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John.Friedman: a New world war is inevitable, get ready
Material posted: Publication date: 08-03-2017
The founder of the analytical company Stratfor, George Friedman predicted a new world war. And the reason for it - a defective system of world politics between States. Now Russia is growing, becoming a powerful Empire. Therefore the United States go by the wayside and are no longer a world leader. This is what will serve as the basis for the new world war.

That is, if briefly, the cause of the world wars - the failure of humanity to live together on the planet, when creating the new state and the old are not willing to recognize their right to life.

Now quite often (Syria, Eastern Ukraine) you can see such a scenario: non-state armed groups with the support of another state to fight with the authorities. However, in order to find an example of a full-scale ground war, the two States should go back to 2003 – the U.S. invasion of Iraq, says Business Insider.

Two world wars were catastrophic in scale evidence of instability of the international system, which allowed to conduct combat operations to resolve inter-state conflicts as a legitimate foreign policy measure, not a last resort. After the end of world war II the political and legal system of different States is built around the idea of preventing wars, but can the situation change, asks Business Insider.

The newspaper also interviewed on this topic with the founder of the analytical company Stratfor by George Friedman, and he warned that such a characterization of world politics as inter-state military action may again become relevant. Friedman noted that earlier in history there have been periods when analysts mistakenly believed that more countries will never fight each other. The expert stressed that in every century there is a "system war", during which the whole system of "shudder in convulsions".

According to the analysis of Friedman, in any international system, has its "fatal flaws". In this same system, he said, contains the germ of its own destruction. "When countries such as Germany, China and Russia are on the decline, and in their place come the others, then start a system war. Then it becomes dangerous because these countries have not yet reached a balance... So we are now seeing systemic changes. Prepare for war," quoted Business Insider of the word Friedman.

In response to a question, Friedman said that most likely at first will be Japan, Turkey and Poland. So war breaks out in Eastern Europe, the middle East. In addition, the U.S. expects a naval war with Japan, predicts George Friedman. "Every time there are new powers, they need to find your balance. New States are gaining strength, the old are on the decline. Threat not the process itself, and the position of the country, which moves to a new level", - the head and founder of Stratfor.


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