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WP: US lay the "cyberbaby" in Russian infrastructure
Material posted: Publication date: 28-06-2017

Barack Obama instructed to do so in response to hacker attacks on the electoral system of the United States.

U.S. intelligence agencies lay the "cyberbaby" in critical infrastructure Russia on the orders of ex-US President Barack Obama. So the White house responded to a campaign to discredit the democratic party of the United States, including a hacker attack on the electoral system of the country, which was ordered to organize personally the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. About it writes The Washington Post published today a large investigation.

According to the newspaper, Obama received a report from intelligence agencies about the personal involvement of Putin in the campaign against the United States in August 2016, in an atmosphere of unprecedented privacy. But the Obama administration before the election of November 8 did not take decisive action, fearing to play into the hands of Donald Trump, already have adopted the slogan of falsification of results and a fear of escalation on the part of Russia. Doubt the victory of Hillary Clinton the Obama administration is not experienced and that she then had to "punish" Russia, the newspaper said.

According to WP, only the investigation of Russian interference in U.S. elections, held by Obama in December 2016, showed the true scope of the operation and its purpose: to increase the probability of election trump due to the attacks on Clinton. After that, on 29 December, Obama announced the 35 expulsion of Russian diplomats, the release in 24 hours Russian diplomatic "dachas", "used by the Russians for intelligence purposes," and the new "targeted" sanctions, and ordered the implementation of "cyberbob".

WP indicates that the employees of the national security Agency (NSA) and the FBI, who arrived on a "summer cottage" found space antennas, computers and servers with the traces of extra dismantling.

Cyber-weapons against Russia

According to WP, a cyber attack on the US Russia has two aspects. The first is the introduction of the code in the key Russian computer network to be discovered by Russian specialists, "but let me remind Moscow that the United States has long arms". The second is a covert operation by the NSA, the FBI and command cyber operations with use of military cyber weapons.

According to WP, the subversive cyber operation of US intelligence is in its early stages because its development slowed down after the election Donald trump. Nevertheless, it continues and includes the implementation of "cyberbob" in the Russian network, deemed "essential to the enemy, the violation of which would entail important unpleasant consequences," the newspaper quoted former high-ranking official. From the description it follows that we can talk about both software systems and physical devices.

"Bookmark created by the NSA, can be activated remotely as part of a response to Russian aggression, in the form of attacks on energy or other infrastructure or intervention in the forthcoming [in Russian] presidential elections," - says the WP. The newspaper said that some members of the US administration feared uncontrolled damage from cyberweapons, but the special study determined that it is sufficiently controlled, to answer to various versions of "Russian aggression" was seen as consistent with the extent of the threat in accordance with international law.

WP describes a cyber operation as a complex multi-month enterprise, to run which was enough signatures to Obama and which does not require additional approval of the trump. "Officials said that it may be cancelled only by special order trump. Yet none of them can confirm that trump has issued such order", - concludes the newspaper.

Sergey Smirnov


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