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Bartosz A. A. 'the Evolution of NATO strategy: from the cold war to the globalization age. NATO and Russia'
Material posted: Publication date: 14-09-2013

Attempt to understand the meaning and the prospects for the evolution of NATO strategy has taken in his monograph Alexander Bartosh. Interest in the problem of the author is not accidental and originated long ago. To judge about the changes occurring in NATO, he can quite competently, because for several years he worked at the Permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

In these circumstances, he had every opportunity to observe the dynamics of development of the Alliance in that period, which is associated with the transition from the epoch of global confrontation between two world systems towards formation of a polycentric world. In the monograph, in detail, and discussed the doctrinal change of official attitudes regarding the purpose of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the specified period, the transformation of its functions. For this the author had to analyze the determinants that have shaped the evolution of strategic concepts of the Alliance and gave a certain vector of internal and external transformation of the powerful military Alliance of our time. Of course, the author could not leave without attention the globalization of the Alliance, the implications of extending the zone of its action to the whole world. Therefore, the paper deals successively with the content and thrust of the decisions of the governing bodies of NATO, and also practical actions aimed at securing the military-political bloc the role of global structures for the protection of Western interests in the post-cold war period.

Considerable attention is paid to the analysis of the attempts of the Alliance to enhance its international legitimacy at the expense of strengthening the linkages with the UN, EU, OSCE, expanding the range of interaction with African countries, the Middle East and Asia. In addition, critically interested in the initiative of the Alliance for the consolidation of efforts of allies to improve the capacity of collective defence, crisis management and development of global partnership network. Deserves the attention of experts and contained in the monograph assessment of the complex practical measures aimed at enhancing the speed of response of political and military structures of NATO to the challenges and threats of modernity. As part of this activity is improving the mechanisms of multilateral consultations, the restructuring of command-and-staff organs of the combined armed forces of NATO, having a single military-technical policy, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the use of military force to resolve conflicts on terms favorable to the West. The focus of the study could not be and evaluation of prospects of development of relations between NATO and the Russian Federation.

As you know, after the cold war these relations were far nebezoblachnymi to the extent that in certain moments it came, in fact, to direct confrontation. Principal contradictions on a number of issues of global and regional security remain at the parties now. However, as the author shows, Russia and NATO at the present time there are very real prospects for the development of partnerships. Therefore, we need to positively assess the work contained in proposals for the improvement of mutually beneficial and constructive political, military and military-technical cooperation between Russia and the Alliance in the interests of strengthening stability in the Euro-Atlantic space. These proposals are formulated taking into account prepared by the author predict the development of relations between our country and NATO. The author's constructive approach to cooperation with the Alliance is reflected in its modern practice. Currently, as head of the Information center on international security, existing at the Moscow state linguistic University, he spent several years conducting the role-play students "international model of the Council Russia–NATO". In General, it is obvious that the monograph is of interest for a particular audience. At least a lot of useful things to discover in the book, the professors, researchers, students, government representatives and experts engaged in problems of security and defense.

Vasily Belozerov


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