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The American war plan between the EU and Russia
Material posted: Publication date: 26-04-2014

The US is prepared to plunge Europe into war with Russia, the United States has retained its leading role in the transatlantic axis. Key objectives – to prevent Russia and Europe from developing closer trade and political cooperation, which contributes to a giant energy trading,as well as the survival of the us dollar as world currency.

To American hegemony, this goal is so essential that Washington is willing to sacrifice millions of lives in the war between Russia and its European so-called "allies".

These shocking revelations were announced by the former commander of NATO. According to Christoph Lehmann (Christof Lehmann), editor of the news and analytical service "nsnbc international", European military official received a grim warning from their American counterparts during an informal briefing.

Wervik threat was identified in 80-ies of the last century, but there is no reason to believe that the us strategy of fomenting war in Europe since something has changed. This is because the strategic rationale of the militant logic of US remains the same. And recent events in Ukraine clearly show that the destructive projects of Washington continues to remain in place.

Lehmann says: "In the early 1980s, one of the higher ranks of the European NATO said that American colleagues at the Pentagon shared with him the fact that the US and UK would not hesitate and would launch a new European war if Europe and Russia (then the USSR) has developed close relations".

The Central issue in the American justification was and continues to be a matter of energy fuel. Washington does not want to see the integration of European and Russian economy on the vital issue of trade in oil and gas, which is the basis for economic and social development.

The last two decades after the end of the cold war between the West led by the USA and the former Soviet Union, Europe and Russia saw the basic alignment of their economies primarily due to the vast oil and gas supplies, which were provided by Moscow. The turnover of bilateral Russian-European trade now reaches 1 trillion dollars a year and above Russian-American trafficking in dozens of times.

Russia is a supplier of about a third of the total volume of hydrocarbon fuel consumed in Europe. In particular in Germany, this figure reaches 40%. With the introduction of new pipeline "Nord stream", and currently under construction the pipeline "South stream" Russia as the main supplier of energy in future decades, will grow even more.

Lehmann adds: "the American dominance of the Atlantic axis with Western Europe is under threat due to the development of closer economic relations between Europe and Russia. Germany and the Czech Republic after the end of the cold war had developed close economic and other relations with Russia. Both of these countries together with Austria and Italy form the trend of closer partnership with Moscow."

This trend always looked strategically dangerous for Washington. It can be argued that the cold war from 1945 to 1990 was deliberately instigated by the US as the base tool for combating natural trade integration between Europe and Russia due to the huge Russian energy reserves and their continental location.

Strategic threat to the United States has two sides. First, the close relationship between Moscow and Europe addresses the justification of America military role in NATO and thereby reduces its political influence in Europe. The second is that supplies from Russia in the European energy market undermine the role of the American dollar as the world reserve currency. Exchange for such a key world market will inevitably move to the use of a pair of Euro / ruble, which would mean the end of global American financial hegemony, and with it, the end of the monstrous debt of the U.S. economy.

The American economy is teetering on the border of bankruptcy, with debt reaching 17 trillion dollars which is growing exponentially. The bankruptcy of the American economy and social collapse are delayed only due to the fact that the dollar remains the standard currency for international payments with the energy and de facto with the license issued by the U.S. Federal Reserve to continue printing money without any economic justification.

Lehman says: "the Development of Russian-European partnership could mean for the U.S. political, cultural or economic isolation which comes not later than 25 years. This will also mean that the US will become increasingly isolated and from the point of view of the military, especially in the context of establishing strategic and military cooperation between Russia and China. The dollar will collapse"

An important factor is the special position of great Britain among European States. As draws the attention of the commander-in-chief of the European forces of NATO, Britain fully supported the us military plans for Europe. Partly this was done because of the historical interdependence of Anglo-American capital, but in addition, as noted by Lehman, the "weakening of the transatlantic axis would mean the loss of British influence on Germany and France".

All that remained behind the scenes of the crisis that Washington has tried to create, using recent events in Ukraine. Washington played a key role in the preparation of regime change in the Ukraine, where we witnessed the ascent to the heights of power in Kiev by nobody elected the fascist junta, which poses a serious threat to Russia.

Kiev demagogues openly talked about the underestimation of terrorism and massacres in the fight with Russia and agreeing to host American missiles on their Eastern border with Russia.

The Ukrainian crisis has caused the worst diplomatic crisis between European capitals and Moscow since the end of the cold war. The possibility of war between the nuclear powers may not have any at the moment, but the danger of such a catastrophe still remains.

This weekend the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov met with his U.S. counterpart John Kerry in emergency talks in Paris. Reportedly, Kerry informed that they met with the aim of "de-escalation" between Russia and the West. The reality is that Washington has done everything to escalate the conflict, in particular using it for the deterioration of relations between Russia and Europe in their own selfish and strategic interests. And you can be sure that in case of need, the pyromaniac in Washington not for a moment think about unleashing all-out war in Europe.

The Finian Cunningham


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