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Terabit death. The U.S. Department of defense under the threat of cyber attacks
Material posted: Publication date: 13-01-2018
11 January 2018, the head of the Agency of protection of information systems of the Ministry of defense said that at present, the global network of the Department of defense are under constant threat, besides significantly increasing the sophistication of cyber attacks and usovershenstvuetsya technology attacks.

Lieutenant General, U.S. army, Alan R. Lynn, who in addition is the commander of the headquarters of the combined forces of the Agency of protection of information systems of the Ministry of defense, spoke about some interesting and unexpected discoveries which he noted during his work, starting with his appointment in 2015.

Lynn said in Washington that the Department of information systems of the Ministry of defence copes with the protection, providing a high degree of reliability at all levels, however, attack, with the experienced Department, was so sophisticated that it really amazes and continues to astound the fact how thoughtful, clever and sophisticated cyberattacks have become.

New attack "Terabit of death"

Too late to ask the question "happen?" it's time to ponder the question "when will this happen?".

A few years ago a great event was 1Gb or 2GB the attack on the access point to the Internet. Then it became even some commonplace and can now be faced with 600GB/s attacks and / or other unique attacks and methods of attack, previously it was difficult to even imagine. Therefore, the Ministry of defense is strengthening its defensive positions, as expected the larger attacks.

Lynn stated that a new type of attack, which is almost knocking at the doors of the American Department, has received the name – terabit death. Also Lieutenant-General assured that they are fully prepared to repel any attack, even so massive, because I understand perfectly that sooner or later to face this, it's just a matter of time.

The scale of the networks of the Ministry of defense

Another became Lieutenant opening during his service was the scale of the networks of the Ministry of defense. In his statements, he describes them as "massive" network of 3.2 million people. And because it is necessary to find any way to protect or help them. Because if I look at it on a global scale, then something happens and happens every second of every minute, so all events need to be watched.

He noted that the Department needed a flexible system for operational-tactical level of management, to stay ahead of the enemy, which develops ultra-fast mode and has a permanent deployment. According to him, there are some problems with the search for solutions that could be scaled to the information networks of the Ministry of defence. A commercial solution that perfectly cope with small operations and problems, are not always able to step up and be effective in the global Department of defense networks.

The Agency of protection of information systems of the Ministry of defense is primarily on combat support responsible for multiple networks. As examples of the network between the unmanned aerial vehicles, and pilots of unmanned aircraft, or fighter-bomber F-35 (it is also called "flying megacomputer"), which requires a huge amount of data and developed logical functions.

According to Lynn, the Agency of protection of information systems is constantly introducing new IT developments and chips order is always on guard and take preventive measures to protect their users. After speaking about cyber attacks, we should not forget of the possible consequences of delay, which can have disastrous, and in some cases lethal for some areas the results.

Whether afraid of Russia?

While the Russian authorities have not received any reviews for the new form of cyber attack. Can be terabits of death we are not afraid and all the machinations of the Americans, to raise a wave of panic.

All the same let us not have any false hopes, because kiberbezopasnosti in the Russian Federation is in its infancy. It is clear that the market of specialists in the field of cybersecurity is stingy and is not in a hurry to develop in the extent to which evolving cyber criminals. High-profile attack WannaCry, ExPetr and BadRabbit left a deep mark in the memory of users and is able to suspend the functioning of the huge companies that resulted in millions in damages.

However, there are some shifts that might bring positive aspects in the development of cyber security in Russia. Recall that Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Federal security service cybersecurity of the country. The corresponding decree signed by the head of state was published on 22 December 2017, the official Internet portal of legal information, and entered into force on 1 January 2018. According to the document, the FSB of Russia is responsible for the functioning of the state system of detection, prevention and elimination of consequences of computer attacks on Russia's information resources and information systems, telecommunication networks and automated control systems, located on the territory of Russia, diplomatic missions and consular establishments of Russia.


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