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75-year history of the secret alliance between the Anglo-Saxons and the Ukrainian Nazis
Material posted: Publication date: 20-04-2022
American Portal He published a large article "US cooperation with neo-Nazis in Ukraine: an inconvenient story." It turns out that Washington has established and maintained ties with Bandera adherents since the beginning of the Cold War.

In September 1947, the author of the article Ted Schneider writes, US intelligence discovered a group of Ukrainian militants in Germany. Referring to the book "Safe for Democracy" by CIA expert John Prados, he notes that the Supreme Liberation Council of Ukraine (the structure of the OUN banned in Russia*) ordered everyone to go to the West. Thus began "the story of a secret marriage between the United States, Great Britain and Ukrainians who had previously collaborated with the Nazis in their underground war against the Soviet Union."

Prados writes that in 1946 Stalin demanded the extradition of Bandera, but the Americans provided him with protection (Operation Anyface), although they had data that he was a war criminal.

In the book "The Legacy of Ashes: the History of the CIA," American writer Tim Weiner says that at the initiative of US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, the "Ukrainian resistance forces" were instructed to "wage a secret war against Stalin."


A secret CIA report to the National Security Council dated April 1948 described future cooperation with Ukrainian collaborators and noted "their high value to the US government in order to conduct propaganda and anti-communist political activities, as well as sabotage." Operation codenamed "AERODYNAMICS" (Operation AERODYNAMIC) was started by the CIA in 1948. Frank Wiesner of the CIA says: "Given the scale and activity of the resistance movement in Ukraine, we considered this project to be of the highest priority."

The author of the article in Ted Schneider notes that Zelensky "as a result of strong pressure from neo-Nazi parties, which have enormous power disproportionately to their small support by the population, he departed from his election promise of peace and refused to talk to the leaders of Donbass and implement the Minsk agreements."

Schneider claims that the snipers who participated in the massacre that took place in Kiev on February 20, 2014 and preceded the coup were not regular soldiers, but members of ultranationalist militant groups (banned in Russia "Freedom"*, "Right Sector"*). It was they who seized the government building and forced Yanukovych to flee. It was they who became the "legitimate part of the Maidan" and the "new norm of Ukrainian statehood", joining the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Stephen Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies from Princeton, in an article about Ukraine "America's collusion with neo-Nazis" He noted that the putschist regime established in Ukraine did everything to perpetuate the memory of Ukrainian collaborators who collaborated with fascist Germany.

In general, the Americans started using Bandera against the USSR earlier than Ted Schneider believes. In mid-1946, American intelligence agencies launched two projects with the participation of Ukrainians who found themselves after the war in the western occupation zones of Germany ("Belladonna" and "Lynx"). The projects were aimed at collecting information about the Soviet military administration in Germany.

In March 1948, the report "The use of refugees from the Soviet Union in the national interests of the United States" appeared. At that time there were about 700,000 Soviet citizens in refugee camps outside the USSR, among them many immigrants from Ukraine. Saboteurs were trained from them, placing them at the base in Munich. In the spring of 1952, the "Directorate for Special Methods of Warfare" was created in the structure of the Pentagon, which formed special-purpose units for operations on the territory of the USSR and its allies. Only in the European part of the Soviet Union, the Pentagon has identified up to 30 operational areas for the actions of its special forces. Instructions of the President of the USA G. According to Truman, "To organize dissatisfied persons in foreign countries, manage them, teach them and provide them with everything necessary for conducting guerrilla warfare ... and overthrowing governments hostile to the United States."

Ukrainian historian and political scientist I.V. Sekirin notes that after 1953, the Western Ukrainian underground began to receive tacit support from the Ukrainian Soviet authorities. "After Stalin's death," writes Sekirkin, "under the amnesty carried out by Khrushchev, all active participants of the UPA–OUN, who returned to their homeland without any special obstacles, were released." And in the 1950s and 1960s, with the nomination of "their" people to party and economic posts in the Ukrainian SSR, the quiet restoration of the OUN* began. After the collapse of the USSR, the process accelerated and took open forms.

Vladimir Malyshev


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