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Geopolitical Symphony. Libretto analysis and forecast
Material posted: Publication date: 09-10-2018

Remark of the author. The premiere of this musical works is best to entrust the provincial Philharmonic, chosen appropriately. According to the author, the audience in the course of execution of works involuntarily become the participants and the diversity of their positions should reflect the entire spectrum of Russia's political views. Thus, the number of viewers are thought of liberals with the baskets of popcorn in his hands. They are opposed by conservatives, zaposlena seeds and defiantly spitting out a husk in bags of printouts from the "Echo of Moscow". The presence among the spectators of the members of the parliamentary parties is highly desirable, members of the parliamentary parties and other political associations, at the discretion of the Governor-General. May be the appearance on the scene of Baba Glasha (Baba Nura) in a blue robe with a MOP in his hands. Thin lips and a scornful look – required.

An essential element of the action is to set up the instruments of the orchestra musicians in the orchestra pit and the basement of the music pit. Tuning invisible musicians should be or not heard, or silenced visible musicians.

Part of the Symphony it is possible to understand the audience to share pranesimai on stage by Billboard. Judges may demonstrate half-naked attractive girl, the degree of exposure which is consistent with the Commission a local art school with the indispensable participation of the members of the Board of Trustees.


2016. Election of the President of the United States. It sounds solemn music, in which are heard fragments of the American national anthem. Soloed D. trump and Hillary Clinton. Music party the Democratic and Republican parties (pardon the unintentional pun) discordant, but powerful and harmoniously. Hear the speeches of politicians, press, experts and just passing by passers-by. Closer to November 8, all parties begin to sound louder and ekspressivnoe. Crescendo. Elections. The counting of votes. Catharsis.

Smug has its solo D. trump. Later it connects Clinton, admitting to his party podozrevaemye notes. Politicians, the press, experts and just passing by passers-by to revel in the analysis of their predictions and the Triumph of the American Electoral System.

Comes with his congratulations team world Symphony orchestra. Hear the vuvuzelas, drums, marakasy, bandeon, etc. Experienced the listener's ear from the former Soviet Union recognise the DUDUK, the zurna, and the indispensable telly. Membership of the balalaika, though rehearsed, leads to the failure in complex musical parties of the US Administration. However, this band catches on, and all together continue to praise the new President of the United States.

Part one

2017. Andante. Polyphony music parties. All busy with their own Affairs, except for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party. There are recurrent scandals as separate parties nervous American officials. the Pace of work at the end of part slightly increased.

"The FBI at the end of 2016 received the documents on the "Russian interference" in the elections, lawyer Michael Sussman, who worked in the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton, reports the TV channel Fox News , citing congressional sources.

Congressmen about it it became known from the FBI James Baker, who had been contacted by Mr. Sussman. The lawyer gave Mr Baker some documents and storage devices as evidence, that Russia interfered in the elections of the American President in 2016."

The end of 2017 – January 2018. Musically, have not been worked out.

February 2018. Allegro. The "charging document, promulgated on 16 February, is the first formal charges made in respect of Russian citizens and Russian companies, due to the continued already for more than a year investigating Russian intervention in the American presidential election of 2016". The American part of the orchestra gives a series of staccato sounds musical quote from "Mountain Troll", but croaking sounds at once make it clear to the user that the orchestra plays something very unpleasant about the Troll that lives in the marshes and about his icky behavior in social networks.

Not very enlightened audience from the audience perks up and shouts "Give details!". In response to the American bugler is very clean prints "Dormant subdued Northern city..."

At the end of part with your party enters A. Krutskih. "Russian-American talks on cyber security were to pass on 27-28 February in Geneva. To Switzerland of a delegation of 17 people under the leadership of Andrey Krutskikh. In the group were not only diplomats, but also military and special services. The American delegation was to be headed by a senior Advisor to the state Department for the protection of the Internet, Michele Markoff. However, she never flew to Geneva. Before the start of the planned negotiations in Moscow came the note, which said they were on deadline will not take place."

Completed part of the musical parties of officers from the Russian side. In response to the American Russian staccato staccato sounds, as if shot from the enemy infantry battalion.

Part two

March 2018. Allegro motto, the American side takes the CLOUD Act. No, of course we knew before that their invisible musicians borrow instruments in different private orchestras and private collections. Any labuha it is known that the Stradivarius he could easily get a gig. Now, please register your relationship you can do it not only in the bedroom, but, for example, in Paris, during a romantic journey. And who will resist such music?

The response of the Russian side in early April, is voiced by A. Krutskih. He recalls the failed meeting in Geneva motif of romance "Only time happens in life a meeting".

Ends on 13 July 2018, before the meeting of the American and Russian presidents in Helsinki. American officers shall irritated staccato "You wanted proof – they have me".

The Russian President is necessary in response to perform a very sophisticated party.

Part three (forecast)

September 2018 an American President who feels uncomfortable andante signed the national security Strategy. The document highlights Maritime security and safety systems to ensure the space industry (positioning system, etc.) According to unconfirmed rumors in the same month in Seattle is a contest for hackers to seize control of the marine vessel. And the organizers – the headquarters of the U.S. Navy received over the years a number of "strange" incidents.

It turns out that for 2017 the pianissimo part of the orchestra played a March the U.S. Navy. Musicians playing the music (mostly invisible) I suspect that someone on an unknown instrument played a sailor "Apple", which at this tune danced destroyers of the Seventh fleet for a counter-maneuvering with other ships. Specially trained impresario looking for in private collections, this boatswain whistle, not disdaining to resort to the Asian colleagues.

Solo performance of a U.S. Senator. He is using banjo explains that now the meeting has to go neglazhennyh shirt, as his wife because of Russian hackers afraid to turn the iron into a power outlet. The Anglo-Saxon orchestra, with Dutch colleagues in an expressive Wagnerian style music picks up the theme of colleagues and increasing the tempo, there is almost a psychic attack on the listener. But alas, for the "uneducated" part of the public, this statement seems to be a variation on the theme of "Night on Bald mountain".

Anglo-Saxon musicians are determined to educate, enlighten and educate the backward part of the audience. As if in answer A. Krutskih sounds like a parody of a popular song: "All that was sweet heart, all long since sailed away".

The laws of invisible musicians entitled "otvetochka". To influence the election? Already tried that. It wasn't great. Non-system musicians were unable to play loudly of their scores. So it is necessary to find an erogenous area, blow where you will be able to put the balls into several pockets.

The Anglo-Saxons begin to sing couplets of Mephistopheles "Satan leads the ball". Joining the Christmas bells says that it will take place in the country of reindeer, and the hissing bows for violins speaks about the gas leak.

Imagine a headline: "Russian again killed Christophe de Margerie". LNG tanker due to the disregard of the command of the rules of cybersecurity loses control and gets stuck (at best) in the hummocks?

Sinister laugh. Curtain. The end of the show...

Alexey Levykin

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