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Franz Ferdinand and tulchevskaya Maxim
Material posted: Publication date: 15-11-2017

There are two forces — two fatal force
All his life they have we on hand
Lullaby from days to the grave, —
One is Death, the other — the human Trial.

                                           F. I. Tyutchev

Nine grams in the heart of Europe

June 28, 2014 in Sarajevo, which became a with a light hand, Western strategists a new nest of radical Islam, Austria, Germany and France magnificently celebrated the centenary of the outbreak of the First world war. Right Tyutcheva: "carnival unity" of the Islamists and the West:

Cannons thunder and musicia!
Here in Europe all the rest,
Here all the forces of the world
Celebrate your carnival.

("Modern", 1869)

"The highlight of the program" skorospeshnymi announced the opening of the monument to Franz Ferdinand, but then he realized that a fighter with Freemasonry and zealous guardian of the principles does not deserve the honor of the "world community". As you preparation, about the poor Archduke diplomatic "forgotten".

But, from a formal point of view, it can be considered a forerunner of the European Union, which inadvertently recognizes and Christopher Clark in his book "Lunatics. How Europe went to war in 1914"; on the eve of the Sarajevo celebrations of her argued a lot and in Serbia and in the West. Franz Ferdinand, according to the author, sought to lay the foundations for a "United States of great Austria". But this remark from himself, there would be other States – a bulwark of conservatism and monarchist state. Of course, the rulers of the current EU us under the hood in a coffin saw such projects.

The motto of the centennial anniversary chose the words: "Sarajevo, heart of Europe". There are two allusions. Alas, near the time when the heart of today's Europe really will belong to Islam. In this sense, Sarajevo may substitute for Brussels. But it seems that the organizers have read the Italian historian Luigi Albertini, who belongs to the phrase "Serbian terrorist shot not only in the chest of an Austrian Prince, he was aiming at the heart of Europe". At that time the "heart of Europe" and we fought in the corridors of Brussels, both now and in the stately palaces of Vienna, Berlin, Petersburg and Paris. That's where flew the bullets of Gavrilo Principle. And, to my shame, European capital, prostrated themselves before the demiurge of the world slaughter.

It is noteworthy that the date of the commemorative events, the organizers chose not July 25 - day partial rejection of the ultimatum to Serbia the Austro-Hungarian Empire (which would be somehow understandable) and July 28 - the date of the Declaration of Vienna of the war of Serbia and the day of the Sarajevo assassination, which, in itself, a war has nothing to do.

However, this has its own logic of evil: the Sarajevo assassination of 1914, without a doubt, is the focal point of the world history of the twentieth century. And as you know, there is a sea of literature (maybe it's the details described from ever committed in the world kills). Nevertheless, the shaft of the publications in all major languages does not indicate that the historians were able to uncover the deeply hidden mechanisms and power transmission belts of this European drama. Well studied that is relatively close to the surface – the external chronology, the characters and the fates of the terrorists, the background of their appearance on the scene, especially on interrogation, the circle closest aides, the political circumstances amid which was heard the Sarajevo shots, etc. But it is very little known about who and what capitals was sent by the hand of murderers; who was the father of backroom conspiracy and sheltering; why Franz Ferdinand represented the Achilles heel of the ancient world... And finally, a mystery is itself a "Russian trace", which is so blindly fascinated Valentin Pikul in his famous novel "a matter of Honour. The confession of the officer of the Russian General staff". The writer jumped to convince us of the conspiratorial plans of the Russian emissary, from whose face is narrative. And for more convincing still, and he added that he was 120 historical sources.

But the novel is a novel. It is surprising, however, why the death of millions of innocent people in the fire world war broke out after the Sarajevo assassination had not prompted domestic and foreign scholars to the study of such vital questions. After all, scientific papers, exploring the "inside" assassination attempt, almost there, and those that have, written many decades ago and already require or major revision, or, at best, a serious clarification. Little is new and has brought stream of literature, the spread on the eve of the memorable anniversary (referred to the work of the Anglo-Australian historian K. Clark is no exception). This is partly due to the fact that the Western archives (in London, Vienna, etc.) and still not open many of its funds relating to that period (e.g., about activities of secret services). So there is something to hide.

They say that the cessation of flying people to the moon is connected with aliens. Allegedly, in 1972, at a meeting of the Senate of the United States had even heard a report on activities on the moon some unknown enemies of the human race. But I think that these enemies do not look at the moon: they are sufficient and on our home planet. I believe that June 28, they could declare their professional holiday: because then, in 1914, they have all gone like clockwork. Serbian writer Zeljko Przulj not so long ago stated that, according to him, immediately before the assassination from London to Sarajevo arrived a famous bounty received before the Bank of Rothschild 10 thousand pounds. To whom was the money, we can only guess, but probably not for contribution to charities. And the involvement in the assassination of Leon Trotsky and M. Nathanson, a longtime servants of "the Prince of this world", can be judged by documentary sources. But due to unknown reasons, historians of the Sarajevo murders avoid to take these figures into account (Natanson especially).

