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Proven: Any American car you can take full remote control
Material posted: Publication date: 27-06-2013

A team of hackers from the school of computing, University of Washington conducted a study (eng.), which proves that any car with an ABS system sold in the U.S. can be hacked via remote control, set in motion, and will remain under external control even when extracted the ignition key.

Many people know about the system "Onstar" from General Motors, which maintains a constant online connection through the cellular network of the Internet with the core of the engine control system, and which appeared still in 90-e years. But few know that the Federal mandate the 2005 US ordered car manufacturers to integrate a similar system of constant connection with the cell network in every car sold in America. And a team of hackers from the University of Washington have demonstrated that such machines can indeed take remote control — and thus transform the car into a murder weapon.

This applies to all vehicles that use control modules connected via CAN Protocol, which functions similarly to a wired network connecting desktop computers. Each module of a vehicle, whether it is the ABS controller, gas controller, ignition or even the modern radio, is connected to such a network which also includes main engine control unit. And if any of these devices in the network can be hacked (and as it turns out, the situation is so), then it can be used as an entry point through which you can get full external control over the car. And because the Federal mandate of 2005 makes to include the entry point is actually in every single car, you can hack any car, if you have sufficient rank in the government, to be eligible to use this network.

CIA's most highly valued of all the methods of eliminating automobile incidents, since the factor most likely causes of failure in this case is so great that even if all the evidence will point to the complete innocence of the victim, you can always lay the blame on the influence of drugs or alcohol.

As for the insights – it should know and remember everyone: if your car is new enough, at any moment he can become a murder weapon in the hands of others because of their permanent and mandatory connection to the network cell Internet.


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