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Azerbaijan and Armenia thrown into the furnace of a steam locomotive going to war
Material posted: Publication date: 29-12-2017
Fake Armenians in the comments in social networks clearly demonstrate Russophobia, Pro-Western views and the uselessness of an Alliance with Russia. Why suddenly needed manipulation of the Internet among the representatives of the Armenian ethnic group? This question is answered by the business newspaper "Sight".

The social network page of a Russian scientist of Armenian origin, turned violent and at times hysterical debate regarding the statements of Russian broadcasters in Armenia during the broadcast, dedicated to the signing of the Association agreement with the European Union. The majority of the Armenians expressed to the Russian scientist and broadcaster discontent. But that's not the reaction of specific people. But the fact that there were some Armenian users of social networks claim that Russia saved only 30 percent of Armenians from genocide and this is her fault. Also Armenia was not required in our country and in fact, Russia is waging against the Armenians ethnocide. And in addition, the Russian Federation, especially in 2008 invaded Georgia, to organize an economic blockade of Armenia.

When you visit the pages of most of these commentators, the Armenians reveals the following picture: in profile visible images with a Patriotic Armenian characters, a small number of personal photos (or lack of them), not specified place of residence, work or study. Posts and reposts that make on your page, these users, mainly in Russian (a good enough, proper language) and occasionally in English. Comments to these posts are doing the same fake Armenians. The dates of the posts in these accounts, as a rule, not earlier than 2017, and most characteristic, there was no reference to Armenian language resources.

On the pages of fictional Armenians it is difficult to find at least one letter of the alphabet! It can be concluded that in 2017, there was the creation of the Armenian fake accounts (bots), and their "services" are engaged in the Russian-speaking specialists. It is easy to remember as the beginning of the Maidan in 2013 in Ukraine has dramatically increased the number of specific users of social networks, all sorts of "Crimean daughters of officers" and "grandchildren grandparents" victims of Stalin's famine 30-ies in the Polish city Lviv... Probably the same people "freedom and liberty" independent Ukraine, now turned into "patriots" of the Armenian people.

Why suddenly needed manipulation of the Internet among the representatives of the Armenian ethnic group?

Fake Armenians in the comments in social networks clearly demonstrate Russophobia, Pro-Western views and the uselessness of any Union of Armenia with Russia and criticize the Executive power in Yerevan. Attempt the formation of Armenian citizens and Armenians living in other countries, opinions about the negative influence of Russia and the need for drastic political change within Armenia itself. Recently, this Transcaucasian country has signed the agreement on a comprehensive and enhanced partnership with the EU. Perhaps the West is tasked to split the Armenian society into Pro-Russian and Pro-European segments, to produce a coup (or a legitimate way to change the leadership or at least foreign policy) and under the West's promises of security under any pretext to force Russia to withdraw the 102nd Russian military base in Gyumri. No Russian troops in Armenia is doomed to remain alone between Azerbaijan and Turkey. If this assumption is true, then in 2018-2020 will be followed by many entreaties, the promises of the West for the Armenians to maintain security, joining NATO and economic preferences.

You can also expect the increase of political tension in the country, the increase in anti-Russian sentiment and provocation directed against Russian military groups. Or there may be some negative orchestrated events associated with the Armenians living in Russia, which, of course, will be extensively covered in the Western press. Despite the obvious disadvantages of the Russian policy in Armenia (and in the former Soviet space) and far from the perfection of the work of the Armenian Executive power, the Pro-Russian views in this Transcaucasian Republic it is very popular even among young people. Therefore, the main objective is the split in the Armenian society of heating, ultra-Patriotic, nationalist sentiment. The main task for the Americans to rekindle the conflict, major hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Apparently, the manipulation of the Internet and the press on the escalation of the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh are also among the Azeris and Turks.

The recent meeting between Putin and Erdogan, the resumption of trade relations between Russia and Turkey, the success of Russian arms and diplomacy in Syria, too independent policy of the Turkish leader... All it can not to irritate Washington. Therefore, in a hasty effort to promote the old Armenian-Turkish conflict in order to provoke political and even military confrontation between the Russian Federation and Turkey. Trying to push Turkey and Russia are not an end in itself but part of a larger geopolitical game. As reported by a leading analyst of the national energy security Fund, the Financial expert of the University of Igor Yushkov, Russia will seek independence in the transit of gas from Ukraine by 2020. It will be produced by two lines of Nord stream, the two branches of the "Turkish stream" and the Belarusian gas pipeline available. The need for the Ukrainian gas transportation system will disappear. You may recall how, under pressure from the EU Bulgaria has put Russia are unacceptable conditions for the construction of "South stream", in the end the project was closed. With this aim intensified diplomatic efforts of the West with Armenia and the Republic of Belarus. For this reason, it may be possible to try using the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh disrupt the construction and operation of "Turkish stream."

Azerbaijan and Armenia thrown into the furnace of a steam locomotive going to war. Will they be able to maintain composure and not fall for the provocations of the West? And how to act in the circumstances of Russia? First of all, you must also strengthen their influence on the Caucasus and Turkey, actively work in the Internet environment, the local press and throughout the information space of these countries. You need to run a media program for the preservation of Armenia and Azerbaijan in the area of its influence. It is necessary to explain to ordinary Armenians and Azerbaijanis that the peace between these two peoples, their prosperity was achieved only in the framework of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, in those days, when the Republic of part of its sovereignty transferred to Moscow.

We must act firmly to curb the work of Western embassies, foundations, and other public organizations in the Caucasus. Finally, it is necessary not just to freeze hostilities in Karabakh, and to actively seek a compromise model of integration between Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, which can be ensured peace and security of the citizens of these countries. The Kremlin should not hesitate to impose the leaders of the former Soviet republics their opinion, do not be afraid to chastise them for their wrong actions. Russia no need to pay your budget well-being of these countries, as it was in the Soviet Union, but to bring order, control and ensure the safety of ordinary people, the peaceful coexistence of peoples in the region we are quite capable.

Roman Protsenko


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