In light of this disconcerting naivety of those same historians, who see the "scapegoats" in "Mlada Bosne", the "Black hand", the head of the Serbian intelligence Dragutina the Dimitrijevic-APIs. No, gentlemen, as the saying goes, not by Senka cap – not the breed of these good fellows and not the caliber of their bosses. They if and did, in narrow confines, and under the false umbrella and global objectives pursued quite different, much more powerful forces that had a shelter is not Belgrade, and not even the Balkans. The threads are in London, Paris, Lausanne, and may be given in overseas... But that is hardly subject to doubt - to Mark Nathanson and Leon Trotsky, and from them to the Rothschild clan and their cronies. In fact, he and Franz Ferdinand knew that will die at the hands of a secret supranational forces obsessed with hatred of the conservative world order. Knew and that of international Freemasonry gave him a death sentence (this is the testimony of well-known Austro-Hungarian diplomat Ottokar Czernin). However, with surprising calmness, but rather, with reckless fatalist Lermontov, walked toward the edge of doom. Stolypin, by the way, too do not cherish oneself. And they both hated at court, and in the liberal salons, at "hour x" were left without protection – Mordko Bogrov and Gavrilo Principle, if given carte Blanche to murder the possible saviors of both monarchies.

"Someone said, if Austria had not existed, it would have come up, but for what? To make it a weapon against Russia." This Maxim Tyutchev referenced by his biographer Vadim Kozhinov, was categorically repugnant to the slain Archduke. Perhaps, like Tiutchev, he knew that Vienna and St. Petersburg, if possible, should go towards each other. And was even ready to take the first step...

In the memory of contemporaries Franz Ferdinand took not too cozy place. Alas, totevski "the human Trial" is often blind and reckless.

Revelation for Serbs

Reveal a little secret: my dad is balkanist, but not by profession, but by vocation. Recently in Belgrade it was an unusual book, "Zabrana Sarajevska the truth about the assassination" - "the Forbidden truth about the Sarajevo assassination" (Ukrania, 2016, p. 604). As much as I was helping my dad look for a publisher.

This voluminous work, which has no analogues in the Serbian language, not to mention others, not focused on the retelling of what is already known by the inquisitive readers from sea other sources; nor is it an attempt to surprise them with all sorts of profit and fables scattered on rare Serbian, Austrian and German publications. Intentionally avoiding walking on beaten trails, the author tried to focus on the key areas of search which are:

  • the incident of the Russian military agent Victor A. Artamonov;
  • tragic "arbitrariness" of the Russian envoy, Nikolai Genrikhovich Hartwig;
  • eloquent hypocrisy of his successor, Vasily Nikolayevich Strandman;
  • the mystery of Balkan missions of captain Alexander Verkhovsky and his "exposing" Trivar-Burzynski;
  • personality of Vladimir Gacinovic as the main visible instigator of the conspiracy;
  • pretensions hiding behind the last Mark Nathanson and Leon Trotsky - "gray cardinal of conspiracy";
  • the mystical role of the doctor of theology Radovan built as a very special character, which historians know almost nothing.

Orthodox patriots, the Sarajevo assassination is interesting not primarily from the point of view of criminal technology, and as a metaphor of the historical suicide of at least three monarchies, three whales, the then-conservative world order – Russia, Germany and Austria-Hungary (at the same time collapsed and the Ottoman Empire). They killed themselves to open the way of Sodom triumph of democracy and the hegemony of the dollar.

"Russia since ancient times defended the Orthodox world, - said the prominent Russian writer Alexander Kazantsev. - Until then, until the Hasidim have not gotten their hands on our foreign Ministry... That Serbia should take care of, not only guaranteeing its sovereignty, but holding the fatal steps. Support Belgrade Sarajevo terrorists was indeed a fatal step. They acted not in the interests of the Serbs – Masonic roots organizing Principle is evident today. The war was not necessary neither Russia nor Serbia. She untied the international Freemasonry, sought to destroy the three European empires that stood in the way to global domination."[1]

Why is it important for us to know and understand all springs and mechanisms pushing the Sarajevo conspiracy. It's a very daunting task, but it should be solved without particular ideological brand. And "Zabrana the truth..." was maybe the first attempt of such a breakthrough and revelation for the Serbian historians. An avalanche of new documentary material presented under its cover, barely fit on six hundred-odd pages of very dense text; conscientious reviewers have agreed that this information is almost not known neither in Germany nor in Austria, nor in Serbia itself. Because of this, my dad was counting on the reader's interest and, perhaps, our expectations mostly came true, though, because of known political reasons for such a daring, on the brink of political correctness, the book was not noticed in the official Serbian media. However, otherwise it could not be. I will not reveal a big secret if I say that in Serbia the current temporary worker very aggressive fanning the cult of Gavrilo Principle (which, incidentally, was not very fond of the Royal power, and king Alexander Karadjordjevic and refused to shake the hand of his father).

