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Egyptian plane - the sign of a new war
Material posted: Publication date: 27-05-2016
Another airliner crash, and again Egypt. While talking about the causes of the disaster is just beginning to receive confirmation on the wreckage found, and certainly not will be known today at least the most preliminary assumptions about the reasons. Terrorist groups too are silent and do not take responsibility.

Nonetheless, it is evident that the tourist industry of Egypt is tense today as ever — if after all we are talking about the attack, its position will become absolutely critical.

The Egyptian generals, to regain power in 2013, failed to do anything to eliminate the causes that caused the explosion of 10-11 years. No internal motivations, and external situation of Egypt is far from cloudless. The coup did not allow contradictions, it only postponed their resolution for later.

With the internal agenda is relatively clear: in Egypt there was a steady purely Arabic system of power and control, where the army and security forces is the power. Corporation security forces — it is the bonding power structure, which led the country to the "Arab spring". To solve the country's problems without reformatting this structure is not possible, and reform it means to cause a crisis in the system of power and control of Egypt. This Sissy can not go — the country's resilience to the limit.

Much more difficult with the outer side of the question. Today it is quite known for certain and it is clear that the Middle East became a battleground of the largest luxury groups in the United States, and supranational structures. Conditional Rothschilds against at least conditional of the Rockefellers — although of course this is extremely simplified and largely conspiracy model.

The West is looking for a way out of the impasse into which he fell as a result of globalization. One of the two, max three main scenarios of the outlet lies in a complete de-sovereignization of the currently existing States and the transfer of management of all world regions into the hands of a conglomerate of supranational structures. To implement such a scenario and required the demolition of middle Eastern regimes, it is, by the way, loyal to the United States and the West in General. With the caveat — not the West in General, and one of its largest luxury groups.

Egyptian piluli (the so-called nomenclature of this country) were controlled by conventional Republicans — that is, the supporters of the superpower United States. The "Arab spring" became another powerful tool of a group which is trying to win elections in America. Her face and front man is Hillary Clinton that the "Arab spring". At the end of 2012 it managed to remove from the scene, which allowed the Egyptian generals to regain power, intercepted them by the Muslim brotherhood, betting on which was made by the Clinton group of 10-12 years.

Support and guide the interests of her group in the region was small, but very ambitious Qatar, which after 12 years was also forced to withdraw from the regional race. The victory of the Egyptian generals in ' 13 was the point in fighting Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The Saudis, like the Egyptian generals, guided by "Imperial" part of the US elite, Qatar — instrument "globalists".

However, it seems that is the point in this dispute was put an ellipsis. "The Muslim brotherhood went underground, Qatar was forced (albeit with common decency) to send to the peace of the Emir Hamad al-Thani, but now everything can suddenly change, and if Clinton comes to power, it will be a heavy blow for the Egyptian falula, and for the Saudi princes: came their turn. Qatar, in turn, gets a new chance.

Egypt again becomes a battleground between the regional "missions" elite groups of the US — Qatar and Saudi Arabia. According to many experts, including the author of this text, passing victims in this war have become our 220 tourists killed in a terrorist attack over the Sinai. There is a feeling that the Russian authorities are aware that the militants of Ansar Beit al-Maqdis" (or "Governorate Sinai an "Islamic state") is Qatar. However, to name the customer of murder of our people in the current conditions it is impossible: Qatar our partner, and it has spawned hopes in the fight with the strategy of Saudi Arabia to the decline in oil prices.

The attacks on Egypt — the attacks on Saudi Arabia, it strikes against the conventional "Imperials" of America. It is a war. Which has no room for compassion, there are no rules, only results.

"Muslim brothers" to return to power again to undermine the situation in Egypt, and the most reliable variant — to drive the country into even more severe crisis than the one that led to the events of 10-11 years. A blow to the tourism industry — the most reliable method. The tourist industry feeds the economy of Egypt, is experiencing a severe and protracted crisis. The buildup of the situation through the disaster of the tourism industry simply arises and strikes against it are the most obvious method of conducting the preliminary fighting.

If the current disaster is the result of a terrorist attack, then we see the continuation of this war, its transition into a stage of escalation of the crisis. However, until then, until it becomes known the results of the elections in the States, as long as Clinton comes to the White house, fighting will be local in nature and palpable.

And if Clinton will come to the middle East a repeat of the events of the "Arab spring", but in more severe and bloody form. And Egypt events will not stop. And Egypt and Saudi Arabia will inevitably become the battlefield of a war in which they have very little chance. The region is destabilized, flooded with tens or hundreds of thousands of militants, demolishing the entire state. They just want an extra push in order to finally bring down polkontinenta and eliminate remaining relatively stable Islands in a sea of chaos.

Anatoly Nesmiyan



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