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The Afghan trap: trump is trying to save face
Material posted: Publication date: 28-08-2017
For 16 years the US-led war in Afghanistan. The military operation spent billions of taxpayer dollars, but the Pentagon has not completed the task. The Taliban not only destroyed, but, on the contrary, has strengthened and now controls about 40% of Afghanistan's territory.

The US President Donald trump made on the basis of the Fort Mayer's address to the army and to the American people and strongly hinted that the United States from Afghanistan will not go away. On the contrary, the decision to increase the American military contingent in Afghanistan. And powers of the contingent will be expanded: first of all it concerns anti-terrorist activities in the region.

And the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said clearly that the war with the Taliban (an organization banned in Russia), which started in 2001, actually lost. The United States was in the Afghan trap, "Taliban" method of guerrilla warfare has managed to take control of 40% of the territory of Afghanistan. And now the U.S. Secretary of state holds out olive branch to the Taliban: "We are ready to support peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban without any preconditions."

But the Taliban are resolute and militant. After the speech, trump his leadership has promised to turn Afghanistan into a "cemetery for the United States" if they did not withdraw from the country its troops. In the program "Dialogues" on the failure of U.S. policy in Afghanistan says the observers "of the Truth.Ru" Aydin Mehdiyev and Dmitry Nersesov.

— That denote the last trump statements on Afghanistan?

— First, you need to abandon the idea, from the idea that the United States has ever pursued the goal of achieving peace and stability in Afghanistan. In fact, what is happening in Afghanistan, they are not interested. Afghanistan is located on the opposite side of the globe, so no danger there for America does not come, as, indeed, of immediate interest.

Although in its current presentation Mr. trump just said that he estimated that Afghanistan is such a threat to the interests of the United States, that is simply nothing worse in this world. In Afghanistan and Pakistan concentrated some incredible number of terrorist organizations that threaten US interests. So he puts forward a new concept, a new strategy of the United States in Afghanistan.

Any strategy of action in Afghanistan — at the trump, under Obama or Bush — was part of global strategies, strategic games, which led the United States. In my opinion, it is fairly clear that Washington's primary goal is building relationships with China.

China now is in the ring of a very complex conflict situations, each of which fueled the United States: Korea, South China sea, Burma, the confrontation with India in the Indian ocean and in the Himalayas, internal problems, separatist movements in Hong Kong, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region and so on.

All this ring of conflict, ring of problems that surround China. And in this ring, of course, Afghanistan has a very important place. China has just initiated a development strategy of "One belt and one road" on building the transport-logistics corridors directed from China to the Indian ocean to the Persian Gulf to the Caspian-black sea region and to Europe.

Afghanistan is at the beginning of most all of these pathways: this is the nerve center through which passes a good part of those strategic corridors that China is going to build. Naturally, the Americans declare that they will remain in Afghanistan, will not get out of there. Because that's where they create a new problem for China, closing the ring. Staying in Afghanistan they can control and hinder implementation of strategic plans of China. From this point of view becomes clear with everything the President said trump and Secretary of state Tillerson.

— Special representative of Russian President for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov said recently that the Americans should leave Afghanistan. Now trump on the contrary reported an increase in us troops in Afghanistan.

— He said he will not report how much, but increased the power of the Pentagon to determine the required number of troops and classify all the plans. Under Obama even said that "we will increase to five thousand, then derive fifteen"; in any case, the numbers played. Now, trump has put a complete taboo on all this information and said, "what are we doing in Afghanistan — this is our business, we won't tell".

— It is surprising that Pakistan is a loyal ally of the US, trump has put forward the warning.

Because Pakistan for a long time more and more cooperating with China. In parallel, as tramp has put forward a stern warning to Islamabad, he appealed to India asking to join the American strategy in Afghanistan, particularly in the economic part of it; the Indians had responded positively to it. That is, everything here is quite openly directed against China — the main competitor of the United States.

Trump says: "I share the frustration of Americans because of US foreign policy, which spent too much time, energy, money and most important lives, trying to rebuild the country according to our own idea instead to follow our own security interests. We will no longer use American armed forces to build democracy in distant lands or try to rebuild other countries in our image and likeness".

And what, in fact, will engage American armed forces in Afghanistan? Not only is he leaves there, the armed forces, but also to increase. This is done in order to build a new government for the Taliban? It will be very funny. It's all lies and hypocrisy. Says, "now we won't do it", and then doing exactly the opposite. Surely someone in all this believe?

The publication was prepared by Yuri Kondratyev


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