"Last layer of the Belgrade burghers was formed from among kollabortsionistov, i.e. those who collaborated with the Turkish authorities, noted Serbian philosopher unforgettable Dragos Calais. Mostly it was people from among small tradesmen, as they say, the bottom of the third estate. Ever this layer did not Shine with noble impulses and deeds. It left an imprint on all subsequent generations of political elites. All these elite, one way or another, sailed to the sirens voice of the international Masonic or Communist wing. In the First and Second world wars, these elites put the Serbian people, against his will, to the side of the Atlanticists".

What can we say about our time, when Serbia, as noted by the chief editor of "Vidovdan" Branko Radun, a de facto "90 percent joined NATO" (Montenegro, alas, and formally joined). Now "NATO troops" in Belgrade - the almost complete complacency of the Serbian authorities - in fact, reigns.

Where a scorched earth
Merged, as the smoke firmament —
There's a light-hearted fun
The madness miserable lives.

("Madness", 1830)

Fyodor Ivanovich Tyutchev and here the seer: in the centre of Belgrade still scare the visitors (citizens to this landscape have long been accustomed to) the charred ruins of the Ministry of defense of Yugoslavia – a reminder of the NATO bombing of 1999. It is hardly coincidental that it is here, from the fence around this scorched site, recently started "gay pride parades", the first of which the Serbs were met by a hail of stones. But then quietly, hiding her shame, took them and her new lesbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, which is now the head of the parade.

A Fig leaf of betrayal

Yugoslavia, a state with an international reputation, by itself, was the best defender of Sarajevo terrorists. The legitimacy of Yugoslavia was their authentic protection. This state put Gavrilo Principle monuments and named in his honor the street. "The twenty-eighth of June opened one of the significant moments in the struggle of our peoples for freedom, unification and independence," to proclaim the mouthpiece of the regime, the newspaper "Politika", celebrating the 40 anniversary of the assassination. This stretch seemed excusable.

Now gets frightened when the radio station "Voice of Russia" flaunts these headlines of his gear: "the Sarajevo assassination. The struggle of the Serbian people for a place under the sun." Or when the magazine of the Serbian Patriarchate publishes the following philosophical delights: "the Sarajevo assassination, indeed, a figment of the Serbian understanding of the history of the particular philosophy of history, originating from the cult Vidovdan and the battle of Kosovo. Gavrilo Princip had before him the example of Milos Obilic, the example of his sacrifice and the example of how to administer punishment over earthly rulers".

The Orthodox have to remind authors that dear to their heart, Gavrilo Princip, Nedelko Cabrinovic and other mladoletnice were open atheists. And if "to administer punishment over earthly rulers", then why on Franz Ferdinand - enemy of Freemasonry, and, according to Adolf Hitler, "a hot friend of the Slavs"?

With the fall of Yugoslavia "exploits" mladoletnice remained without serious lawyers, for it destroyed the structures that they were justified and heroes. None of the cohort of brilliant historians cannot defend the Principle because there is no more Yugoslav state as the embodiment of those vague ideals that led megalonisi fanatics. Indeed, in 1908, Bosnia and Herzegovina is not quite legally came under the jurisdiction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which casuistically to conclude that the Principle killed the Austrian Archduke in the occupied territory. But these arguments can't reimburse lost support of the legitimate protection of Principle – the state of Yugoslavia. Against "revisionism" cannot be fought by old methods; however, not all revisionism is deplorable, sometimes it is appropriate.

And the fact that pochivshaya in the Lord of Tito's Yugoslavia today, at best, perceived as an illusion, and often, as the embodiment of the party and clan-based dictatorship, further enhances the image of the Principle and his associates as terrorists. It is symbolic that one of the founders of the first Yugoslavia, the Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia in December 1918 was Ante Pavelic; after two decades, another Croat with the same name will be created on its ruins a huge ustashskaya concentration camp, the so-called will Nezavisnu Drjava to Hrvatska (NDH). Such coincidences suggest that the Serbs themselves made the coffin, yielding to the temptation of brotherhood-unity (Tito's official slogan) with those who wore in his bosom ustashskaya axe. By the way, the neologism of Yugoslavia was launched into circulation in the NINETEENTH century, not someone else, and the Croatian Catholic Bishop. Strossmayera.

