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Risk factors in the analysis of contemporary military-political situation
Material posted: -Publication date: 24-02-2013

In 2011. The U.S., NATO, and behind them the world behind the scenes, hiding behind the words democracy, human rights and resolution No. 1973 of the Security Council manekeni the UN, dealt with one of the most prosperous African country of Libya. A natural question arises: which country will be the next victim?

To answer you need first of all to understand the true purpose and the motives of the organizers of that aggression. It is not difficult to do, especially because the fate of Iraq provides a basis for some generalizations and conclusions.

The report analyzed various risk factors for the possible victims of military aggression.


The content

Introduction. 3

1.Oil risk factor.. 4

2. New global and regional currencies as risk factors.. 11

3. Chinese risk factor.. 15

4. Ethnic and religious factors 19 risk..

The results of the analysis.. 23

A list of 25 sources..

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