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Material posted: Publication date: 14-11-2020

Why did Armenia cede its sacred Artsakh so easily? We talked about this with Viktor Murakhovsky, a retired colonel, a member of the expert council of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, editor-in-chief of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine.

Only what the director shoots gets into the film

— Let's go back to the beginning of this operation. At that time, almost all experts had great doubts about the crushing victory of Azerbaijan. It seemed that in the twenty-first century, such an intensive military operation in a mountainous area with a multi-year positional front was impossible at all. But it turned out to be a rapid successful operation. What provided such an advantage for the Azerbaijanis?

— Because of the air defense?

— Of course. Of course, there are ancient Soviet air defense systems in Nagorno—Karabakh - Strela-10, Osa-AKM. Armenia has S—300PS, S-300PT, the complexes are also old Soviet. Nevertheless, such complexes are well sharpened to work with manned aircraft. They perfectly see helicopters, attack aircraft, fighters, bombers, even more so.

And although there was no air defense as a system that includes complexes, control points, radio intelligence facilities, and so on, neither in Nagorno-Karabakh, nor, in fact, in Armenia itself, nevertheless, the risk for the use of manned aviation was quite high. Therefore, neither Armenia nor Azerbaijan used it. At least over the battlefield.

— No, of course not. Firstly, even with the complete domination of the enemy in the air, it is possible to fight. By the way, this was demonstrated by our opponents and opponents of the international coalition in Syria and Iraq. How many years did it take to crush them there? And this is with absolute air supremacy, with hundreds of manned aircraft, helicopters and drones of all stripes and calibers in the air.

The trench shelter for the tank was invented not today, but during the Second World War. And it was successfully used in that period, not to mention modern wars. I was in Syria in the area of Khan Sheikhoun, captured from the militants, and saw how many caves, tunnels, shelters were dug there - Metrostroy will envy! This is without any special financial investments and without the use of some kind of miracle weapon. And they were kicked out of there solely by the actions of ground troops with full air supremacy and air support. Practically nothing has been done in Artsakh in this sense, except for the tactical defense zone, which is rather shallow.

— At one point, a long "gut" appeared in the south along the border with Iran, which, it would seem, can be cut with one throw from the mountains and fix the boiler, as in the Donbass. But you didn't have enough strength even for that?

Collection in the Syrian Khmeimim

— Viktor Ivanovich, once again, it's just a very important thought. A completely different picture is being drawn everywhere, that the military-technical superiority of Azerbaijan with the support of Turkey was so great that they simply crushed the "archaic" army of Armenia and Karabakh. And in fact, the Armenians did not prepare for a big war in elementary ways?

— Yes, that's right. The fact is that the military-technical equipment levels of the Karabakh Defense Army, let's say, vacationers and others, and Azerbaijan are quite comparable. This is not a generation gap, for example, as in the operation of the multinational coalition in Iraq against ISIS (the organization is banned in Russia) or as in Russia's operation against the same ISIS in Syria.

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