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Soft power as a new tool of international relations

In modern conditions the old tools of international relations largely lose their relevance. Power methods of pressure, including sanctions and embargoes are used less and become a relic of the past. A reality in international relations at the modern stage of becoming a hybrid war and the struggle of ideologies and at the forefront of the institutions of “soft power”.

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On the issue of changing the vectors of the military-political transformation of the US armed forces

With the aim to ensure the power of their positions and dramatic changes in the external environment, Washington was forced to start the process of transforming its armed forces, which, in fact, closer in its functionality to the divisions on fight against terrorism and was not able to fully perform one of its main political functions, namely to provide power support to an American President and his diplomats. The appearance of American troops in any point of the globe does not mean an automatic victory.

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Factors the political and military transformation of the armed forces of the United States

By the end of the second decade of the XXI century United States of America as a whole has retained the capacity of its armed forces. However, it is not surprising that for several decades, "calming" and slowing down the dynamics of the process of rearmament has accumulated a number of problems. At the same time, has seriously changed the world situation, broken down made by Washington at the beginning of the XXI century the balance of power, new methods of warfare, and the readiness of the American army has fallen markedly over three decades.

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The military-political status of the U.S. armed forces at the present stage

The loss of global hegemon status are associated primarily with a smoldering political and social crisis in the United States. In hard times countries are trying to save, and often this is reflected in their armed forces in connection with the sequestration of the military budget. According to the latest national defence Strategy the primary task of the Pentagon is creating opportunities for the President and diplomats conduct policy (negotiate) from a position of strength.

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Emirati lobbying as an Instrument of UAE’s Foreign Policy and Diplomacy

Influential groups in the countries of presence constitute an essential element of the UAE’s diplomacy. Such groups contribute to the implementation of the Emirati foreign policy strategy, especially since the UAE pursues regional leadership. The presence of the groups enables the Emirates with the opportunity to place an implicit pressure on other states in the interests of the UAE government. In this context, we can identify a range of activities: the UAE’s membership in international organizations; groups of interaction with the civil society (by means of diaspora and non-governmental organizations); and most importantly, the pressure placed on governments, business and social structures in the countries of presence via lobbying. The UAE has created a solid lobbying network and, as a result, possesses multiple political leverages to exercise an implicit pressure. It is the financial aspect that plays the key role in this regard.

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