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Daniel Estulin: the Bilderberg group worried nuclear war with Russia
Material posted: Publication date: 19-06-2014

Recently in Copenhagen (Denmark) completed another Bilderberg meeting behind closed doors. It is known that one of the main topics of this meeting was the crisis in Ukraine and not very successful sanctions, initiated by President Obama.

Estulin says:

"Anyone who makes too much noise and threatens often does so precisely because has no real power. With Obama in particular. You cannot threaten a country like Russia. It is a nuclear and military superpower. You can use methods of intimidation to Gabon, Niger or the Sudan... but a country like Russia to intimidate will not work. As for Ukraine, the participants of the last Bilderberg meeting agreed that the newly elected President Poroshenko, in all probability, have to give the separatists more autonomy. They don't want this war dragged on. Innocent people, bystanders, killed every day by bombs from the air. Someone needs to stop it. Many experts believe that Kiev will have to grant the regions more autonomy".

One of their biggest problems Ukraine will face next winter. Estulin continues:

"They essentially imposed strict restrictions, such as raising taxes and cutting gas benefits. Last year for heating the house they took $ 300 a month. Can you imagine what it will be next year. Pensions were reduced from 160 dollars a month to 80 dollars a month, and now older women are forced to dig in the trash to somehow help himself. They have a long way to become closer to Russia. The Russians offer something completely different".

Estulin says that there are significant differences between the members of the Bilderberg club from America and Europe on issues related to Ukraine. Here are his words:

"Europeans of the Bilderberg say that the conflicting parties will have to find a common language. Americans strongly opposed. They say that Ukraine will be more difficult to deal with, if the conflict is not implicated."

So, Bilderberg is afraid of war? Estulin says:

"The European part of Bilderberg obviously very concerned about the situation, unlike its American part. If the war happens, it will be nuclear. The red line obviously passes through Ukraine, and if America or NATO to cross it, Russia will have to enter the war, because at stake will be its survival. With such things it is impossible to play, and the European bilderbergs understand it. Obama, in turn, is pressing the Europeans imposing stricter sanctions on Russia. The Europeans answer: if we do, they will cut off our gas, and will suffer more because of it we, and not you. The Europeans are not interested in the development of this conflict."

Can we say that Bilderberg this time he saw in the world more stability than before? Estulin says:

"Maritimecoastal. What we see now is a struggle between two systems. What we see in Europe is a new nationalism, because people are tired of destruction and de-industrialization. In America a good example of this is Detroit. The answer to this question is: Yes, this year the world has become much more dangerous than in the past."



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