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The secret in Belarus, the secret service added work
Material posted: Publication date: 13-01-2014

The secret intelligence Agency of Belarus expanded the competence in the protection of state secrets. This conclusion follows from published on the National legal Internet portal of the law "On introducing amendments and addenda to the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On information, Informatization and information protection".

The law was passed by the House of representatives on 12 December 2013, approved by the Council of the Republic on 19 December and signed by the President on 4 January 2014.

In the document, first of all, drew the attention of a significantly updated article 12 "About information, Informatization and information protection", entitled "Powers of the Operative analytical centre under the President of the Republic of Belarus in the field of information security".

In the previous version of this article was called OAC structure that "defines the priority areas of technical protection of information, containing information constituting state secrets or other information protected in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus".

In the new wording of the law of the OAC "carries out the state regulation in the sphere of interdepartmental information interaction of state bodies on the basis of inter-Agency and other government information systems that are not designed for handling information containing state secrets...".

It is clear that the function "identify areas" refers more to theoretical actions, and "implementation" in this case entails practical work.

It is not excluded that the additional load with the obvious empowerment of the Operational and analytical centre was caused not only a hypothetical assessment of external threats resulting from the possible leakage of information constituting a state secret, but very real cases. Of place to remind you about the recent disclosure about the conviction of two Belarusian citizens for treason. They were convicted in the implementation of espionage in the interests of Lithuania.

OAC is often called the Belarusian secret intelligence service. And not without reason.

On the Agency's website modestly says that "the OAC is a state body exercising regulation of protection of information containing information constituting state secrets of the Republic of Belarus or other information protected in accordance with the law, from leakage through technical channels, unauthorized and unintended impacts".

That is officially the OAC aims to counter threats to information security. About it and Alexander Lukashenko have repeatedly stated. And he habitually gave the whole essence of the service and that for which it was created.

In June last year Lukashenko said that he expects the OAC "deeper, qualitative information in combating corruption, the situation in the economy, in certain strategic industries, the... New threats and challenges, primarily associated with the fight against corruption in the higher echelons of power and information security of the state, demanded the creation of an intellectually strong, mobile and independent from corporate interests and external pressure patterns".

It should be noted, the OAC has the legal and technical possibilities (as the MVD, the KGB, the presidential security Service, etc.) for the implementation of operational activities: surveillance from the banal to the tapping of telephones, CCTV and the other set from the Arsenal of secret services. In this case, the OAC staff will never "Shine" on the detention and never mentioned in criminal matters.


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