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Why did trump kill Suleimani and why is it important for us

January 2, 2020 in Baghdad was killed by Qassem Soleimani. This event it is necessary to understand and make the right conclusions. And it's urgent. Because it is our future a direct relationship. Direct.

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The likely scenario of a military conflict between the US and Iran. The combat capabilities of Iran and the development of military-political situation in the Middle East

The leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran does not exclude application of the United States and Israel of air strikes across the country and pays close attention to defining strategies for effective responses to potential aggression. The basis of this strategy is the implementation of the measures of "asymmetric war" and "retaliation" to compel the enemy to abandon an armed invasion.

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The Emirate of Dubai as a modern example of paradiplomacy

Modern international relations can be characterized by several new trends: geopolitical instability, the information revolution, diffusion (bundle) power. The latter trend is due primarily to the ongoing process of globalization and characterized by increasing prominence of sub-state elements – units of Federal States (regions, regions) and cities that allows you to develop paradiplomacy. Actors of paradiplomacy have become increasingly influential players in the process of creating a network of international relations of the state, without affecting the validity of state sovereignty.

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Browser: Starts the second part of the battle for Istanbul

Controversial project channel Istanbul, called President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's "crazy project", ready to run in the background of the reaction of the opposition, as well as scientists.

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Contemporary geopolitics: reflections of an expert

Alexei Mukhin, Director of the Russian Center for political information, one of the most informed experts on covert and overt processes of modern politics. In November he gave a lecture on the geopolitics and political analysis for students of the Gubkin University.

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