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American mystery river Gaddafi
Material posted: Publication date: 06-05-2016
The construction of Libya's great man-made river was somehow neglected by the media, despite the fact that this building since 2008, recognized by the Guinness Book of records the largest irrigation project in the world. But important here is not the scale of the project of the century, and goals. After all, if the Libyan man-made river is completed, it will turn Africa from the desert to the fertile continent, such as, for example, Eurasia or America. But the RUB is just the same in that the "if"...


In 1953, the Libyans, trying to find sources of oil in the South of his country, found the water: giant underground reservoirs that feed the oases. Only after a couple of decades the people of Libya realized that it fell into the hands of a far greater treasure than the black gold. Africa is a centuries – suffering from drought continent with sparse vegetation, and there is literally under our feet – about 35 thousand cubic kilometers of artesian water.

The appropriate amount can be, for example, completely flood the territory of Germany (357,021 square km), the depth of this reservoir will be about 100 meters. If the water issue on the surface, it will turn Africa into a blooming garden.

It is this idea and called for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Still, after the territory of Libya more than 95% desert. Under the patronage of Gaddafi, a project was developed a complex network of pipelines that would deliver water from the Nubian aquifer in the arid areas of the country. To implement this ambitious plan in Libya from South Korea arrived specialists on modern technologies. In the city of al-burayka launched a plant for the production of concrete pipes with a diameter of four meters. 28 August 1984, Muammar al-Gaddafi was personally present at the beginning of the construction of the pipeline.


Great man-made river without reason called the largest irrigation project in the world. Some even consider it the largest engineering structure on the planet. Gaddafi himself referred to his creation the eighth wonder of the world. Now the network includes 1300 wells to a depth of 500 meters, four thousand kilometers of underground concrete pipes, pump stations, storage tanks, centers of control and management.

Daily through pipes and aqueducts man-made river flows six and a half million cubic meters of water, supplying cities of Tripoli, Benghazi, Sirte, Gharyan and other, as well as the verdant fields in the middle of the former desert. In the future, the Libyans intend to irrigate 130-150 thousand hectares of cultivated land, and, in addition to Libya, to include in this system to other African countries. Ultimately, Africa does not simply cease to be forever starving continent, but even itself has started to export barley, oats, wheat and corn. Project completion was planned in 25 years, but...



Through the desert stretches 4,000 kilometres of underground pipes

In early 2011, Libya was gripped by civil war, and 20 October, Muammar Gaddafi died at the hands of the rebels. But it is believed that the true reason for the murder of the Libyan leader was precisely his Great man-made river.

First, the number of major powers involved in the supply of food in African countries. Of course, they absolutely disadvantageous transformation of Africa from consumer to producer. Secondly, because of population growth on the planet is fresh water every year becomes more and more valuable resource. Already, water shortages experienced by many European countries. And then in the hands of Libya is a source, which, according to experts, will last for the next four or five years.

Once at the ceremonial completion of one of the stages of construction of the great man-made river Muammar Gaddafi said: "Now, after this achievement, the US threats against Libya will double. Americans will do anything to destroy our work and leave the oppressed people of Libya. By the way, this celebration was attended by many African heads of States and leaders of the Black continent supported the initiative of Gaddafi. Among them was Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Mubarak also dismissed from his post as a result of the sudden outbreak of the revolution in Egypt.

Strange coincidence, isn't it? It is noteworthy that when the Libyan conflict broke NATO forces, in order to "protect civilians" their aircraft bombed it on the sleeves of the great river, pumping stations and destroyed producing a concrete pipe plant. So, I think, with high probability we can assume that replaced the struggle for oil comes another war for water. And Gaddafi became the first victim of this war.



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