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Governors, the FSB and the police in the event of war are subject to military
Material posted: Publication date: 16-10-2016
All the levers of power in the event of a Declaration of martial law will be transferred to the commanders of military districts.

Governors, local authorities of edges, areas, Autonomous republics and Federal cities, the regional Department of the MVD, MCHS, FSB, as well as units of Regardie in time of war will go in obedience to the commands of military districts, the Russian defense Ministry. A new system of military control for the first time been tested during the recently concluded exercise "Kavkaz-2016".

During the strategic command-staff exercises (SCSU) "Caucasus-2016," the defense Ministry for the first time tested how the command of the military district will be managed directly by regions of the Russian Federation, — told "Izvestia" a senior source in the defense Ministry. — Working off of interaction with authorities on the ground was one of the main objectives of the exercise. In General, the exercises were successful. Currently preparing amendments to the legislative base, allowing to solve certain problems identified during the exercise.

A new control scheme designed to ensure the maintenance of the regime of martial law, the uninterrupted mobilization of citizens, enterprises and plants, as well as territorial defence (the protection of industrial, military and social facilities from enemy sabotage, prevention of mass riots).

Whereas previously each regional office and the government in case of war only solves its own specific tasks, and the defense Ministry just established interaction with them, but now all the levers of power given to the military, which will organize and lead the work of all local authorities and security forces.

According to "Izvestia", the Russian military Department was satisfied with the work during SKSU of local authorities and governors of Stavropol territory, Republic of Ingushetia, Crimea and Sevastopol.

The scheme of the new control system as follows: each of the current five military districts in time of war is divided into two parts — operational-strategic command (USC) and military district in time of war (VOVO). USC, which is subject to regiments, divisions, brigades and army, directly engaged in hostilities. And VOVO provides maintenance of the regime of martial law, organize the mobilization and territorial defence. Also, the military district command headquarters of the so-called defense, which includes all local authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and regional management of law enforcement agencies. Command AT aims headquarters, monitors their work and gives the necessary instructions to solve sudden problems.

New military command structure established under the "Plan of defense of the Russian Federation for 2016-2020" (RF), promulgated by presidential decree on 18 November last year. Then Vladimir Putin has set the task to ministries and departments to prepare the necessary documents for the implementation of the "defence Plan".

As told "Izvestia" several high-ranking sources in the defense Ministry, the defense Ministry, ACCORDING to Russian, was first charged with the implementation of all 19 measures identified in article 7 of the Federal constitutional law "On martial law", aimed at creating conditions for reflection or prevention of aggression against the Russian Federation.

The list of these measures, in addition to the mobilization and conscription of citizens from the reserve, including strengthening of protection of a public order and public security, the introduction of a special regime of work of social and industrial facilities and transport, the withdrawal is necessary for needs of defence of property from organizations and citizens and even the suspension of activities of political parties and organizations, leading propaganda and agitation.

— Previously, these 19 measures have been divided between law enforcement agencies and local authorities — says the "news" military expert Vladislav Shurigin. But actually there was no single coordinating structure, which would be organized and supervised their implementation, both in peacetime and in wartime. Were instructed only to organize the interaction. Now the command of military districts will advance planning of the work of all involved in ensuring the regime of the wartime and mobilization structures that control them.

Alexey Ramm


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