and copied all the files of internal correspondence between the top managers of the National Committee of the democratic party, discussing how to drown Sanders. A copy of the archive were given to WikiLeaks — on the eve of the Democratic Convention, which took place the formal nomination of Hillary Clinton.

But before the papers appear in open access, as Seth rich was killed.

Seth Rich
The unknown killer was waiting for rich at his home in Washington, when Seth came back drunk from the club and talked about something with her friend on the phone.

— Set Rich? — suddenly the girl heard someone's unfamiliar voice. And immediately two shots.

The killer approached and shot in the back of the Set.

When a deceased has left a smartphone, an expensive watch and a wallet that rejects a robbery.

The killer was never found.

Just two weeks was killed and journalist Victor thorn, made its own investigation of the murder of Seth rich. After the thorn in his blog, accused the Democrats in the murder of his employee (in his opinion, the attack was committed by members of the African-American radical organization the Black Lives Matter), he was shot in the head. The gun was thrown next to the body, allowing police to close the investigation, considering the incident a suicide.

Moreover, the police rejected the theory that Seth rich was in any way involved in the kidnapping of correspondence. According to the official, the headquarters of the Democrats had been hacked from the hacker groups and Cozy Bear Fancy Bear. And the names of hacker groups (bear means "bear") allude to the relationship with Russia and Russian spies, and so why Russian spies took correspondence Democrats to explain to anyone not necessary — such is the insidious nature of these Russian.

The result was not even embarrassed by the fact that later in email hacking, Hillary Clinton confessed and Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar Lehel of, known under the pseudonym of Lucifer. However, to check his testimony had no chance: 7 July last year, he was found dead in his prison cell.

FBI strikes back


Photo: © REUTERS/Lucas Jackson




In response, the Director of the FBI almost openly intervened in the election campaign on the side of Donald trump, with orders to resume the investigation of the scandal surrounding e-mails Hillary Clinton. The investigation began in March of 2015, when the journalists of the New York Times has accused the former head of the foreign Ministry to use personal email server for internal communication that bordered on the disclosure of state secrets. However, U.S. attorney General then decided to forgive Madame Clinton.

Anthony Weiner

But then, in view of the FBI got someone named Anthony Weiner is a Congressman and legitimate spouse Huma Abedin, her closest friend and assistant to Clinton.

Wiener was caught sexting — simply put, he has sent your photos in Nude women on various Dating sites. And, when the number of recipients was 15-year-old schoolgirl in building Abedin was immediately raided by Federal agents, which, as expected, withdrew all gun crime, that is, all computers and laptops. And found new letters from Hillary, many of which contained data that fall under the "Classified".

A beautiful combination, isn't it?

And 11 days before the election, FBI Director James Comey sent to the U.S. Senate laconic letter: "In connection with again opened circumstances of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) resumes the investigation into the misuse of state Hillary Clinton's personal server for e-mail correspondence At the moment I can't tell you how long it will take this job."

A rating of Clinton was destroyed.

The first day Pompeo




In short, it is not surprising that one of the first officials who lost his job even before the inauguration of trump, became CIA Director John Brennan — a man who worked in intelligence for over 30 years.

John Brennan
Behind him has a rich track record testifying to its special position in the security services. In 1996, Brennan was a resident of Saudi Arabia, and then almost on the eve of the September 11 attacks, he returned to Washington and became a close associate of CIA Director, then coordinated the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. That Brennan was behind the program to create a mass army of drones, able to strike anywhere in the world, and later he created a Corporation The Analysis Corporation — now the largest private contractor of the CIA.

In place of Brennan President trump has appointed Senator Michael Pompeo of Kansas is an experienced lawyer and Professor of law from Harvard, which up to that any day worked in the security services. And therefore has absolutely no relation to clans and groups that exists within the intelligence Agency.

But the main advantage Pompeo is different: it is a long and bitter enemy of the family Clinton.

So, in 2012, Senator Pompeo was a member of the Committee to investigate the tragic incident in Benghazi when Islamists seized the American Consulate and killed the US Ambassador. In the Committee's report contained a sharp criticism of Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who did nothing to save American lives.

After the publication of the report, Senator Pompeo made with his dissenting opinion, saying that Clinton knew in advance about the impending attack by the Islamists, but deliberately concealed the truth, as Obama was involved in the campaign for re-election and Clinton hoped to use the tragedy for political purposes.

Pompeo also became famous and as a single Senator publicly spoke out against closing Guantanamo and other secret CIA prisons. He also played for the imposition of a default death sentence for Edward Snowden, and prison sentences for leaders of the Muslim communities who refuse to condemn the attacks.

Well, apparently, as suggested by Donald trump, the image of a staunch fighter against the enemies of America will help win Pompeo CIA sympathy new employees. But whether Pompeo and Trump to stop the war intelligence — the big question.

Vladimir Tikhomirov


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