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Current trends in the field of information security and information warfare
Material posted: -Publication date: 22-05-2000

Today, Russian and foreign experts note that most modern means of information security are not sufficiently effective in the fight against the special software and mathematical influences. Moreover today there is practically no theoretical Foundation, means and methods of countermeasures against information attack.

All current theoretical developments relating to the organization of protection of information from individual cases of violations of the rights of authorized access to information.

Meanwhile, research conducted over the last five years in Russia and abroad, showed that qualitatively new level of protection of complex and multi-functional automated systems can only be achieved through the implementation of adaptive management processes of information protection. Under "adaptive management" refers to the process of purposeful changes of parameters and structure of the system of information protection to maintain the required level of protection.

On the relevance of the problem indicated by the establishment of 21 October 1998 "Alliance adaptive network security", bringing together more than 70 of the world's largest industrial enterprises working in the field of information technology. The purpose of the Alliance is to improve the security of automated systems through the development and implementation of adaptive control technology.

A new approach to security makes us look for solutions to the problems of information protection in the theories, the results of which lie in the interdisciplinary field. Among them are the theory of evolutionary computing, theory of neural networks, fuzzy set theory and synergetics. It is believed that the most promising approach to creation of information protection systems of the future is a synergistic approach. A synergetic approach to research of processes of self-organization is accompanied by the abandonment of traditional methods of reductionism, where complex processes are trying to reduce to simple and basic, and thus ignored their complexity. In the synergist as opposed to the Cybernetics studies the mechanisms of emergence of new state structures and forms in the process of self-organization, and not keeping or maintaining old forms. That is why it relies on the principle of positive feedback when changes in the system are not suppressed or corrected, but rather gradually accumulate and lead to the destruction of old and the emergence of a new system, an adequate environment of its functioning. Thus, self-organization serves as a source of system evolution, as it is the beginning of the process of the emergence of qualitatively new and more complex structures in the development of the system.

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