Gavrilo Princip is not now a reliable defender because no one was interested in the slogan "the Balkans to the Balkan peoples", which he had so stubbornly defended. Globalization "ate" this slogan: "his pants", the entire Balkan region ran in the European Union.

Why, against all logic, the current Serbian authorities and obedient historians not only distanced himself from the Sarajevo terrorists, but sometimes defend them even far more peremptory than it was in former ages? In the power of solidarity with mass stereotypes?.. Or because they believe such protection worthy response to the demonization of the Serbian nation?.. But in this case they would have to stand behind the mountain of Kosovo Serbs; meanwhile, the current Belgrade regime betrayed them shamelessly.

A casket just opened. The glorification of the murderers of Sarajevo under the Serbian flag of patriotism (remember the gullible, that the Principle declared himself not so much by the Serbs as Yugoslavia) is nothing more than a cover operation, which allows under the guise of a theatrical squabble with the West to legalize the betrayal of Kosovo. The cult of the Principle is nothing more than a pathetic Fig leaf to disguise the undeniable surrender to the Albanians North of the region – 90 percent Serbian and to this day!

This is the footy game camarilla Belgrade that Kosovo Serb leader Marko Jaksic openly accused of treason and bad in that part of Serbian patriots do not understand.

By the way, Tolstoy was well aware of the value of the field of Kosovo as a symbol of Slavs. And even as if it sensed his terrible fate:

Still hurting from old pains
All modern time...
Untouched Kossovo field,
Not quite White Mountain!

("Slavs", 1867)

In the right place at the right time

In such circumstances, to publish a book challenging the official dogma and just mass superstition, was very difficult: no visible ban no, but many publishers, which we walked, visibly shaking knees.

However, thanks to the efforts of the Center for the study of tradition "Uchronia" (Director Srdjan Furcula) and with the help of our brave Belgrade friends, doctors of economic Sciences Ivan Pejovich and Raiko of Bukvich (both speak fluent Russian), this book was let's not flashy, but the event at the 61st International book fair in Belgrade (October 2016). When circulation of 500 copies, this weighty Tome for a month or two has become almost a rarity, as evidenced by the fact that in Serbian the Internet book shops it is offered for 15 euros. YouTube Serbian presentation of this book (in the framework of Internet channel Balkan Info) gathered almost 15 thousand hits and many of the most controversial and sometimes violent comments.

Often write about the demonization of the Serbs in the West, but it does not buy loyalty price of bonded transactions on Kosovo. A decent response to the many anti-Serb attacks would be to study the background of the Sarajevo assassination, the revelation of his behind-the-scenes mechanism removal to clean water, and all sorts of the Rothschilds, Trotsky and Natanson. Here is what you are most afraid of the West, vigilantly guarding their dark secrets. And his book, to the best of my dad and tried to make a real contribution to this important pan.

Previously, "Ucronia" for the first time in Serbian released a "people's monarchy", Ivan Solonevich, the works of Ivan Ilyin, Lev Tikhomirov, nebojša krstić (Orthodox publicist, a leader of the "Serbian Way", who died prematurely under mysterious circumstances in 2001). Released notice, at your own risk, because existing in Serbia, the Russian structure of a finger does not hit to help hot Russophile from "Uchronie" (other foreign missions in Belgrade, by contrast, strongly care about promoting their authors).

Srdjan Furtula, an anthropologist by profession, to our question, what does the name of his publisher, explained: Ucrania is an ancient Greek concept meaning the time does not exist in reality ("non-time"), whereas a utopia is a place, a country, which is not (how can you not remember our grad Kitezh, pushed to the bottom of lake Svetloyar).

Just complementing the famous words of N.. Berdyaev, we can say that utopia (as well as uchronia) play a huge role in history. In this sense, the book "Zabrana Sarajevska the truth about the assassination" was published in the right place at the right time.

But still the soul is somehow metaphysically sad. The world around us is dry and materialistic, not totevski...

My soul is an Elysium of shades,
What is common between life and thee!
Between you, the ghosts of bygone, better days,
And this unfeeling crowd?

("My soul, Elysium of shades...", 1836)

Recently I had the opportunity to visit the manor Fyodor Ivanovich in Ovstug. And now it seems to me that these totevski the hills should be carried out not only poetic and geopolitical conference.


[1] See: Russia and Germany. "Round table" in edition of "Our contemporary" // Our contemporary. 1993, No. 1. S. 141 – 146.

Anastasia Makarova

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