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Sergei Musienko: it is Difficult to imagine the degree of delight of the customer, when Ukrainians begin to cut Russian
Material posted: Publication date: 23-05-2014

Ukraine deliberately plunged into chaos, and similar events may occur in Kyrgyzstan, said in an interview with Pravda.Ru the head of the analytical center of ECOOM Sergei Musiyenko.

- Events in Ukraine show that it was not in the fight against corruption, and creating a "zone of chaos" or areas of instability around Russia. Otherwise, to power in Ukraine would not come the ones fused with officials oligarchs. Do you agree with this approach?

- I think that the events in Syria, Egypt and Ukraine - the links of one chain. It is difficult to imagine the degree of delight of the customer, when Ukrainians begin to cut the Russians, or Ukrainians each other. Why is it so easily got? Apparently, Ukraine had long prepared for this development: poverty, falling living standards, the mismanagement that occurred, a series of Prime Ministers, attempts of coups.

Here things did not go to the fact that the Ukrainians began to settle, and to plunge the country into chaos. What we saw in Syria, we now watch in horror on the television screens of his native Ukraine. Explanations for this are many. Why are we so easily succumb to it? How do these mechanisms work? It was not very clear on the Muslim side. It seemed to us, it is inherent in some mentalities. No, it turns out that the Slavs can cut each other with no less enthusiasm.

- What other countries expect events like Maidan?

- First and foremost in this regard concerned, surprisingly, Kazakhstan.

- You mean the financing of education in Kazakhstan, where young people are brought up to hate Russia?

- In Kazakhstan we see the penetration of NGOs in large numbers, as in Kyrgyzstan. In Kyrgyzstan called 2,5 thousand NGOs, they completed the project and disappeared. In Kazakhstan, not fewer, and the feeling that this country is reliable, it is not true, and this is a serious blow to the underbelly of Russia. And it's a distraction from the Ukrainian events, which now attracts the eyes of the world, switching to a new resource.

There is a serious political issue. Moldova largely through what is happening in Ukraine with the collapse of the USSR. The war in Transnistria was not so widely publicized, because there was no online resources that could show. The media were in another stage.

The war was no less brutal and bloody. I think the inoculation was greatly affected and will not cause the escalation of the conflict, that is, it will manifest in some other form. Although, to undermine always wanting. But still with the abundance of Internet resources and information transparency, we do not have a complete picture with Ukraine. There is a very rigid information opposition. From the USA and Germany were joined by specialists on outreach.

- What can you say about Azerbaijan in connection with the threats of Ambassador Morningstar's about a possible Maidan in Baku. Or you can remember Kyrgyzstan, where the Ferghana valley is a permanent conflict zone, which could erupt at any moment. And Uzbekistan there seems to be also appropriate to recall? Where "controlled chaos" may erupt in the near future?

- What is happening in Tajikistan, Azerbaijan is not less question last week. Around Russia never fade job, but now comes the active phase, the escalation of tensions at various points happens by magic.

- What can you say about the situation in Armenia, and you Belarus? These countries did not seem affected Russophobic moods. Here you can talk about any potential Maidan?

- Of course, he is everywhere and always. We must not be complacent and assume that got vaccinated. In Belarus already was an attempt to capture government buildings after the election, Maidan and development patterns. We approached it as a joke. It turned out that in Ukraine, the joke works.

Subsequently, Western diplomats acknowledged that the government instantly. Came and sat down on a chair, took the list, and all legitimate power. We went through that, and we will not relax and assume that this is impossible.



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