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Management perception with the help of news
Material posted: Publication date: 12-04-2017

The best known method of control of the mass consciousness through the media is a media agenda. It consists in retaining in the information space is necessary for those events and interpretations. The reader / viewer is not interested in an event that is outside of the 5-10 most talked about.

Therefore, the power everywhere — in America, Russia, Ukraine — occupied by the hold of this agenda, which is important to her. Opposition agenda deliberately hushed up. Last striking example of the lack of lighting of the protest rallies in Russia on 26 March 2017 on major TV channels. Even as it is automatic Yandex news has not made this event in the five most important. Yandex had to explain. Here is the last sentence of this excuse: "the overall Situation is difficult — we are an aggregator and artificially raise the topic in terms of silence the mainstream media obviously can't".

The media can remain silent or, on the contrary, "drive" theme. But there are other methods. For example, the media can fragment reality differently, then the result will be a completely different object, allowing a fundamentally different kind of activity. For example, a rally of the Communist party demonstrated on television, there came a woman with a goat or an old man with a portrait of Stalin in his hands. Designed rally draws only one response — as "deceased nature" of the political field.

Another example is a crowd of radicals with torches on the street becomes a symbol of the onset of fascism. Really they can go for some other purposes, but the emphasis on the torches on the background of night city and relevant comments rise to the only possible interpretation.

We call this technique by slicingfollowed by a new "Assembly" events already on the screen. TV design event of the new fragments. This design option news programming clearly the reaction of the audience.

To describe an event, a new "alphabet" that meet the goals of the Communicator. The event will be "cut" parts to have to lay down the desired message. Journalist, presenter, expert repeat verbally what has been done with cutting.

Machinin tells about the addition of event news "about high-tech, simulated, mounted dummy event details".

Not only do we live in a world designed news. Need the prepared news can be dragged from the past to set today's news agenda. For example, the Director of the Russian Institute for strategic studies Reshetnikov made a scandalous statement, calling Belarus is not only part of Russia, but also mentioned the CC of the CPSU (b) in 1926 on the establishment of the Belarusian language. All this has caused outrage in Belarus until the official protests.

We see that any object can be found many components. It may be the characteristics from the present, from the past and from the future. Remember a typical example from the Soviet era, when installed stone with the inscription here will be built the campus, Park, etc. And characterization of a non-existent object became the subject of propaganda, about which to write.

An important element of today's perception is impaired today's audience. It arose together with social networks, but it seems to us, is not talking about direct dependencies, but only indirectly [see here and here]. Although the network to discover new ways of dealing with fakes, it doesn't change anything.

By the way, today electronic world has brought another surprise, in addition to the uncritical, when China turned in favor of the state great opportunities, aimed at monitoring and correcting the behavior [see here and here]. For the correct behavior of all will be to assess, for example, for visiting parents. In some cities hang out the lists of people with good and bad behavior. Now this model comes out at the national level.

In today's world everything was possible. It is easy to coexist with zombies and space aliens from the virtual world with the real world. Dramatically increased the level of false statements.

Today we are talking about a massive loss of critical thinking. Although, on the other hand, the Soviet people it was not necessary, because such behavior was dangerous. However, the uncritical revived in new conditions. Now it has become more dangerous, as journalists pressed with the field sources of information, and they (and their publication) were much more responsible for their words. A hypothetical example of a similar situation: how to change the medicine, if in the role of doctors was made by the fans. In the same way today as journalists were made by Amateurs, that completely changes the information space, which is now a walk of a wave of fake news.

Perception management can be seen in determining who and what influenced Putin's decision to take military action against Ukraine. In this list are Sergei Ivanov, who was at that time chief of staff, and Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Rostec, which is described as head of the military wing in Putin's entourage. So here was the invisible control of perception.

Even more strongly the influence of media on children. Having studied the impact on children, researchers have come to the following conclusions:

- the more sexual content kids see on the screen, the sooner they begin sexual activity and the more likely they will have early pregnancy; in another study it is stated that sexual conversations are for teenagers exactly the same as showing sexual scenes

- there is a causal link between seeing violence on screen and real aggressive behavior and thoughts

- children see 300 promotional messages about alcohol in a year, 80 % of the films shows alcohol,

- studies show that there is a transfer of motives, in which the characters in the film smoke , in teenagers.

The variant visual control is needed not only in relation to children. Opposition rebels also seen in the control of visual images: "the Strategy of counter-insurgency as a whole has led to the militarization of what the military call "culture," and especially the militarization of visual media. Ultimately, the legitimacy must be literally and figuratively on everyone's mind. Therefore, according to the military, "mediacatalyst" can be a the main insurgency, while "exploration of visual images" present in the form of both static and dynamic images is crucial to counter-insurgency".

We observe that almost all areas of human behavior and thinking are exposed to through media. Naturally, political objectives are also among the possible priorities. This is especially evident show elections where a good knowledge of their possible audience of voters you can influence it with a certain probability.

Because politics is more important than the emotional to the rational, studies show Westen [D. Westen, The political brain. The role of emotion in deciding the fate of the nation. — New York, 2007], the impact narisovannyi actively engaged in not only peaceful, but also military researchers [see here, here, here, and here]. They even began to study the impact of Hitchcock's films: while watching the people because of the terror on the screen has a tunnel vision when not distracted by anything else. For military important was the conclusion that the attention to a potential threat falls focus on the outside world.

Nanoissledovaniya gradually become part of the research in the field of national security [see here and here]. More broadly, it was acknowledged that Neurotechnology can be used to control social dynamics [see here and here].

Does not go out of sight of researchers, and television exposure. A renowned expert in the field of media exposure Mutz writes: "a Comparison of television and reality has a tendency to rely on national and local statistics to make comments about over - or under-reflected on the screen. And after some thought it seems clear that people are slightly familiar with "reality" as it is represented statistically on a national and even local level. Instead, the perceived reality has tended to be rooted in the immediate surroundings of people and media. TV is probably the most influential when from this reality, and not from the official statistics of abstract entities such as city, region or country. However, you can expect that the images of the country a lot looking people will at least be different than the images of non-viewers, because the perception many will be looking to shift to the side of the TV version of reality, whereas not-the audience will instead reflect the options of personal networks and local realities". I understand why TV is so important — it cements society, making it more unified.

We live in a world of increasing complexity. For the description and management they do not fit the simple techniques of the intuitive order. Nanoissledovaniya already in business, the military and elections. It is here that there is the funding that allows to carry out costly experiments. And have created and validated methods will be able to take advantage of other.

George Pocheptsov


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