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Global conflict: the reality of the modern world?
Material posted: Publication date: 27-02-2018

Expelled the world from the agenda, the threat of a major war or is it just a beautiful illusion, and we live "in the interval" - this question, arguing about world politics, asks George.Friedman in "Hot spots". Ten years ago it was difficult to imagine the emergence of a new global conflict. But its prospects in the increasingly likely today. That is the reality or impose on the media representation?


The modern world has produced many types of practices, allowing to control the masses, to manipulate, to manage. Often social groups are exposed to manipulations through the press, television and the Internet. The political sphere is not complete without the use of a full range of media tools involved are audio and video files, articles, blogs, social networks and other available materials. The emergence and the wrong interpretation of a phenomenon we are also obliged media. Impartiality is too loud word in the age of the fake, false information. Social media are now a mechanism for the capture, manipulation and consumption of the user's attention networks. Mobocracy now - driven phenomenon.

Any information published on public display pursues certain objectives, one of which is to attract your attention. In democratic countries people are obsessed with new and eager to know more about what is happening around them. Here the main assistant of the be media, social media.

The media and the Internet today is unlimited and immediately disseminate information, just as the rumors, the lies, and often become "carriers" of hatred. Purposeful formation of opinions affects the General mood of the population. A curious fact: in the eyes of Europeans resident of St. Petersburg looks more positively Muscovite. This can be explained by the policy of the Kremlin, the constant mention of Moscow in the news about Russia and its policies, i.e., the entire film focuses around a single city, while Peter remains the cultural capital of monuments and theater, for which tourists come from all over the world.

Any conflict, negativity, political friction, disagreements, obviously, is food for the media, is what attracts attention. The interest in them is heated at every opportunity, especially in the present information events abound. For example, Europe is at this stage is not experiencing the best the decade in which we have to cope with economic difficulties, immigration crisis, the problems of disintegration. Against this background, the mass media periodically there mention of the "Camp Favorites" by Jean RASPAIL; four decades later after its publication, this book becomes incredibly popular. Being very dark, dystopian, apocalyptic, racist, she reveals hidden fears of modern Europe, whose population is not prepared for the upheaval that must be going through. Despite the weight carefully the information you post on the mainstream media, the discontent with the policy in European countries is increasing.

How far mass media in the belief of the democratic West that they are on the path to destruction? First of all, they put fear in people, which is a very effective management tool. It became the epitome: paranoid attitude to all that is written media, loss of public confidence, expectation of adverse development of the situation, a sense of loss of individual freedoms and approximation of the global crisis, the conflict.

Groundless fears about the onset of a global conflict? Various foreign media reports this question is considered from different points of view.

  1. There is a huge probability of sudden provoking a war in the coming decades (Time)
  2. The war will be a reflection of changes in the structure of the global system (Time)
  3. The next world war breaks out in Asia between the US and arch - rival China (HuffPost)
  4. The third world war is inevitable (The Daily Express)

Threatening the prospects of being discussed daily in the news, thereby increasing the fear among the population.

A considerable time ago a resource[1] posted a poll: "Inevitable Third world war?", where 78% of respondents answered positively, and only 22% believe that the Third world is impossible. The world is not ready for new shocks and global conflicts, but the media, as an integral part of everyday life, is actually transferred, "impart" the idea that the crisis is on the verge of the decade, and its solution - war.

Tatiana Goth


Tags: assessment , war

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