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Genetic engineering – the weapon of the wars of the new generation
Material posted: Publication date: 12-11-2018
Many technologies have potential dual use and can be used for both civilian and defense purposes depending on the intentions of those into whose possession they are.

German rocket technology, which resulted in the creation of ballistic missiles "V-2" during the Second World war, gave the United States the opportunity to run your own program on space exploration in the second half of the twentieth century. These technologies have also helped States to develop their own ballistic missiles.

In our days, scientists from the American Agency defense advanced research (DARPA) are working on a project called "insect allies." It involves the use of insects for contamination of crops with genetically modified viruses that can alter the genetic profiles of these cultures to make them more resistant to disease, as well as to natural or manmade threats to the food supply. It is not clear how will be monitored the routes of insect flight, to ensure that the infection only goals.

DARPA is in charge of the Ministry of defense, and was founded after the Soviet Union launched its first Sputnik in 1957.

The Agency released an official statement, which referred to the absence of hostile intentions and that the program is aimed at providing new opportunities for the protection of the United States, in particular, the ability to respond quickly to threats against the food supply.

DARPA gave these assurances after earlier this month German and French scientists voiced their questions and concerns about the programme's effectiveness, suggesting that many it can be perceived as an attempt to develop biological agents and their means of delivery, with the purpose of hostile use. And if this be true, it would mean the violation of the biological weapons Convention

If such know-how exists and is declared as a method of transmitting genetically modified viruses, supposedly, is able to induce useful mutations in plants, what in this case might get in the way to apply this same know-how with the opposite aim is to use insects as a means of delivering viruses that can lead to destruction of crops, damage of crops and in General to provide detrimental effects on the ecosystem.

The next project, which is financed by DARPA, is to create genetically modified mosquitoes, and their subsequent release in the area of the Florida Keys in order that they transferred genetic virus that leads to sterility, to its partners that carry malaria. Even if to distract from the unknown consequences for the ecosystem as a whole, the knowledge gleaned from such studies, one can allow the state, non-state actor or non-state entity acting in the interests of the state, inadvertent or deliberate use of insect vectors for the spread of various biological agents and genetic viruses among the unsuspecting population.

The technology for editing genes, among other things, gave an opportunity to revive the already destroyed the virus. Last year the Canadians were able to synthesize harmless to humans the virus of horse-pox, which was considered extinct, at a cost of only 100 thousand dollars, which has led to fears that the same method can be used to recreate other viruses of the family of smallpox, such as it is now eradicated, but deadly virus of smallpox, which only in the last century led to the deaths of 300 million people.

Relevant at the moment to the grim dystopian sci-Fi technology restore the extinct virus from DNA fragments or viruses, modifying the DNA of plants, in the near future can be modified to create a virus aimed at the impact on certain ethnic groups. Is curiosity the fact that last year the US air force was looking for an opportunity to obtain genetic and tissue samples of Caucasian Russians, were refused similar samples from Ukraine.

It is unclear why the U.S. air force took the genetic material of the Russians, although no evidence of their malicious intentions. However, we cannot ignore the concerns expressed in the higher echelons of the Russian authorities about the plan to raise a significant amount of the genetic material of the Russians for unknown purposes.

Presiding over a meeting of the Russian Council on human rights last year, President Putin said:

"...And you know what biological material collected for the whole country? Moreover, different ethnic groups and people living in different geographical locations of the Russian Federation. Here's a question — that's why it is... Such activities are purposefully and professionally. We such is the object of very great interest," he said.

Perhaps all this has some other, innocent explanation, but no one gives. The knowledge gained from civil projects, can be modified for military use, even if before the era of biogenetic wars a few years. Although the American government cannot officially allow the creation of biogenic weapons, but who can vouch for the fact that it has full control over its vast military-intelligence apparatus over the unfathomable "deep state". The knowledge to create such weapons can also be transferred from the state to non-state entity charged with doing the dirty work.

Although the US Empire is stable is in decline, it is still strong and will continue to play a major role on the world stage for at least another few years. However, countries such as Russia and China, are on the rise and has already made clear that the XXI century will be the century of rather a multipolar world, than the project of the New American Era.

In recent years, Russia has taken control of the United States, including the establishment of NATO bases in the Crimea, to destabilize Russia's neighbors and the transformation of Syria into a pariah state under the control of terrorists. A small number of the immeasurably rich and powerful persons and allies – Israel and Saudi Arabia, whose fates are closely intertwined with the destiny of the United States, you can lose everything, and so ready to crush any obstacles in order to delay the decline of the American hegemony and its inevitable contact with the dustbin of history.

The US and its closest associates have often demonstrated their lack of any fear and the presence of very small restrictions when it comes to committing the worst crimes against human rights in the interests of money and power.

The temptation to use biogenic weapons in order to curb the increasing rival one can be too strong to resist him.


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