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Afghan strategy trump: Pakistan ready for the aggravation
Material posted: Publication date: 05-09-2017
The U.S. government has set conditions for the transfer of financial aid to Pakistan to $225 million On this "Voice of America" said a senior officials of the us administration. Condition provide financial support will be effective in fighting the Pakistani side with the terrorist sanctuaries on its territory, which prevent the settlement of the situation in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Islamabad shows a sharp rejection of a new strategy announced by US President Donald trump.

At the end of last week, the Pentagon chief James Mattis has signed a decree on the deployment of additional American troops in Afghanistan. However, the head of the U.S. defense Department said that Washington looks forward to working closely with Islamabad in the settlement of the Afghan crisis. "We intend to work with Pakistan to eliminate the terrorists, said Mattis, answering questions of journalists. – I think that's what you have to do a responsible country". In response to the question of who, exactly, sends Washington on Afghan territory, Mattis said: "Let me clarify this. When you go to Afghanistan, you take up arms and move into the combat zone".

Pakistan, the pressure on which became the key point of the new American strategy for Afghanistan, apparently, does not intend to undertake any efforts to combat terrorism. The move is seen primarily at the diplomatic level. So, the foreign Minister of Pakistan Khawaja Asif urged to reduce the number of official diplomatic ties between Islamabad and Washington. Loud statements of the head of the Pakistan diplomacy was made at a meeting of the National Assembly. "The national Assembly considers statements of the President of trump and General Nicholson (commander of us forces in Afghanistan – "Afghanistan.Ru") as hostile and threatening – said Asif, and encourages the government of Pakistan to Express the people's determination to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country."

Informed the new American plan for the achievement of stability in Afghanistan and criticized the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Abbasi Hakkan. "From the very first day we make it clear that the military strategy in Afghanistan has not worked, and this is not going to work – should be only a political solution – said Abbasi in a conversation with Bloomberg. – We do not intend to allow to transfer the Afghan conflict on Pakistani soil. All that needs to happen in Afghanistan, even in Afghanistan". Predictably, the Prime Minister rejected the accusations, according to which Islamabad is harboring militants and thereby contributes to the growth of armed conflict in the neighboring country. "Pakistan is not a harbour for terrorists," said Abbasi.

In Afghanistan I urge all neighbors to cooperate in the fight against terrorism, the other alternatives, according to Kabul, no. "Pakistan is mainly concerned about the new us strategy more than anyone, – stated the press Secretary of the chief Executive IRA Mujib Rahman Rahimi. – Pakistan should use this opportunity and to cooperate with the government of Afghanistan and the United States. Otherwise, action will be taken that will cause concern from the Pakistani side". According to Rahimi, the American strategy can bring multiple benefits to Kabul. "This strategy is good not only for the security sector, but also for economic development, system of governance, fight corruption and other things in Afghanistan," said Rahimi.

"Pakistan has an ambiguous attitude to the Trump, — has explained in conversation with "Afghanistan.Ru" researcher of the Carnegie Moscow Center's Peter Topychkanov. – On the one hand, after the election, he had a peaceful conversation with the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. This conversation was leaked to the press, and there trump looked like a very positive sentiment towards Pakistan. Then came the strategy. By and large, it is no different from what Obama spoke and what was said US authorities earlier about the pressure on Pakistan. From this point of view is nothing new in Pakistan, not heard. Islamabad has demonstrated that Congress and so tried to do to trump – to condition assistance to Pakistan the implementation of some conditions. In Pakistan, of course, it's irritating, but it appeared not now. In this regard, Pakistan is already preparing itself for space. This is the space it provides countries such as China and Russia. So it's not so bad. Of course, grant aid from the United States is not the same as credits from China. Therefore, in Pakistan hope that the US will continue to assist, maybe not in the volumes it used to be, and I hope, that the voice of the trump will remain words".

In Pakistan completely understand how hard things are in trompowsky administration and will probably continue to demonstrate their rejection of the us strategy, I am sure another expert. "Kabul and Washington continue to steadfastly maintain their position and actively pursue a tougher line against Pakistan, they will start dialogue, "said Afghanistan.Ru" the former Director of the center for the study of Afghanistan, with Boston University Omar of Sharifi. — Preliminary talks are already underway between Islamabad and Washington. Likely, Pakistan will try to cover the Taliban, delaying negotiations and carefully watching the events in Kabul and in Washington. Talking about the calculation of Pakistan on the unconditional support from China almost has no meaning because the Chinese will never support the stance of Pakistan for supporting terrorist groups. At the beginning of the PRC will be on the side of Pakistan but also it will put pressure on the Pakistani army to come with US to the solution. Another point of hostility between China and the United States, similar to that which is already in North Korea, is an unlikely choice for the Chinese leadership. All of these scenarios are possible only if Kabul remains relatively stable in its reform process, and the United States will not face a constitutional crisis in the coming months."



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